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Hiro Mashima Double Review - FT 100 Year Quest Chapter 4 & Eden's Zero Chapter 7

Written by Shiggins

Water everywhere!

Technically, Eden's Zero's water is tears from a robot so it's probably oil or battery acid but I'm still counting it for now! So join me as I review a Water 7-themed Fairy Tail chapter, and then move on to robots crying like babies, and then I cry because I'm a baby, and then you cry because I'm a baby... it's all in good fun.

You know what Fairy Tail needs? A solo arc about Erza, with none of the other main characters. 

FT 100 Year Quest Summary:

The group enter the hotel in the port town of Elmina and find a fish. Eventually, they discover the fish is actually a man and the manager, who gives them rooms and warns them to drink the beverage provided. Later that night, Gray wakes up in confusion and shock as it turned out the entire town has become submerged in water, but he's able to breathe thanks to the drink provided earlier.

Everyone is having fun swimming around in the water, and the fish-manager swims up to introduce himself as Kashima. Lucy tells Wendy a random story about a boy turning into a jellyfish (why is that the second jellyfish moment 100 Year Quest has given us?), but when Gray asks about the Water God Dragon, Kashima and the other sea life get aggressive. With no other choice and not wanting to harm them, the group run as Kashima says they are like the previous humans.

So... all the chairs must be bolted down then. If not, they'd be floating around the place. And what's the story with plumbing? I want answers to these unimportant questions!
Back at the Guild, Detective Gajeel and Juvia overhear that Touka uses water magic like Juvia does, and Touka antagonises Juvia by dissing Gray. She's about to kick some ass, but Gajeel stops her. Then they notice she has a tail... Wait, what?

FT 100 Year Quest Opinion:

I was going to say that the reveal of Touka's magic being water means she is related to the Water God Dragon, but then a tail popped up and now I'm confused. Is she secretly an Exceed? Is she Fairy Tail's version of a catfish, meaning she's from Elmina? Or is her magic not connected to the Water God Dragon at all, and this was just very odd timing to bring it up? My money is on catfish.

Speaking of cats, I keep forgetting that Carla... exists.
Elmina is a fun enough town that, as I said before, slightly reminded me of Water 7 but with less detail. (Seriously, how good is the Water 7 Saga?) It's a city with strange people, mysteries, and has a massive water theme. The addition of making it go underwater could provide some fun action setpieces or comedy, but time will tell if they intend to stick with predictably ripping off Lucy's bikini top.

And yes, I am getting more and more convinced that the "God Dragons" are good dragons, especially with some new humans, probably last week's cliffhanger duo, threatening them. Elefceria, you conniving rascal.

Manga Rating: 3.5/5

Character of the Week: Erza because she didn't get her bikini ripped off, like Lucy did.

Best Part: Underwater city!

Worst Part: Obvious fanservice.

Eden's Zero Summary:

The new robot pops out of her briefcase and introduces herself as an anti-machine android named Em Pino. (Sadly, she is not called Peggy). Due to Pino's EMP, all technology is accidently turned off, including Happy, but it only lasts a few seconds. After Shiki befriends her and Weisz wonders if he can sell her, Pino starts glitching out over fear of going back to Sibir. Due to her programming however, she races out to return to him and Weisz heads off after her for profit.

I think she's smoking The Drugs.
The bunny fanservice girl from last week comes over and tells them how dangerous Sibir is, and that Weisz was once his comrade. Later on, the trio walk alone through the streets and Shiki takes out the b-cube that was in Pino's case. The video is another piece of convenience as it shows how cruel Sibir is to Pino, including crushing her leg and erasing memories of her master. Fed up with not fighting, Shiki decides he is going to take on Sibir and Rebecca realises, according to the briefcase's recordings, that Pino is from the same time as them. Meanwhile, Weisz watches as Sibir prepares an all-out attack on the city.

Eden's Zero Opinion:

So which was the most convenient part of this chapter? Was it the bunny girl, who happened to know Weisz and existed to give us the information for free? Was it the b-cube that showed how much of a bad guy Sibir is, as if we didn't know already? Or was it the maintenance records, making Rebecca realise they can fight Sibir since the past has already been messed with so they might as well? I don't know, but that sure is a lot of awkward storytelling to get us these simple facts. And frankly, it was distracting. I know it can be difficult to give information to readers, but there must have been better ways than this. Ways like... I don't know... Pino telling us? Or Weisz telling us?

At least Eden's Zero is keeping its dark edge.
As for Pino, I found her inconsistent with her knowledge. Her master has been erased from her files, yet she opened up the case because she thought she heard his voice. She cries about how she wants to go back to her master, but she can't remember her master. So how can she miss him? The obvious answer is "for dramatic purposes" but I don't like it. And yes, I think we all figured out that the older Weisz sent her to the past somehow to help Rebecca or his young self.

Next week, it looks like we're going to have Shiki fight the Vanish Brothers the Foot brothers and possibly end on a cliffhanger where Weisz and Shiki take on Sibir. Maybe we'll get lucky and Rebecca can kick some ass too, but breaths shall not be held this day!

Manga Rating: 1.5/5

Character of the Week: Pino because she's cute, and I feel guilty for trying to call her 'Peggy'.

Best Part: Weisz isn't a perfect hero type, so far.

Worst Part: Convenience on top of convenience!

Oh yeah! You! ...Why do you deserve a front cover at this point? You aren't in the story yet.
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  1. Omg, it just hit me:Touka is replicating Juvia's personality and skillset. She is also a cat person. You could say she's a... copycat!
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