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MCU Movies We Need to See

Written by Shiggins

20 movies in 10 years!

With my favourite movie franchise, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, reaching its 20th movie this year (Ant-Man and the Wasp), I wanted to write an article about it. At first, I considered going for a classic "ranking" of all 20 movies, or listing the 10 greatest villains, but I decided to try some dreaming instead. So instead, I'll be talking about some of the heroes and villains that the MCU has yet to include, and who we will hopefully see something of in the next few years.

Note: Due to legal reasons, many superheroes and villains belong to other companies. So while some of these aren't currently owned by Marvel Studios, I've still included them in the hope that a deal can be made one day. It worked for Spider-Man after all.

Namor the Sub-Mariner

Marvel and DC have a history of ripping each other off, with DC's Aquaman notably stealing from Marvel's supremely underrated swimmer, Namor! Often considered amongst the first ever antiheroes of comic books, Namor would provide a perfect darker edge to the MCU that many have been calling out to happen for years.

Born to a human and an Atlantean princess, Namor spends his time protecting Atlantis from threats both above and under the ocean using his speed, strength, swimming and even flight on several occasions. Villains such as his childhood rival Byrrah, the leader of the barbarians Attuma, and more could easily appear to give Namor a run for his money, and this would be a great way to introduce the X-Men. He was considered "the first mutant" after all, due to when his first comic was published. He's even helped Magneto in the past.

As for who could play him, I would suggest someone who can be very stubborn yet dignified, like Jude Law.

The X-Men

Now that the merger between Disney and 21st Century Fox is basically an inevitability, we should start discussing what did and didn't work in the X-Men films, and how it could be brought into the MCU at all, if it had to be. Due to lacking the X-Men this entire time, Marvel Studios chose to replace them with the less-interesting Inhumans. And the introduction of mutants would create a lot of themes and issues that, for the most part, the MCU has never even wanted to talk about. To make a movie about these guys work in the MCU, my first instinct would be to treat them as the "Ultimate" universe. An alternate world where mutants exist, and eventually a sci-fi portal causes the Avengers world and the X-Men world to meet. It would avoid almost all the biggest complications, and keep the prejudice story untouched.

With Marvel Studios owning the X-Men, there are countless iconic plots to borrow from. Dark Phoenix, (which is currently in the making under 21st Century Fox so should probably be avoided for a long while), the House of M, God Loves Man Kills... Tons of options, and that's only the start when you realise how many characters actually exist in the X-Men series! Professor X, Magneto, Storm, Wolverine, Rogue, Jean Grey, Sabretooth, Mystique, Angel, .... And while many of these characters were well-played in the other series, its clear a reboot is needed since the continuity of Fox's movies is basically destroyed at this point anyway.

Provided we get a crossover between them, we might finally get events we've been wanting to see for years! Wolverine vs Hulk, Avengers vs X-Men, and Black Panther marrying Storm!

The Fantastic Four

With Thanos' storyline about to be wrapped up next year, a lot of us are wondering who the next "Big Bad" that can even stand at his level should be. Enemies like The Leader, Sinister Six and Wizard are great choices, but the two best options in my book are easily Galactus and Doctor Doom! Both of which are notably Fantastic Four villains!

Of course, Fantastic Four simply deserves a movie better than what it has gotten so far. The kid-friendly duo of movies starring Chris Evans were too simple and dull, while the ugly Fant4stic was just a plain, unappealing mess that completely missed the point of these characters. What we need is someone who recognises this group as a family, and can bring out the chemistry and friendship that these characters are known for. And the MCU, which has been able to balance out humour and drama together perfectly, would be ideal hosts for them.

We'd need a perfect cast and crew to pull this off as well. Dominic West as Mr Fantastic? Carey Mulligan as Invisible Woman? Tom Hardy as Doctor Doom? That's not an easy one.


I know this is basically impossible and the movie itself would be most likely too overwhelming, but tell me you don't want to see it. Somewhere, somehow, every single Marvel Cinematic Universe character is together. Every single one of them. Captain America, leader of the Avengers, stands next to Iron Man. Iron Man nods and encourages him to say the words. Captain America holds up his mighty shield and yells "Assemble!".

The Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy, the Defenders, the Inhumans, everyone in S.H.I.E.L.D, the ghost/clone of Agent Carter, the Runaways, Cloak and Dagger, the Eternals, the Ravagers and who knows what else! It would be a frenzy that's near-impossible to make, but Ready Player One brought us a movie where the Iron Giant fought alongside a Gundam and Tracer from Overwatch. Anything is possible!

The Ravagers

Michael Rooker and Sylvester Stallone flying through space as pirate-buddies. I don't need to say anything else.


Jennifer Walters was in an accident and needed a blood transfusion to save her life. To do so, her cousin donated his blood but it turned out he was Bruce Banner and so Walters was permanently transformed into a giant green babe known as "She-Hulk". Despite her appearance, her personality remains the same and she spends her time working as a lawyer for superheroes.

Basically, she's like a superhero version of Harvey Birdman. And if the idea of her defending Spider-Man for damages doesn't make you realise the potential for hilarity, then you have no soul. While the MCU does already have a lawyer (Hello, Daredevil), one should never say no to a giant charming green lady. Despite her name, She-Hulk is no mere repetition or genderswap of the Hulk, and is her own character in every way. Action, comedy, drama and more. She can do it all.

And FYI, I'd cast Mila Kunis.

Captain Britain

American superheroes are plentiful, but the rest of the world exists too and we need more heroes from them. We finally got Wakanda's amazing Black Panther, so let's continue this hot streak with Captain Britain! Born in England, even though Scotland is better, Brian Braddock eventually comes across the legendary wizard Meryln and his daughter Roma, which gives him the power to turn into the fantastical Captain Britain!

Doctor Strange was the first proper introduction of magic to the MCU, and everyone loves magic! Captain Britain's powers are great visuals on the page, but he is so rarely allowed out of the comics. Imagine the satire or commentary you could make with a character that swears to defend Britain's laws. And the spectacle as Captain Britain faces off against his reality-warping brother Jamie, or the mind-manipulating Mastermind!

Of course, you'd need a truly British actor to play him. Benedict Cumberbatch is already taken, so perhaps Eddie Redmayne? Or Orlando Bloom, since I hear he really wants to play the character.


Wesley Snipes' first two Blade movies were amazing, but I think we're ready to move on and introduce the vampire-killing lad to the MCU. If possible, I'd prefer he get a Netflix series that lets him meet up and fight alongside Daredevil, but I'll take what I can get. Half-human (because isn't everyone?) and half-vampire, the protagonist known as "The Daywalker" would be great entertainment.

It would be hard for me to visually imagine an MCU Blade without thinking of Wesley Snipes, admittedly, but with a great set of cast and crew, I think it is within their reach to create a visually-creative and emotionally-compelling fiesta of carnage and chaos. If you don't like the idea of Blade fighting Deacon Frost or other vampires (NOT "Drake") on the big screen, then don't forget I'd like it be a Netflix series too.

To replace Wesley Snipes? Perhaps someone like David Oyelowo? Or if they want to give us a real surprise performance, maybe try out John Boyega.

Howard the Duck

Often given a horrible reputation thanks to Lucasfilms, Howard the Duck is one of Marvel's biggest anomalies. And I kinda love it for that. Of course, his one movie adaptation was a complete failure in which a human fucked a duck (they ducked, if you will), but there is always an option to reboot and try again!

We all know by now that Howard the Duck is already in the MCU, thanks to James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy films. He's voiced by Seth Green, but we've had to be sticking to cameos so far. Let's get real and get freaky though, and have him take centre stage! All you'd need to do is have him go on a bender after getting dumped by his android girlfriend, then he ends up hungover and crashed on Earth. He grabs a bazooka and uses his mastery of Quack-Fu to fight off some of Marvel's most dangerous crime-associated foes, such as the Kingpin (who I also wish could be in a Spider-Man film) or Tombstone.

Just keep him far away from George Lucas' awful writing fingers.


I am a firm believer that Black Widow, played by Scarlett Johansson, should have her own movie, but I'm ready to go one step further and say she should be the protagonist of a movie about the entire organisation known as S.H.I.E.L.D. And while I acknowledge that the series, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D is awesome, I need as much of them as possible.

Tell me you can't picture it. Some slightly-grounded action reminiscent of the Bourne/Bond/Mission Impossible series, with brief hints into Black Widow's backstory that build on the base that Age of Ultron gave us. Hawkeye, Nick Fury, Coulson and the cast of the show making appearances to support her during big missions. And a villain like the organisation A.I.M working alongside Hydra, led by "The next Black Widow" Yelena Belova or even someone like M.O.D.O.K, and they have to work together with guns and badassery to take them down. Because Nazis are bastards and bastards are Hydra!

If they ever go this route, I'd love to see them ask Peter Dinklage to play the part like they originally planned for Winter Soldier. If not though, due to him playing another character in Infinity War, perhaps we could hire Stephen Fry's elegant voice?

Black Suit Spider-Man

I'd argue that the comic arc of Spider-Man finding the symbiote, giving him a black suit and extra powers, but turning out to be evil so he discards it, which then seeks revenge and bonds with Eddie Brock to become Venom, is one of the character's all-time best. It's a dark tale of mystery, aggression, addiction and betrayal, and not one that involves the STUPID EMO DANCE! Thanks to MCU, Spider-Man is back in full swing (pun intended) and although Sony are trying out their own Venom spinoff, MCU would easily have the edge since it can actually write the connection the villain usually has with Spider-Man.

This arc needs redeemed. While I don't hate Spider-Man 3, except for the STUPID EMO DANCE, I do know it messed up the entire arc of the symbiote, mostly due to Sony's interference. With Sony having less control over the character now, seeing Tom Holland give in to his darker side and have his suit turn black for a future film, be it the upcoming 2019 film Far from Home, or the inevitable Spider-Man: Home Alone or Spider-Man: Homeward Bound sequels, would be a treat.

As for who would play the inevitable Venom... Would you laugh at me if I said it has been my dream since childhood to play as him?

Side Characters Assemble

Shuri, Luis, Wong, Ned, Harley from Iron Man 3, the resurrected Warriors Three, Okoye, Maria Hill, M'Baku, Valkyrie, Nebula... All of these characters and more deserve as much screentime as possible. I don't care how. I don't care why. I only care about seeing them more.

Then M'Baku falls in love with Okoye. It'd be awesome.

The Incredibles

Imagine it. The Incredibles crossing over into live-action and fighting to defend their family. So far, these guys are the closest that we've had to a great Fantastic Four film, and I say the more of them the merrier! I don't know if Samuel L. Jackson would want to reprise his role as Frozone or not, but the meta humour created by that scenario is more than worth it.

And you can't lie. Kevin James as Mr Incredible (when he's lost weight like in Here Comes the Boom), Sandra Bullock as Elastigirl, some teenage actors for the kids, and Jamie Foxx for the non-SLJ Frozone. It's really easy to picture them. You just have to turn them into Marvel characters...

Sound off in the comments below which MCU movies you'd love to see come into existence!

Also, Luis tells us the story of the MCU in his own unique way.
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  1. Black Widdow should have her own movie.
    Her past in the Red Room contrasted with working with Clint-If-the-scary-ex-russian-assassin-tells-you-to-get-into-a-tutu-you-fucking-wear-a-goddamned-tutu-Barton and gaining the trust and respect of Fury while coming to terms with switching sides.
    I wanna know how she was raised and what made Hawkeye decide to talk to her instead of killing her. What made her decide to come with him and how Fury was convinced to keep her. How she adapted to her new circumstances and why Clint decided to introduce her to his family.