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Bleach 563 Review – “Superstar Never Die”

Bleach 563 Review – “Superstar Never Die”

Looks like it wasn’t so quick after all…

After being sliced in the stomach by Renji’s attack, it looks as if Mask is ready to fall…until he simply stands up straight and states that he won’t die by Renji’s hand. He then calls upon James, who is still somehow alive (and able to grow new bodies from the remains of his previous one). As every James cheers for him, Mask begins to grow and grow in strength.

Well, there's always the hurdle of old age, but well done for trying.

For whatever reason, this growth in power is accompanied by him removing most of his clothing, and the design on his mask changes (a fact which Renji questions). At this point, Mask remembers Renji from the previous invasion, and Renji realises that Mask had been fighting him without realising who he was. Deciding to use his most powerful attack, Mask begins his ‘Star Lariat’ technique and knocks Renji through a building.

*incomprehensible screams of internal anguish*

He then launches a number of star-shaped beams at Renji by using his fists, and claims he can hit enemies from a mile away with his attacks. Even when Renji manages to grab onto something, it’s destroyed by Mask’s attacks, and he claims that his opponent will simply continue to fly through the air forever. Despite apparently winning the battle, he decides to go that one step further, and unleashes his Vollständig.

This Vollständig has been passed down the Mask line for generations!

Using his newly-acquired wings, he flies through the sky, leaving a trail behind him that resolves into the shape of a pentagram. He then unleashes his ultimate attack (‘Super Nova’) and appears to destroy a large section of the battle arena. However, it would appear that all that training has paid off, as Renji is still standing, with a new blade to boot (at least, I think it’s a new blade. That’s what the translation says, so I’m just going to go with that).  

See? Totally a new blade.

In a similar fashion to last week, there isn’t really a lot to say about this chapter. The fact that James is somehow immortal is interesting, despite the fact that it pisses me off no end, and I’m actually hoping that this ability will be explained – with or without James’ actual presence.

"Is that what you do? Lop a bit off, grow another one? You're like worms!"

So it looks like Renji hasn’t quite won yet, which is probably a good thing. Whilst I suppose this does leave him open to the possibility of losing to Mask, I doubt that will happen; considering he’s already wiped the floor with five Soul Reapers, there can’t be very many left to stop him. Given that he’s pretty much at full power as well, it seems unlikely that this battle will last for much longer – one way or the other.

...Well, I've lost my appetite.

The (apparent) fact that Renji has a new sword is interesting, as his original Zanpakuto was never really broken, and he apparently didn’t stay at Ouetsu’s for very long. Sure, he could have had it forged whilst Ichigo was listening to the Bleach version of How I Met Your Mother, but I’m still a bit confused. The only other option is that his Bankai has evolved from the training he underwent, as Yamamoto did state that Bankais that have only recently been unlocked still have the potential to grow and change. Either way, I’m sure it will be explained fairly soon.

And incidentally, a very merry Christmas to all of you at home!

And a very warm welcome to Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor! (You can tell where my priorities are at Christmas).

Good Things:         The fight still isn’t over.

                                Renji apparently has a new Bankai.

Bad Things:           WHY IS JAMES NOT DEAD.

                                Not much really happened.

Manga Rating:      2.5/5

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  1. I really hate this cliffhanger. But I can't wait to see Renji's new sword! And James... yeah. That's actually very creepy, but since we've seen more creepy things in Bleach, that's no surprise. All these Sternritters are weird, but so damn powerful. I'm sure there will be more interesting fights after this one.