Friday, December 27, 2013

Character Birthday Challenge ~ Hinata

Favorite personality trait:
Shyness. It’s a good and bad thing. It gives her a huge cuteness factor, and you really start to feel sympathy for her. But it’s also a irritation factor. The way she keeps stuttering and fainting when she sees Naruto gets on your nerves. I really hope she keeps getting less shy and speaks her mind more often, like she did during the war a few times now.

Favorite relationship:
Neji . I love the way their relationship changed. Neji always hated Hinata and didn’t even feel bad about wanting to kill her during their fight. Hinata on the other hand always knew how much he hated her and the main family. But that all changed after he found out his father sacrificed himself and wasn’t forced to do so, like Neji always thought. From this point on he started to protect Hinata with his life and helped her train. One of the relationship changes I’ve seen so far in the series.
Favorite fight:
No fight in particular, since we haven’t seen a long fight of her for a while. The one with Neji showed almost no skill, so not a favorite at all. But I like the way her skills have gotten way better and the way she’s able to defend herself and other during the war.
Favorite jutsu:
Gentle Step Twin Lion Fists. I loved this technique when I saw it for the first time and I would like to see more of it.
Favorite outfit:
Her Shippuden outfit. It looks even better than her first one.
Favorite random thing:
Her relationship with Kiba. I just love the way he teases her about her fainting when Naruto’s around.
Personal thoughts:
I like Hinata, but I also would like her to man up a bit more. Like I said, being that shy is cute but it also gets on your nerves. Since she improved her skills a lot and is able to show them off (with results) during the war, means she herself improved too. She speaks her mind, even when Naruto is around and encourages him. That’s a good thing. We’ll see what happens next, but I hope she can keep up this positive change.
Feel free to share your thoughts!

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  1. I'm a Hinata fan and I agree with your thoughts on her shyness. It's not entirely a bad thing, especially in Part 1 when she was younger, but at least she's been steadily improving since the battle of Pain.

  2. No, unhappy birthday Hinata, please hurry up and die a glorious death for your "Naruto-kuuun~" =='. You ruined the NARUTO fandom and still ruin every chapter in which you appear since the Pain arc.
    Seriously, I wish Kishimoto's editors had STFU and let Kishimoto do what he first wanted to do with her : a villager with no ninja power. I really didn't mind her in the first part of the manga (all females were weak, so Hinata's weakness wasn't a problem even though her shyness was utmost annoying), I rooted for her during her fight against Neji, and I was even relieved when she finally managed to spit out her love for Naruto, but Kishimoto ruined everything by having Pain wipe the floor with her body just ONE page later. And her biggest achievement during the war is holding Naruto's BIG hand (yeah, sure >_>). In fact, my problem with her is that her character can pretty much be summed up by "N-Naruto-kun". A character like her is an insult to every female character in literature in general. I don't hate her, I just think she's a waste of panel space... But funny thing is, she's the ONE character I'm still hoping for redemption, maybe more than what I was expecting for Kurama x). PLEASE Kishimoto, either give her a heroic death, one moment of badassness OR don't make her ever appear again.

    1. That's exactly my problem with her. There isn't much to say about her, since she only had a few big moments during the series. I really hope she keeps changing (in a good way of course), because it annoys me more and more when she keeps stuttering when she should be saying things that really matter.

    2. The most frustrating thing about Hinata is the good backround story she has been given by Kishimoto (and that Sakura, the heroine, doesn't have), and how he totally forgot about it later, to reducing her to "Naruto-kun~" only. Proof of this is that Kishimoto threw away everything that should have been part of her development : in Shippuden, Hinata's father only exists for Neji's sake; Hanabi, who should have been part of Hinata's development (about who will inherit the title of heiress of the clan) and a way to get Hinata to finally start moving her ass (so she would stop being compared to her little sister) was completely forgotten.
      What the use of a good background story if you don't make use of it ? Only Tsunade and maybe Konan had a better background story, but at least, Kishi used it for their "redemption" (= Naruto's TnJ).

      Honestly, I doubt Kishimoto will continue to develop her character any further (or maybe should I say "start"). She has already been given too much panels for the poor use Kishi makes of them. He doesn't have time for that anymore, since he still has the war arc to finish and the Naruto vs. Sasuke battle to take care of.
      The only way I can see Hinata stay relevant to the story would be for her to reach the last step of the "evolution" Naruto has inspired her, and accept to "let him go" (though she never really had him). For me, it would be Hinata's ultimate development (because for everything else, she is beyond redemption) : freed from the obsession she has for Naruto, she'd finally be able to take care of everything else she neglected for years.

      Ah... I always get too heated about her and write too much x).