Monday, December 23, 2013

Character Birthday Challenge ~ Madara

Favorite personality trait:
Self-confidence. Madara knows he’s one of the most powerful shinobi and it shows in everything he does. The way he fights, talks. Everything.

Favorite relationship:
Izuna. I really liked his friendship with Hashirama, but he ended it because of Izuna. He was the only brother he had left and he would do anything to keep him safe.
Favorite fight:
His current fight during the war. All his techniques and ways of thinking are being revealed, and I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of him yet.
Favorite jutsu:
Susanoo. I liked the Susanoo from the start, but no other Susanoo is so perfected as Madara’s. It’s amazing what he can do with it.
Favorite outfit:
His normal outfit. It fits him perfectly.
Favorite random thing:
His hair. Is it only me or does it look really ridiculously long in the last episodes?
Personal thoughts:
I just want him to die. Dead. I really can’t stand him. So evil and egocentric. Seriously. Just die. But besides that, I think he’s a legendary shinobi. No one’s skills compare to his. I’ve never seen such a variety in jutsu that one person can use and I think he’s got even more up his sleeve.
Feel free to share your thoughts!

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  1. Happy belated B-day Madara !
    He's not as cool as Orochimaru, but he's still better than Obito as a villain (actually, everythin is better than Obito as a villain, even my neighbor's dog's shit). I hope we'll get to see real fighting now that it is Madara's turn, instead of Obito's *sob* story (that no one is interested in BTW).

    Dunno if you read the reports of the recent JUMP fest, but if not : Kishimoto said that at the moment, he still has no idea who to kill Madara, so he's not going to die anytime soon. Hopefully he doesn't get TnJ-ed like Obito and remains true to his ideals to the end.<
    But yeah, can't wait for him to die too, so we can see NARUTO's big finale : Naruto vs. Sasuke !

    1. Yeah, he's a great villain. And yes, Orochimaru was/is way cooler. Obito's story didn't chance my opinion about him at all. Losing a friend is horrible, but trying to put everyone under an illusion, is quite drastic if you ask me. He could've just asked Kakashi what happened. But we'll see what happens to him at the end.

      I've heard these rumours and like everyone else, I'm wondering who and how they (eventually) will be able to kill him. It isn't going to be an easy task for sure. But I do want him dead.

      And besides all that, I'm still wondering what Sasuke's deal is by helping Naruto. He didn't change at all I think. And that would change everything. No big finale. Nothing to discuss. Who knows what Kishimoto has in mind? We'll have to see.

    2. It is not the first time in literature, movie, manga, etc. that a foe has been so much powered up by the author that even he, the author, can't kill the said foe.
      And usually, this kind of invincible foe is defeated by a smart but extremely simple strategy, so simple that no one would have thought about it (and if I'm right, then it will soon be Shikamaru's time to shine, he'll find a smart but simple strategy, relayed to everyone by Ino, and yay ! war over).
      But since Kishi doesn't know how to get rid of Madara yet, it means that the manga is going to drag for week AGAIN.

      About Sasuke, I think he's simply helping getting rid of the "junk" that is standing on the way of his great battle with Naruto, so they can fight "peacefully", for the simple sake of fighting (oh, and maybe for the Hokage seat too, but I think this is just an idea Sasuke got in order to give to Naruto a good reason to fight him).