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Fairy Tail Chapter 363 Review - Is Elfman Going To Have To Choke A Bitch?

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I still don't know what's going on with the hair!

Well, finally we move on and see what's happening with other teams of Fairy Tail. It turns out that both Gajeel's team, which consists of Team Shadow Gear, and Gray's team, which is just Juvia, were too late. Juvia tells Makarov via a Communication Lacrima that it was a fight, and for some reason there are black lines all over the place. This just leaves Elfman and Lisanna to let us know how everything went.

"Kill Your Family. Kill Your Family. Kill Your Family." (This Is Funny If You Get The Reference.)

Elfman and Lisanna were also too late. Yeah, it sucks and at this point, I was starting to worry that we were not going to see any battles for quite some time now but thankfully, I was wrong. (I like it when I'm wrong like this.) As Elfman inspects the body of the ex-council member, he notices the old guy has no wounds on him. Before anybody can say "zombie", the old man suddenly stands up and uses magic to destroy their Lacrima, so they can't contact Fairy Tail.

I'm Starting To Remember Why People Like Her "Character"...
The old man collapses yet again, but thankfully we see the reason and it's the female with the large horns who seemed a bit too normal to be part of her gang of freaks. Her name is Sayla. It turns out she's a fan of reading, as hopefully everybody on this blog is, but finds books written by humans "boring". A bit offensive but I'll write a letter to Hiro Mashima later. Anyway, she stands up and declares that she'll write a book for demons. Then Elfman starts choking Lisanna.

I Feel Bad That I Don't Really Care
No, it's true. Sadly, for all haters of Lisanna, Elfman isn't doing it on purpose. Sayla is somehow controlling his body to do that (which is obviously how the old man sat up and blasted the Lacrima.) Elfman is trying to let go of Lisanna's neck but can't and begs Sayla to stop this. Sayla delivers a very nice one-liner: "In the story of demons, the word "pity" doesn't exist". I got chills.

Now, it's back to Lucy and the gang who were talking to Makarov too. After telling him they had Mikelo, defeated Jackal and destroyed the town, Makarov asks if Mikelo knows anything. Mikelo is pulling that same shit, saying he doesn't know what "Face" or "The White Legacy" is. Eventually, Mikelo talks. Face is a weapon like Etherion which is to keep the peace.

He's So Annoying! Hit Him Again!
Face has one awesome power. It can annihilate all magic in the entire continent, by being a magic pulse bomb. The group realise that if this bomb was to go off, it wouldn't work on Tartaros because they don't use magic. They use "enchantments" and "curses". Mikelo then reveals that the only way to seal Face would be to use the magic of 3 ex-council members, which explains why Tartaros keeps killing them all. They don't want anybody messing with it. Sadly, only the ex-chairman of the council will know where those three are.

Is It Weird I Thought Of Spirited Away When I First Saw This?

With Tartaros most likely already knowing where Face is, Fairy Tail are gathering knowledge for other ex-council members and the ex-chairman. They contact other guilds to go help them, and send Fairy Tail's most powerful duo, Erza and Mirajane!

Where Did They Get The Epic Bull?!

Ok, first of all, let's talk about Face. I don't think it's a bomb. For all you comic book fans out there, I have only one word to you: Sentinels. For all non-comic fans, let me explain. The Sentinels are giant robot villains in the X-Men series who were created by the government to wipe out all mutants but leave "normal people" alive. What if that bomb we saw was just the tip of the body? That's my theory.

I Can Totally See Fairy Tail Fighting This Thing
Secondly, I'm annoyed at the Natsu and Happy portion of this chapter. We didn't get any explanation to how they survived Jackal's explosion ability, and I'm worried I missed something. So if any readers out there know anything, please tell me by leaving a comment below.

And overall, I enjoyed this chapter. I doubt Elfman will kill Lisanna (sorry to NaLu fans) because he technically did it once before, until the anime director asked Hiro Mashima to bring Lisanna back from the dead, for some reason. I'm curious to see who Mirajane and Erza will came face-to-face with, although smart money is on Kyouka. Seeing Gray's and Gajeel's teams not get a fight of their own seems a bit annoying, but it's probably for the best in the long run.

Manga Rating: 4/5

Overall Character of the Week: Elfman for actually arriving in time for a battle, and making Lisanna have a purpose in this arc. The purpose seems to be "Save her" but still, it gives Elfman something to do.

Predictions: Elfman vs Sayla, when he uses his physical strength/Take Over Magic to break out of Sayla's hold. Then Sayla will control Lisanna and a brother vs sister match shall begin. We may meet the Ex-Chairman, who is about to get executed by Kyouka. We also have an extra-big chapter next week because Hiro Mashima loves to make us happy. (Maybe that's why he keeps using excessive fanservice.)

P.S I preferred Gajeel without that headband. What do you guys think?

I Still Don't Understand That Thing On His Right Shoulder. What Is It?!

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