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Fairy Tail Chapter 364 Review - The Bigger The Beard, The Bigger The Bastard!

Written by Shiggins

 I love longer chapters and the amount of drama they give!

In this extra long chapter, we started off with Erza and Mirajane meeting the ex-chairman of the council, Crawford Seam. I have nicknamed him Jumbobeard. They first mention about how they wish they knew where Jellal was, and Erza saying he'd be fine. We then discover that Crawford Seam actually remembers Erza from many years ago, when Natsu pretended to be Erza to help her escape a false trial. For those of you who don't remember this moment, go to the very beginning of the Galuna Island Arc, also known as the first arc to feature Lyon. (And one of my least favourites.)

Maybe Hiro Mashima Is Just Trying To Say "Merry Christmas"

There is quite a bit of talking here, in which Crawford reveals he knows nothing about the location of Face, or the people who are magically linked to it. In fact, not even the councilors themselves are aware, due to how secret this Face is. We were going to hear more questions but then soldiers suddenly appear and attack Erza and Mirajane. What follows is a fun battle where the two S-Class girls fight side-by-side for the very first time and doing a good job of looking sexy-scary as they do.

Yes, That Was My Actual Reaction. I Am An Anime Character Now

Back to Elfman and Lisanna now, where literally nothing has happened. Seriously, why isn't Lisanna trying to do something to get out of Elfman's hold? Not even trying to pry it open with her hands or slip out? Is she that useless or are we going to start an arc where she reveals she's been thinking about suicide due to so many NaLu fans out there? Then Elfman's opponent Sayla says something interesting. She asks him if Elfman is offering to sell his soul in return for saving Lisanna. I am very intrigued.

I Miss The TV Show "Reaper"

Sadly, we don't get to see any more of this today, but we do get something even more rewarding instead. Doranbolt is remembering what Cobra told him, about Face. Clearly, Cobra's mind-reading skills came in handy with this. And to make things even better, the entire Oracion Seis are free and in the open. (The Original Oracion Seis, not the anime-only version.) With new looks and missing the staff Klodoa, which saddened me a bit, these six seem ready to go out and... do things. I'm not really sure.

To Quote A Lovable Cartoon Robot: "We're Back, Baby!"

In a surprising turn of events, Cobra gets his revenge. Brain, the previous leader of the Oracion Seis, is killed by one slash from Cobra. This kill was quick, merciless and cold. A perfect example of just how dark the Fairy Tail series has gotten recently. Cobra heard Brain's thoughts on the Oracion Seis and didn't like how he viewed them as pawns. Then things get even more interesting when Jellal and Meredy suddenly appear. I think they're all going to work together now, as is the deal with Doranbolt. Again, it's not explained as clearly  as I would have liked which caused me to think they were about to fight at first, which would have been amazing. Either way, the future of Cobra and the Oracion Seis is one of the things I'm looking forward to the most in this arc.

Must... Resist... Attraction To... Pretty Boy!

And of course, no Fairy Tail chapter is complete without Natsu, who is rushing to get to the Ex-Chairman's home by flying with Happy. As Erza and Mirajane wonder why so many weak soldiers were sent to kill such an important target, we see Natsu realise that Tartaros must have had some high-ranking connection that revealed all the important information, including the ex-council members' addresses and faces. We end this chapter getting that answer: Crawford has knocked out and captured Erza and Mirajane, most likely because of whatever he put in that tea.

Yes, I enjoyed this chapter. I would have liked more explanation and maybe focusing on the Oracion Seis or Elfman more, but we got plenty of action, development and the reappearance of the best gang of villains the series has to offer. We also got a new villain (I always enjoy a traitor) and some possible Soul-Selling. Always a plus.

Manga Rating: 4.5/5

Character of the Week: Cobra for bringing back the old gang and performing some brutal revenge.

Predictions: I think Natsu will arrive too late to save Erza and Mirajane. Those girls will then be put in the same position as Minerva, with tentacles and more. Gajeel and Levy will face their opponent next, or possibly Gray and Juvia. Elfman will gladly sell his soul, but some random character will save him before that happens. (Gildarts, anyone?)

P.S Hoteye has a moustache!

That Guy Is So Fancy, He Just Needs A Monocle!

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