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One Piece 730 Review

Written by: PorcelainDragon

First up is the cover story, which is about Caribou. I love cover stories, but Caribou wasn't interesting before, and he isn't interesting now. X Drake is cool but his coolness can't outweigh Caribou, who is severely overweight.
Badass meets fatass
 So we see in the first panel, a glorious establishing shot. Showing us where all characters are relative to each other. Take notes, Kubo. 

After shooting Law, Doflmingo blames Law for the fraud. Considering how he managed to con his way to the throne, it's very in character. Of course, the public believes him. Luffy get's pissed at Doflamingo, but Doflamingo says that it’s his job to take care of Law. Zoro and Kinemon attack the Shichibukai, but Fujitora steps in to block the attack.

Zoro and Fujitora struggle for a bit, and Zoro focuses so intently that his sunglasses break. Or is it Fujitora's gravity effect? With Zoro, it's hard to tell. Fujitora gravities Zoro down a hole, but Zoro manages to climb back up. Meanwhile, Doflamingo slashes Kinemon with his strings, preventing him from taking Law.

This is what happens when you get a big head.
 Fujitora doesn't want to fight Zoro as they helped him out before, showing a nice bit of character. It's disappointing, but neither have been going all out. Zoro, although this may be Mihawk's training, has only used one sword. I really hope someone goes all out this arc. Kinemon informs the crew about an Admiral appearing, which freaks out the crew. It's a good reminder on where everyone is, although they don't do much. Yet. Luffy can’t help Law, because of the awfully convenient Sea Stone Bars.

Looks like they broke the Law…*silence*
 As the marines find out Zoro's identity, they chase them away, While Luffy says Law isn't dead(of course), the group on the Thousand Sunny find out that a pirate ship belonging to Big Mom's crew has appeared. Holy crap. This changes things. The two people from the Fishman Island arc have reappeared to take Caesar Clown, as he had swindled funds from Big Mom. Because there's no way they can take on a Yonko's crew, Sanji and the others want to retreat to Dressrosa.

This will kill us all.
But Nami disagrees, and explains the chapter title, the 3 Cards.Basically, there are 3 things the Strawhats are competing with Doflamingo for.1)Caesar Clown,2)The Smile Factory, 3)Momonosuke

This is what makes this arc awesome. Dressrosa's been like a board game, with different pieces moving about with different objectives, and with different strategies. It's a wonder Oda can plan all of this out. It's directing us to the Smile Factory and to Doflamingo. Hopefully, there'll be some action.

Luffy sends Sanji, Nami, Brook, Chopper, Caesar and Momonoke to the next island, and Franky, Ussop and Robin to the factory. Luffy wants to take down Doflamingo.

You should be dancing.
 I have mixed feelings about sending Sanji and the others to the island "Zou". Although it'll be important in the big picture of the Pirate Alliance, I wanted Sanji to stick around Dressrosa more, and have one-on-one fights. It seems that Luffy wants to go to the palace to fight Doflamingo, but the Mera Mera fruit is still in the Colosseum, as well as all the other competitors. And what ever happened to Bartolomeo? Did he faint at seeing Luffy? Is he still unconscious? The suspense!

Art: 4.5/5 Great, there were fantastic spreads.

Plot: 4.5/5 Plenty of stuff going on, Big Mom’s ship was a surprise

Action: -none-

Pacing: 4/5 Enough stuff happened, but not too much.

Overall: 4/5

PorcelainDragon: . .
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