Thursday, January 23, 2014

Character Birthday Challenge ~ Gaara

4 days late... Sorry.

Favorite personality trait:
His strong will to protect everyone in his village. I know every Kage feels this way, but with Gaara it’s a different kind of strong will. He was feared by the villagers for years and turned into a someone who only lived for himself. Someone who killed for bloodlust and never cared about anyone else. After his encounter with Naruto he faced the fact that even a jinchuuriki is able to have bonds. This changed his life and made him into the amazing Kazekage he is.
Favorite relationship:
I would say Naruto, but I’m gonna go with his siblings. They feared him for years and only saw him as the monster he was said to be. They were just his siblings to him, nothing less, nothing more. But all this changed after he met Naruto. He started to care for his siblings, apologized for everything and also started to tell Kankuro about his feelings and his plans for the future. The way Kankuro and Temari handled when Deidara kidnapped him, was amazing and showed how much their bond changed.
Favorite fight:
His fight with Deidara. Loved every part of it. It showed more of his techniques and way of thinking in a fight. Also gave us a bit more insight in the organization of Suna.
Favorite jutsu:
Shield of Sand. It’s his own unique jutsu and is super effective. Can also be used in so many occasions. Great technique. And the fact that it’s actually his mother who’s protecting him with the sand, makes it even more awesome.
Favorite outfit:
His shippuuden outfit. Just love it.

Favorite random thing:
The black rings around his eyes. Don’t know why, but it gives him such a cool and mysterious look.
Personal thoughts:
At first I thought Gaara was a creep, a psycho and all those kind of things. I absolutely didn't like him. But after his fight with Naruto - as Gaara changed - I started to like him as a character. I just love how he developed in the series and the way he handles everything he's been through. 

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