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Fairy Tail Chapter 368 Review - Zero Smash Puny Man!

Another character death perhaps?

We start off this dark chapter with Elfman who has now returned to the Guild. He's all depressed and tells them they got away with Lisanna, and he failed to save the Council Member in time. The others try to encourage Elfman by letting him know that Levy is figuring out where Tartaros' Guild will be going. Cana then speaks up and starts getting angry at how Elfman has failed. It turns out Elfman was given a Lacrima by Sayla, that will literally explode and destroy Fairy Tail, and Elfman is prepared to do anything to save his sister. Personally, I believe Cana knows something about Elfman's forced betrayal and is going to try to stop it, because Cana has never acted so harshly to anybody in any situation. Either that or she's gotten really out-of-character for this arc.

So, nobody is going to ask about his eyes?
We then go back to the nudity that is only fanservice for sadists, with Lisanna in a "compromising position" as she attempts to free Natsu with her feet but fails due to not being strong enough. Silver then appears and gives Lisanna a scarf to wear to cover herself, and Natsu demands Silver tell him why he smells like Gray but gets no answer. Meanwhile, The Ex-Chairman is with Franmalth and using his Super Archive to track down Jellal's location. And Erza's torture is just getting more intense thanks to Kyouka's ability and Yakdoriga's tentacles, although the torture is starting to just fill pages since nothing changes except Erza screams louder.

NaLi fans should take this image out of context

And back to what is becoming my favourite part of this arc so far, Jellal is fighting the Oracion Seis and getting exhausted and claiming that defeating the 6 of them will free them. Then Zero stands up, no longer Brain, and blasts Jellal with his signature beam. Of course, the rest of the Oracion Seis are surprised he's still alive and shocked to see Jellal get penetrated by the beam. Midnight seems happy about this. Meredy runs over to save Jellal but before he gets to speak up, Zero literally brings his fist down on Jellal, possibly destroying his body horribly.

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....Sorry, that was very unprofessional of me.

I'm going to try not to let my personal feelings about Jellal affect the rating of this chapter, but I liked it a lot. We saw Elfman actually seeming to be getting ready to bomb his own friends, more hints that Silver knows Natsu, and Jellal's battle advanced to a shocking stage. I never cared for Zero, since he seemed like a bit of a random creation to cause more fighting during his introduction, but at least he's now on his way to creating a devastating plot twist. Unless Jellal transfers the seal to someone else, his death will mean the activation of Face. A Fairy Tail arc without magic? That would be extremely dark and actually really interesting if you imagine it properly.

Manga Rating: 4/5

Overall Character of the Week: Elfman for starting up another plot in this Tartaros arc, that's already more interesting that the naked people in Tartaros' Guild.

Predictions: Jellal probably isn't dead. I dislike Jellal too much for that to actually happen. Jellal and the rest of the OC are going to team up to fight Zero since that's the only way to possibly stop him. We'll see Erza getting tortured yet again and maybe Kyouka's lesbian lover will give Kyouka a reason to stop the torture for a while, since it's clearly just getting pointless now. Maybe we'll see Cana vs Elfman soon.

P.S This just has to be a trick!

There is no such thing as a mean lesbian!

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