Friday, January 3, 2014

Character Birthday Challenge ~ Guy

Two days late... Sorry!

Favorite personality trait:
No idea if you can call it discipline, but his ‘My Rules’ thingy. He keeps setting up goals and punishments if he didn’t reach that goal in time. Funny and insane punishments, but that’s discipline if you ask me.

Favorite relationship:
Even though his relationship with Lee is an amazing one, I’m going with Kakashi. The way they keep challenging each other with those crazy, childish games is hilarious. But even as eternal rivals, they know they can always count on the other and they know each other’s skills very well.

Favorite fight:
His fights with Kisame. I loved the way he used all his skills to defeat him. And of course the fact that he didn’t remember Kisame anymore, made it funny.

Favorite jutsu:
Eight Gates. Amazing technique. Especially the fact that Guy is the only one capable of opening the 8th gate is just wow.

Favorite outfit:
None? I just think the green jump suit looks horrible. And since his outfits haven’t changed much, there’s not much of a choice.
Favorite random thing:
The way he punishes Lee. Kicking him, punching him in the face. A weird, but effective way to teach him a lesson.

Personal thoughts:
Guy is a very powerful shinobi, no one can deny that. But he also has those weird ways of living. Playing paper-rock-sissors with Kakashi, taking about the ‘Power of Youth’ all the time, his Rules. He makes sure there are funny moments during serious moments too. And of course his relationship with Lee. I love the way he cares for him and tries to help him as much as he can in becoming a shinobi.

Feel free to share your thoughts!

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