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Fairy Tail Chapter 369 Review - Overpowered Bastard!

Oh just fuck off!

I did this for five hours today after reading this chapter.

Ok, we've seen a lot of overpowered shit in this series and for the most part, we accepted it. We had no other choice really. However, we have never seen power like this in Fairy Tail. Jellal is alive and it turns out Zero was actually just Midnight's "Nightmare Attack", which he used years ago when he fought Erza and Jellal. I guess that makes sense since Midnight didn't seem to be doing anything during the battle at all. (And yes, Brain is actually dead!) Apparently, Jellal escaped that by crushing his own eyes. I'll explain why I said "apparently" soon. Jellal then uses a massive attack called Grand Chariot to blast them, but he's not done there.

It's Jellal. Which means nothing and everything is "bullshit" with him.

Sema was an attack he was going to use on Jura during the Grand Games, but Ultear and Meredy stopped him at the last second. Sema is a massive fucking cannon of doom from the sky. It literally destroyed the area around them, created a crater and honestly, just made the Oracion Seis look utterly pathetic. Jellal then invites the OS to join Crime Sorciere because he needs their help to defeat Zeref. Not Tartaros. Zeref. And for some reason, it looks like Jellal's eyes are actually still there and fine.

The words there are very intriguing but those eyes just look like they used Amaterasu, not get crushed.

Oh and remember the Ex-Chairman in the last chapter? Yeah, it turns out that all he found out was a way to take the "key" from Jellal and move it to someone else. Isn't that lucky and highly coincidental? The Ex-Chairman then proves he is more of a stupid bastard than I thought. He made himself the key, then told Franmalth. We all knew that Tartaros would kill the Ex-Chairman for this, so what type of dumbass actually tells these killers and demons that killing him would solve all their problems? He deserved it when Kyouka came in and killed him with one blade.

Words aren't even needed here.

With the key moved in a way to keep Jellal alive for Jerza fans, and then destroyed, the guild of Tartaros begins to shake violently as the final seal on Face has been released. As Natsu and Lisanna worry, Elfman cries while he activates the bomb to destroy Fairy Tail.

Yes, I'm unhappy. Last week just "trolled" us. We all knew the seal on Face would be released eventually, but it would have been a lot more harsh and realistic for it to actually be because of Jellal's death. I'm not surprised that Jellal is still alive, although seeing him go to Dragon Ball Z levels of power just felt unfair. Also, why did Jellal never use that spell? Ever? We had Future Rogue and dragons and worse, but he waits until the last second of the fight against the OS to use it? Strange. And as for the Ex-Chairman, I will never miss someone that stupid, creepy or annoying. His death was too predictable and pathetic to enjoy, but at least I can smile at seeing him gone from the story.

"I'm sure I can trust the evil demon to release my sister once I'm dead..."
Manga Rating: 1.5/5

Overall Character of the Week: Kyouka for killing off an annoying character that nobody liked.

Predictions: Elfman's bomb isn't going to work because the magic is disappearing and soon the Lacrima will become a hollow shell. Cana is going to reveal she knew he was planning to do that and was actually about to stop him anyway. Then Elfman might get told to go away, although I really hope not. I really like Elfman. By the looks of things, the Jellal side of the story is over but maybe his words hint that Zeref will appear later in this arc. Only Dragon Slayers and God Slayers are going to be immune to Face because of some sort of loophole. And nobody will miss the Ex-Chairman, including the audience.

P.S Does anybody remember when these guys used to be cool?

I've forgotten, to say the least.

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  1. You've forgotten two things. Firstly, the oracion seis have been in jail for 7 years, so it's understandable why they're weak compared to Jellal. Secondly, Jellal was a wizard saint, so it makes sense as to why he's so strong. And Jellal didn't take part in the fight with Future Rouge because he was away getting Cobra, so it's not his fault he didn't use the spell.

    1. Jellal was in prison almost the exact same length as the OS. Since Hiro Mashima considers the Key of the Starry Sky arc canon, that means the OS were out of jail for a while too.
      Secondly, Jellal isn't just strong. He's overpowered to the point where Jura and Laxus seem weak.
      And that was Doranbolt that got Cobra, not Jellal. Jellal was instead hanging out with Erza and dealing with Milliana's melodrama. (Which was a bit of a waste of time considering the situation they were in.)