Thursday, January 23, 2014

Character Birthday Challenge ~ Shino

Favorite personality trait:
“Why? Because…”. His way of explaining things. He knows a lot and wants to inform the others on missions, but it makes him so annoying. It’s something that’s typical about Shino and even if it may annoy some people, it’s who he is.

Favorite relationship:
Team 8. We don’t know much about their relationship with each other, but you can see they trust each other and know everything about the others’ abilities. And also the fact that he still feels hurt because he was ‘left out’ of the Sasuke retrieval mission, shows he really values their friendship.
Favorite fight:
Not exactly a fight, but the whole Guren vs. bugs-thingy. The way he found a way to make them immune to her Crystal Style was amazing. And I actually love every single one of his fights. The whole bug-stuff is very interesting in my opinion and I always want to see more of it.
Favorite jutsu:
Secret Technique: Insect Sphere. It’s a very useful technique, since the opponent won’t be able to get away from the bugs and will be defeated by losing all their chakra to the bugs.
Favorite outfit:
Pre-Shippuuden outfit. I don’t like the way he’s covering himself up more and more.
Favorite random thing:
His ‘lack’ of emotions. You never know what he’s thinking or how the situation is affecting him. Beside the few episodes where his bugs get eaten or where he got drugged.
Personal thoughts:
I never really had a thing with Shino, but I think he’s a very interesting character and has some great jutsu. Like I said, love his fights and those typical Shino-things though and I hope to see more of them soon.

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  1. Ah Shino. How I love you and demand you get more screentime in every way possible.

    1. ^ This. But Shino doesn't have boobs, so you better forget about it.

    2. And now I can't stop picturing female Shino. Thank you.