Friday, January 17, 2014

Fairy Tail Chapter 367 Review - I Want To Break Free!

Written by Shiggins

The title of the chapter misled me.

We start off this chapter with Natsu getting thrown into a cell, and yes he is naked. (Girls rejoice! It's not just your gender that is stripped naked anymore!) Natsu is mostly demanding his beloved scarf back when he suddenly finds out he's sharing a cell with a naked Lisanna. Lisanna says she doesn't remember what really happened, so I assume she passed out when Elfman choked her against his will. After some encouraging moments that are sure to make NaLi fans very happy and piss off NaLu fans, we move on.

She's actually part of the plot now?!
Kyouka and Sayla are in a big fancy bedroom together, with Kyouka telling Sayla about how she's used the ex-chairman's archives to locate the identity of all three council members who activated the seal around Face. Lucky for them because it turns out that Jellal is the only one that's still alive. Kyouka seems to still believe that Erza knows where Jellal is and will keep torturing her to get information. Then we find out something surprising. Those two demons are lesbians!

I can't stop trying to picture them together...

And finally, we go to what we all thought was going to be the main focus of the chapter, Jellal vs Oracion Seis. At the moment, only Cobra, Racer and Angel seem to be doing anything since Brain is on the floor, Hoteyes doesn't want to fight and Midnight is... giving a speech about how they want to be free. Jellal then claims that he wants to properly free them, and by the sounds of things the only way they can do that is by becoming good guys. And then Brain gets up, and his eyes have turned into Zero's.

Hax! I call hax!

Back to Fairy Tail, where they are trying to figure out where Natsu, Erza, Mirajane, Lisanna and Elfman have gone to, Happy finally makes it back there to tell them where the location of Tartaros is. A huge square island that constantly moves about. Personally, I think that is very cool. I just wanted to say that. Anyway, Levy declares that she's going to figure out the island's course of travel. As Lucy comforts the upset Happy over having to leave Natsu behind, Elfman suddenly returns but with demon eyes.

This is how I originally pictured Demon-Elfman

Ok, lots of stuff happened in this chapter. I was expecting a complete Jellal battle chapter but I'm extremely happy that's not the case since nobody wants to see their least favourite character beat up one of their favourites for 20 pages. (I love Cobra. Deal with it). A few new developments are happening right now, and I personally had almost no problem with every page in this chapter. Some more time spent on Oracion Seis would have been nice but considering how interesting everything else was, I can let that go. Also, demon lesbian sex was heavily implied here. And there's nothing wrong with that.

Manga Rating: 4.5/5

Character of the Week: Lisanna Strauss for actually taking part in this plot for once! (I was as surprised as you!)

Predictions: I think Zero is going to attack the OS, but Jellal is going to be Captain America and try to lead them all. I would say Zero might kill Jellal but since Jellal has the Seal, I highly doubt it unless he gives it to Cobra via magic. Fairy Tail vs Elfman will be interesting since he's one of the most powerful characters of the guild, and one of the best friends of them all too. I think Natsu isn't going anywhere for a while.

P.S After learning about three new lesbians in the world of Fairy Tail, I have created this list of all known homosexuals in the series, and who they want/love. Enjoy!

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  1. This chapter was decently good, when they showed Natsu naked I was happy (We get our fanservice!!! ...Even though he's half naked prior to the time-skip)

    Elfman going super seiyen though. Wonder what he will do. Nice review!

    by the way, as a hardcore nalu fan but it didn't piss me off, it did at the spur of the chapter moment but it was entertaining. I like Lisanna so I was glad she got screen time (But I'll punch you in the face Natsu if you dare try anything on your ex-wife when you already have a blonde wife who is taking care of your son)

    1. Yes, the truth is that people forget that it's not only girls who get naked in this series. It's just more obvious because of Erza and Lucy having bigger boobs than Natsu's and Gray's pecs.

      I'm thinking Elfman is going to go nuts and break a bunch of people. Should be exciting since I love Elfman and the more screentime he gets, the happier I am.

      I'm still quite shocked Hiro Mashima remembered Lisanna. It's blowing me away, like when Masashi Kishimoto actually remembers he has the Konoha 11 characters or when Tite Kubo remembers the arrancars that didn't die. I love it!

      I love NaLu too!

    2. Hardcore NaLi fan here and I LOVED THIS CHAPTER! Except the two lesbians though, ugh -_- My heart was beating so far when Lisanna was in the cell with a naked Natsu! :D I wonder what's going to happen in there. Maybe confessions? Kya~!

      I'm realy (x infinity and beyond) hate NaLu, but this is my opinion like you Love NaLu.

      I ship GrayLu, NaLi, Jerza, GaLe, and LyVia

  2. And I really have to say...... Thank you.

  3. You are welcome... for some reason.

  4. Pretty sure Cana, Freed, Laxus, and Lucy are all bi, but whatever.

    1. It's your fanfic. Theres only 1 confirmed not hetero by the author: Blue pegasus master

  5. Cana is bi (probably) but Freed, Laxus and Lucy have shown no bisexual tendencies and until I see proof, I see them as what they have been shown to be - (Freed is gay. Laxus is unknown. Lucy is hetero).

    1. Lucy is hetero as you say (at most she admires mira's beauty and erza's strenth) but freed is unknown.

  6. why do you think freed is gay

    1. Well, first of all, his utter devotion to Laxus. (I know Bickslow and Evergreen do it too but not as bad as him)

      Secondly, Hiro Mashima once brought out a joke "omake" in a manga volume and in it, we saw Freed staring at naked male models of the trimen from Blue Pegasus.'s_preference.png

  7. why do you think cana, flare, meredy, and milliana are gay

    1. Cana has felt up Lucy in sexual ways a couple of times. She has literally held Lucy's breasts, and I'm probably just exaggerating but unless girls do that in baths together, I'm thinking she has homosexual tendencies. (Please tell me if they do act like that).

      Flare is either a big joker or lesbian or both. She follows Lucy around, calls her cute, smiles in disturbing ways at her etc.

      Meredy was probably just me exaggerating again. However, we know she has love for Ultear in some way. It's either mother-daughter or girl-girl love, but the love is there.

      The reason I said Milliana was gay was because of a chapter introduction which talked about Milliana, where it said she "fell for Kagura". Again, maybe exaggeration or maybe a translator issue but I know I read that in a chapter before this one.

    2. None of them have been confirmed bi by the author. Remember he makes sexual jokes like juvia saying boys love when lamia and gray embraced each other. More girls stuff because fairy tail has lots of fanservice