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Bleach 612 Review – Dirty

Bleach 612 Review – Dirty
Written by: ClayDragon

So of course Bleach would take a month’s break as soon as I start reviewing it again.

At the Soul King’s Palace, we get to see a lovely shot of the corpses that Yhwach has left in his wake. He begins to speak to the Soul King, telling him that there is nowhere left for him to run, and that he is an imperfect God. He then stabs him through the chest as he says goodbye to him, and he addresses the Soul King as his father.

I was going to use a picture from this chapter instead of an earlier one, but then I realised that they're exactly the same, only from different angles.

Down in the Soul Society, Rukia and Renji land in a deserted area full of rubble and meet up with Shinji, who somehow managed to escape his encounter with Bazz-B some 30 chapters. It turns out that Omaeda and his sister are also with Shinji, although Mareyo fell asleep after having her injuries treated. Omaeda begins shouting at Rukia and Renji, telling them to be quiet or they’ll wake up his little sister. Sui-Feng appears behind him and almost knocks him out in an attempt to shut him up, whilst Momo greets Renji and Rukia.

No-one asked you, Omaeda.

Sui-Feng briefly explains what happened to them, and Shinji tells them that all Captains and Lieutenants got a message to assemble immediately. They enter a nearby building which is revealed to be a research centre of some sort. Inside are Urahara, Byakuya, Nanao and Yuushirou, who runs over and greets Sui-Feng. This seems to overwhelm Sui-Feng somewhat, as she immediately starts blushing and notes how much Yuushirou has grown, whilst offering him some money.

Aw, how cute.....Wait, brother? Yuushirou's a guy?!

Shinji goes over to Urahara and asks him why there’s no-one there. Urahara replies that the 7th division will not be joining them due to Komamura’s injuries (i.e. his transformation), and that Byakuya told him that Kensei and Rose will be coming with Kurotsuchi and Nemu (due to their zombification). Furthermore, Kenpachi, Hisagi, Ikkaku and Yumichika are all in the intensive care ward, although only Kenpachi is in a critical condition after his fight with the Femritters.

"We're off to see the wizard...."

Shunsui is apparently still down in Central 46, but there’s been no word from either Hitsugaya or Matsumoto. Shinji asks Urahara if he’s planning on tracking everyone down, to which Urahara replies that he’s planning on breaking into the Soul King’s Palace. Upon Shinji asking if that’s even possible, Urahara answers that, due to some ‘heavenly armour’ that Yuushirou obtained, then it could be done as long as they have the spiritual power of all the Captains and Lieutenants.

"Here's the plan: We go in, steal everything that isn't nailed down, and then get out as fast as possible."

Back up in Squad Zero Land, Ichibei begins to speak to himself. He apologises to Ichigo and his group, saying that there’s nothing that they can do, and that they cannot win against Yhwach. So he pretty much knowingly sent them to their deaths. Dick move, dude.

Hey, just because you got your ass handed to you doesn't mean that they're going to lose too.

The first few pages of this chapter just felt unnecessary, as all they did was show Yhwach stab the Soul King again. I know it was almost a month since the last chapter, but I don’t think that Bleach fans have such crappy memories that they need a recap that lasts four pages. I mean, how long does it take to stab a guy?

Really? Because I seem to remember her being kind of a bitch.

Shinji and Omaeda’s unexplained recovery was a bit annoying, considering that the last time we saw them, they were being covered with lava from one of Bazz-B’s attacks. Even when Bazz-B showed up again to fight Ichigo (and later, Rukia and Renji), we still got no explanation as to where Shinji and Omaeda had gone. It’s good that they survived, but I would like to know exactly how. On a side note, this means that the number of Soul Reapers that Bazz-B has attacked is now at (a quite possible record-breaking) nine.


The missing Soul Reapers also raises a number of questions. For starters, where are Komamura and Iba going? You’d think that they’d want to meet up with the others, but for some reason they’re not. Could they be going back to see the Leader of Komamura’s clan? Also, what happened to Hitsugaya and Matsumoto? The last time we saw them, Hitsugaya was being experimented on by Kurotsuchi and Matsumoto was fighting Luppi. Given that Kurotsuchi later showed up with Zombie Kensei and Zombie Rose, I have to wonder why he didn’t mention what happened to Hitsugaya and Matsumoto.

Would it kill him to pick up the phone for once?

Also, Urahara never mentioned Squad 13 at all. The last time we saw Ukitake, he was talking about something called ‘Kamikake’. I guess he could still be doing something related to that at the moment, but it seems strange that Urahara never called attention to it. Another question is – what will happen to the rest of the Quincies if all the Soul Reapers go to the Soul King’s Palace? At least two Sternritter are still alive (Liltotto and Giselle) with some more being unconfirmed. Are they going to team up with the Soul Reapers?

Okay, but did Byakuya mention what state Kensei and Rose were in?

Finally, Ichibei’s apology to Ichigo’s group came out of nowhere, especially seeing as he was the one to send them off to fight Yhwach in the first place. You have to wonder why Ichigo and his group went back up to the Soul King’s Palace if Ichibei knew that they might not stand a chance of defeated Yhwach. In fact, given that he told Ichigo that he didn’t even have to kill Yhwach, this implies that despite all of his training, Ichigo still isn’t capable of even holding Yhwach back.

Well, this looks like the best party ever.

Chapter 612 Review – Dirty:

Good Things:      Updates on the position of most Captains.

                             Urahara has a plan.

                             Sui-Feng actually blushing.

Bad Things:        Four-page recap.

                             How exactly did Shinji and Omaeda survive?


Manga Rating:   3/5

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  1. Originally, I considered if Ichibei Claus wasn't showing a lack of confidence, but perhaps he meant Ywhach shouldn't be defeated? Maybe Ywhach has actually taken the place of the Soul King and if Ywhach dies, the entire Soul Society will literally fall apart because Soul King... somehow... keeps it from collapsing upon itself. And Ichibei was hoping Ichigo would kill him before he killed the SK, then felt it when SK died. (Insert manga bullshit reason here for any plotholes).

    Soifon blushed. Life complete.

    Maybe Urahara didn't mention District 13 on purpose? Knowing him, he is probably aware of what Kamikake is and the others shouldn't know about it because Rukia or someone else might try to do something about it.

    I hope you're right about Komamura because I'm really worried he won't do anything else in this war. And his human form looks soooooooooo cool.

    This also made me wonder if this could be why they are going to Aizen. They need his spirit energy to break into the Soul Palace because he was once a former captain and they don't have enough captains to get inside.

    And one last thing: Traps... I can never escape the traps... Damn it.

  2. There were some important information in the recap:
    1. That the SK is a imperfect god. My guess is that this is the reson why he went down so easily also, from physiological standpoint, he is missing quite some bodyparts. This could also inidicate, that Yhwach is planning becoming a perfect god.
    2.Yhwach wants to end the humiliation/disgrace. This could have alot of meanings. That he considers the current state of the SK is a disgrace; that Yhwach received some kind of humiliation (most likely the whole lifeless baby thing) because of the SK or that he thinks that the whole blood war, all the sacrefices and deaths are a disgrace against his (supposedly) peace loving nature and that he is happy to finally end it with the death of the SK
    3. Like Yhwach the SK can see into the future
    4. A close up of his eyes shows, that he has four pupils, so he most likely he is Yhwach's real father

    About Shinji escaping the lava trap, dunno if that's true, but in the orginal, they mentioned his Bankai, I think.

    Also the reason they don't know about Hitsugaya and Matsumoto is because only Yumichika and Ikkaku know about him and they are out. Baykuya was the one who reportet Kensei and Rose and he only saw them. I guess he quickly went after Pepe was devoured.

    Ichibei lying to Ichigo reminds me of Urahara, who was accused to have sent them to their deaths, too and only wanted them to to slow Yhwach down. That he Like Mayuri, when he mindfucked Hitsugaya, said that it was for the sake of the Sereitei makes me suspicious.

    I simply don't think that Ichigo is going to win this round and I smell at least one betrayel coming, either from Squad 0, from Urahara or from Shunsui or maybe all of them together and Ichigo has to seek new allies, besides the Shinigami, like the abandoned Sternritter, the Arrancar or the Fullbring.

    1. Maybe we should be on the lookout for:

      Shunsui: The Soul Society has disbanded.

  3. A lot of stuff about the Quincies is making a lot more sense with the revelation that Yhwach is the Soul King's son. Think about it: people originally associated Yhwach with God himself. It wouldn't surprise me if when he explained his nature to people (I am the Soul King's son) they went "Wow! This guy is God's son, he must be the second coming of Christ!" And consider the old school Quincy's method of summoning their bows: A cross. Now who does the Cross symbolize? They might have chosen that icon specifically because they equated Yhwach with Jesus. It also explains their holy warrior motif. As far as the original Quincies were concerned, they were serving the son of God. As for why the shift to pentacles over crosses, it was likely for the same reason Yhwach chose that name over YHWH, to differentiate himself from those figures. And the last part that makes the connection even more obvious? How do Sternritters recieve their Schrift? By drinking his blood. Now what popular religion regularly makes a ceremony that consists of symbolically drinking the blood of their savior?

  4. ^^^^ Religious mumbo jumbo spewn from a pseudo religious mind. Btw, I thought it was Catholics who drank the blood of Jews. The world has turned over. Everything is getting religious. Give us all a break. Everyone wants to be a Jesus.

  5. Hey Claydragon, nice review.

    I know your busy with University work, believe me I'm in the same boat as you, but I'd just like to ask when the next Bleach review will be. No pressure, I'm just curious.

  6. Science question: how long do you think it would take for a person to die if they were forced to breath pure nitrogen