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Fairy Tail Chapter 415 Review - And it Shall Become Your Will to Live

Written by: Shiggins

.........Oh my god. My heart.

I recently told Claydragon that this Tartaros Arc was not designed to have a happy ending and by golly, I was right! With the Tartaros Arc officially ending next week, I wasn't sure what to expect because that seemed so close and I thought we'd have too many loose ends, mostly because of the dragons. I now realise that I am a naive fool and after seeing this review, I only have one real response...

I am Lucy right now. I need a Gray to cuddle!

We start this chapter off with Lumen Histoire, where Makarov says he didn't have the courage to activate it, leaving me kinda peeved since that just means that we got shown a naked loli for no real reason... again. Seriously, Mavis and nudity are always weird when they coincide... More so than most 2D animated characters I mean. (And yes... I'm fully aware how weird that sentence sounds).

An oddly sci-fi-like stage here, huh?

As the ghost of Mavis tells Makarov that it's okay because it just means it's not time yet, we see the dragons all together and talking to the Dragon Slayers. Get the tissues ready, people. It's going to be a rough ride. And we start off with Grandeeney talking, who looks far nicer than she used to in her past appearances, as she congratulates them and Igneel for driving away that fucker Acnologia.

Wait... Who the fuck are those guys?!

Oh and Metalicana is a bit of an asshole, exactly as I hoped! Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to say much and just says Gajeel looks vile as always. I was hoping for way more banter but that's just too much to ask for I suppose. We also discover that Sting and Rogue's dragons altered the memories of their Slayers so they believed they were dead so they'd become stronger... What a bunch of dicks.

What an... interesting change.

However, this is when we all get quite a heartbreaking reveal: The dragons are already dead! It turns out that motherfucking Acnologia killed all of them years ago and they were living inside the Slayers to prolong their own lives. It turns out they are all so much weaker without their full strength, and they used the last of it to destroy Face and fight Acnologia for as long as they could. 

Okay, the anime loves GajeelXLevy. So if anybody knows how to contact them, beg them to make Metalicana mention Levy before he goes. Please!

And we finally see Natsu, crying his eyes out over Igneel. And I'm not gonna lie, I got emotional here too. I mean, this is actually a really difficult moment to sit through without feeling something in your heart. Anyway, Natsu says how Igneel promised he'd never go anywhere and how he spent so long trying to find him. Natsu goes on to say how much he learned and went through, wanting to share them all with Igneel while Happy can do nothing but watch with tears. 

The tragic irony... Igneel never left Natsu. He kept his promise...

And now we see the dragons depart, with Gajeel convincing Wendy to hold her head up high, they all give their last words in a dramatic but emotional way. There is too much to say here but chances are, you read it already so you know why they make you cry. A last word of love from the parent Grandeeney, some teasing from Metalicana and small speeches from Skiadrum and Wiesslogia... and then it's time for Igneel. 

A father, a mother, a daughter and a pet cat... One big, happy family.

Igneel's last words enter Natsu's mind as his spirit flies into the sky. To stand up, continue forward, focus on the future and live his life. Natsu does as told, and declares with tears down his face how he will defeat Acnologia. With Natsu declaring his will to live, Igneel is gone and this chapter ends.

Opinion: Everybody okay with calling this the second chapter in what is most likely "Fairy Tail's Tragic Trilogy"? Yes? Good because holy shit, this is so tragic! Everybody keeps losing people and... You know what? Can everybody who ever insulted Hiro Mashima apologise to him right now? He's done an amazing job this arc! I mean, I have felt so much emotion this arc it's unreal. I've felt tension, tragedy, fangirling, anger, disgust, annoyance, frustration and so. many. FEELS. 

And huge feelings of inadequacy due to Hoteye's beautiful moustache.

Igneel wins the prize for most tragic departure but to see the other dragons leave too after only just meeting them again and dreaming of great banter and reunion is something we'll never forget. The Tartaros Arc has tons of great moments throughout it's entirety but I think the dragons might have been the ones who stole the show. 

I think my favourite dragon this week, not counting Igneel, is still Metalicana but that might be because I love his design so much, and because he was the only dragon that didn't talk to his "child" like he was narrating for a film trailer. Do I wish we had more of him and his teasing? Fuck yes I do. And I always will. Luckily, Tumblr will help me! 

Goodnight, sweet dragons: And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.

Natsu has a new goal: Kill Acnologia. I approve of this for the most part but I do think it's not as great a goal as finding his father. A bit more original I suppose but not as deep or interesting. Still, maybe we'll delve more into what Acnologia is and who he once was. And if we're lucky, maybe Natsu will FINALLY get some fucking character development.

Lumen Histoire is not being activated... I'm going to put that in the same category as E.N.D and not even bother ranting on it. You want my thoughts on that? Go read the last review I did.

And one last wee complaint: 
Jackal; my favourite demon terrorist. 
Torafusa; Epic named demon with cool coat. 
Tempesta: Handsome Xehanort-like wind guy.
Sayla: Librarian lesbian.
Kyouka: Bird sadist.
Silver: Badass smirking dad of Gray. 
Mard Geer: The leader and "king of demons".
Ki-Su: Skeleton necromancer who might be called Keith.
Ezel: Tentacle monster.
Lamy: Rabbit fangirl.

And who is the only officially-alive demon right now? (Certain demons are not 100% confirmed as dead yet.) 


Manga Rating: 4.5/5

Character of the Week: Igneel. I'm not going to insult you by saying why. You already know why.

Predictions: Next week is the official end of the arc. It's finally over. We can finally have a rest. We need it. Hiro Mashima needs it. Let's clean all this up and rebuild the Guildhall yet again... Maybe one of the Wizard Saints will help us. Maybe we'll get a massive Fairy Tail bath scene. (Wouldn't that be a sight?!). Oh and Elfman, kill Franmalth!

Best Part: Farewell, Igneel. 

Worst Part: Lumen Histoire is now categorised under "God. Fucking. Damnit!" along with E.N.D.

....................(screams in utter agony)

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  1. I was in tears reading this chapter (Pretty much for Natsu), I swear that if the animation team messes up this scene, I will let go of the anime for a while..... (Speaking of the anime, the filler is going to be over this month. Next month will be about the omakes being animated as well as the light novel too. Saying this because that means they may show Gajeel and Levy kiss in Juvia's imagination.)

    I wish I just found Fairy Tail when the series was over so I could easily find out what was next, but I didn't so I have to wait next week for the new chapter.... Poor Natsu.... Now I'm going to go crawl myself in a whole, thinking of Natsu's, Lucy's, and Gray's loss... Now this makes the blue fucking cat, Happy, (I'm just joking, I love Happy) be the only one of the main character to have their parents alive.

    1. Well, the anime does tend to do good jobs with big scenes like this so I have faith in them.
      And yeah, I heard. Finally! Although, I don't know anything about this light novel so I'll be checking that out most likely.

      The FT fandom... so many holes... so many people crying in them... including myself.

      Oh yeah... I had completely forgotten Happy existed until this week. To his credit, he had a good appearance this week too.

  2. This was certainly an important chapter. I thought it was a good way to send the other dragons off, including giving Sting and Rogue a chance to properly say goodbye to their parents. I'm glad grandeena got to say goodbye. As for Gajeel and Metalicana, I'm sure those two understood each other perfectly.

    As for Natsu, well let's see how this next bit plays out. Grey will want to rip END to shreds, and I'd love to see Natsu utterly eviscerate Acnolgia. Maybe they'll split the guilds up into teams, one to deal with Zeref and END and the other to deal with Acnologia, with Grey and Natsu going after their respective targets.

    I'm also hell curious about the magic council. I know they were almost completely obliterated, so who's going to take command? The Wizard Saints, the Government, a new body, and how will they respond the last dark guild alliance leader being destroyed? So many questions.

    Finally, the next couple of chapters will be interesting though. The other guild members will find out about Aquarius and grey's parents, and there will be tone of grief to go around. I'm interested to see how Hiro plays this.

    1. Yeah. This was definitely a much better and fairer way for (almost) everybody to say goodbye to their dragon parents. Grandeeney and Metalicana are still the best, although I loved Skiadrum's design.

      Hmm... I don't think that'll happen. They are a Guild so they'll work together to get both their goals. Also, it seems to be that whenever Zeref is involved, Acnologia eventually follows after so chances are the two of them are connected in some way.

      Oh yeah, those guys... I'm guessing either the Wizard Saints that we've yet to see or some new body. And if we're lucky, that'll affect the future as they attempt to make sure such a thing never happens again. Oh and Doranbolt will be involved somehow.

      Hiro has a lot to do. I'm anxious but I'm going to have to wait and see... and cry like a bitch during it all most likely.