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Fairy Tail Zero Chapter 7 - Mavis, the Black Wizard

I hereby nominate this week "Zeref Fucking Us Up Week"!

With the huge bombshell he dropped on us in Chapter 416 (read the review below if you haven't already), Zeref dropped a different kind of bombshell on us in this prequel chapter which might not be as big but is definitely one to take a note of if you happen to have the time, and if you are preparing massive theories like everyone else probably is at this point and time. Oh and since it worked so well the last time I put nudity on the front of my review...

Hmm... I like that he's not hugely ripped... I'm not gay.

So I was wrong as usual. The group have already reunited and are injured, especially Yuriy who is lying down (which makes me realise that Precht, who got shot in the eye, is either a major badass or Yuriy is a little bitch). Mavis then goes off to get water and I swear to god, I was imagining sexy saxophone music when Zeref was revealed.

That's Mavis sneaking a peek at the main murdering villain of the entire series... Think on that.

As Mavis looks away, Zeref puts on his clothes and starts to walk away. His Death Magic activates and destroys all of the trees around him, and Mavis shouldn't get too close or she'll die too. To Zeref's surprise, Mavis actually read about this curse and we get an explanation which I now realise clears up quite a bit of confusion we all had about Zeref during the Tenrou Island Arc. The Contradictory Curse is a wee bit complicated so here. The manga can explain it better than me.

You got any questions? Good! Me too!

The two have a wee talk where Mavis figures out just how lonely Zeref must be feeling right now and Zeref expresses happiness at talking to someone again after so long. As Zeref reveals he never wanted to kill anybody and goes to leave, animals suddenly appear around him and surround him. It turns out Mavis is trying to comfort him using her illusions which thankfully works.

I suddenly realised I want a Fairy Tail databook detailing the world of the series and the history, mythology and life of it all.

Sensing that Zeref is a great mage, she asks Zeref to train her and the others in magic to which Zeref agrees. We see some pictures where Zeref thinks about how he might have gone too far teaching them, and we all start to realise that this means it was technically Zeref who had a large part in the creation of Fairy Tail. As he leaves, Mavis is now calling herself the "black wizard" and it's ten days until Fairy Tail was born... and then Zeref says "And it might have been me that killed her... as expected".

"Zeref-senpai noticed me!"

Opinion: Intriguing is really the word here. Zeref is a fascinating and complicated character that nobody really understands or knows anything about. If anything, this chapter added extra complication and made me wonder exactly what his deal is. Where did he come from? Who cursed him? Man, the theories involving Zeref must be insane!

Here's something I put on my Tumblr page to get the theorising started.

I was never really a ZerefXMavis fan but if you don't see potential here for that, you're clearly blind. Or dead. Or dead from being blinded. Anyway, they had quite a good moment in this chapter and although I'm sure we could have used a few chapters of them training, I have to mark it as positive that we didn't needlessly stretch things out.

Their most recent interaction.... Things are going to get dark soon and hard.

Speaking of which, I have a feeling this series is going to be very short. Only ten days until Fairy Tail is formed, the characters have powerful magic, they've met Zeref... What else is there after the defeat of Blue Skull? I suppose Hiro Mashima could pull another story out of his arse but that'd just be weird. Maybe he wants to get this one done then move onto another spinoff... I'm okay with that if it's got a good focus. 

Something I've really noticed this week is how quickly he can seem to change. It's almost schizophrenic and I could go on and on about this but just see for yourself.

This came out the same week we got naked Zeref!

Manga Rating: 3.5/5

Character of the Week: Zeref because he's fucking me up right now!

Best Part: Mavis and Zeref being cute and adorable.

Worst Part: It's made me realise this arc could be short and if it doesn't have a good replacement, I'll be sad.

Uh... Why on all fours? Whatever, I'm not gonna theorise...

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  1. "Hmm... I like that he's not hugely ripped... I'm not gay."

    Shiggins, are you sure?
    Great review like always, but what's up with the amount of prepubescent fanservice in this series? Its a bit creepy.

    1. I am 80%-ish sure. (Anime makes you always question yourself....)

      And I dunno. It's honestly the only thing I can't defend about this series right now. Everything else: Epic. But then Zeira takes her clothes off and I went "god shit damn!". On the bright side, Zeref is of age. By a few hundred years.

  2. I didn't understand the 'Zervis' shippers until now (I don't until there's potential). Good review and also one more thing.... Compare Zeref's chest to Romeo's.... There's something wrong.

    1. I think it was the whole "ancient mage of Light" and "ancient mage of Darkness" counterparts thing they loved. Which I think makes sense.

      Romeo? Okay.... *doesn't know why but Googles it* ........ROMEO HAS A SIX-PACK!