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Fairy Tail Chapter 416 Review - Tartaros Arc Last Chapter

Written by Shiggins

I've decided. Tartaros Arc has officially won the number 1 spot of Best Fairy Tail Arc.

My top 3:
1. Tartaros
2. Grand Magic Games
3. Tenrou Island

Out of every arc in this series, I don't think any of them have ever left such an impact on the characters or the fans who read it. The amount of possibilities for this arc's ending was insane and we could have easily dissolved into another "everything back to normal" series of chapters, like with the GMG arc. Instead, a huge change has occured and although it's unlikely to last forever, it's still going to be memorable to say the least.

That's not Makarov. Hiro Mashima is speaking to us through Makarov.

This extra-long chapter begins a week after the events of the Tartaros arc. The Guild is destroyed and to my surprise, Makarov reveals he won't just be rebuilding it all again. It's the end of an era and he tells Elfman not to feel guilty, as it wasn't his or anybody's fault. And we then skip to Laxus finally waking up, which gave me huge relief because I missed that blonde son of a bitch.

Our blonde hair makes us kindred spirits.

Laxus feels pathetic and weak, unable to protect those he cares about... and then he hugs the rest of his group! I actually want to briefly talk about this part because to me, it was the first moment I realised the weight of this chapter. Laxus hugging them, needing comfort and wanting to comfort them really makes you realise just how hard they've all had it. Even Laxus, one of the strongest of the entire series, needs a hug right now.

Clearly he just needs some air... wink-wink nudge-nudge.

Thanks to Cancer (the crab), Wendy has long hair again and yeah, she looks better with it. As Wendy and Lucy talk about long hair vs short hair, Pantherlily goes over to Carla and asks how Wendy is. Carla says Wendy is being tough and Lily reveals that Gajeel seems... Tired? Ill? Groggy? Something along those lines. Carla is also worried about Natsu but Lily isn't because he knows Happy will take care of him.

I agree. That is a problem... DON'T DO IT!

We then see Natsu and Happy packing up all their money and shit, then Natsu looks at a letter in his hand but before we find out about the letter, we go to one of the most anticipated scenes in the Fairy Tail fandom: Juvia and Gray see each other again and wow, it did not disappoint.

Gray is at the grave of his parents, when Juvia appears to Gray's surprise because she clearly followed him here. Juvia has something she wants to tell Gray and although I had a bad feeling this was going to be a love confession, it turns out Juvia tearfully reveals that she was the one who killed the Necromancer, thus killing Gray's father.

It's times like this that I feel for Gray... a character I used to despise. Funny how things change, eh?

Gray storms over, and it actually looks like he's about to start screaming at her for this before he breaks down in tears, holding her and thanking her. He then falls to his knees and one of them (hopefully Gray) says the other is warm.

And then we get our Erza moment, where she sits alone by a lake and trembles as she remembers all the torture she went through as a child. And of course, Erza's own stalker appears: Jellal. And no, he doesn't hug her or anything like that. He basically says "get the fuck up" but she walks "the path of light" and he walks "the path of darkness". We also see the Oracion Seis all wearing the silly robes and hoods as well. 

Erza, can you ask him a question for me? Just one... HOW THE FUCK ARE YOUR EYES OKAY?!

And then we see Sabertooth where Yukino is wearing a barista apron (I have no idea why either), and Sting and Rogue present the return of Minerva. They all cheer and welcome her back while Minerva cries and I hope I never have to see her ever again. And with that out of the way, we move onto Doranbolt and Makarov who provided the weirdest surprise of this chapter.

Angel, I suddenly feel you and I could be kindred spirits too one day... if you dyed your hair blonde.

After wiping the memories of anybody who knew and is reluctant about wiping his own, Makarov reveals to Doranbolt that he was a member of the Guild this whole time and he wiped his own memory so he could sneak into the Council... for reasons! And with this revelation... The Guild of Fairy Tail has disbanded!

But... What do we call the series then?!

Now, for the letter. Lucy returns home and finds the letter Natsu left her. Upon reading it, she discovers that Natsu and Happy are going away for a year to train and travel. Lucy runs outside to try to catch up to them, crying about how lonely she would be if they left her. As Natsu says he'll be able to protect everybody afterwards, we then see Zeref in a fancy home.... and he confirms what END is: ETHERIOUS NATSU DRAGNEEL! 

Hmm... Well then, somebody better pick up that phone because I FUCKING CALLED IT!

Opinion: Fuck that's a lot of stuff to go through! Let's just go in order!

I already mentioned Laxus hugging his gang, which Freed probably adored most, so let's skip on to Wendy. She has long hair and seems to be back to normal, smiling and cheerful. That's good because she definitely suits it more and we know she'll be awesome when she needs to be, after everything she did in Dragonforce form.

*whistle at her... then remember her age and walk away in shame and self-disgust*

Pantherlily and Carla had a nice moment, where Lily made me kinda see why people ship those two together. Personally, I never really cared about the Exceed because I have a huge dislike for talking animal mascot characters. Pantherlily is the one exception that I can think of right now.

It's impossible to hate a character that looks like this.

I know this is odd but I don't really get Gajeel's final appearance for this arc. Is he depressed? I think so but it's really hard to tell... Still, at least Levy was there beside him. I am disappointed we didn't get a reference to a certain...*ahem*...moment in this arc between those two but whatever. That'd have been too funny for this chapter.

I wonder who built this grave. A child Gray or an undead Silver?

Gray's reaction annoyed me originally but the more I thought on it, the more genius I realised it was. He reacted like a human being would. He was initially angry but that was just a gut reaction as he slowly calmed down and became aware of just how much he owed Juvia for doing such a difficult thing. And whether or not you ship them, this was a great moment for them both that will be difficult to forget.

I'm starting to realise we could sum up all his appearances with:
"Hi Erza"
"I'm super strong. You want me."
"Bye Erza".
Jellal comforting Erza was predictable but it fit so I can't deny that. I dislike Jellal as many of you know but he did comfort her... by saying basically nothing new actually. And I know I'm going to send petty here but Jellal is becoming a bit of a stalker. He always appears near her, with no explanation, then makes her watch him walk away. I'm actually starting to think he's a bit of a cruel tease... 

I'm not even going to bother rambling on about Minerva because I'm tired of that. So let's talk about Doranbolt being a Fairy Tail member... Why? Why did he join the Council? If he was meant to be a spy, wiping his own memory is a bit of a backfire to that, isn't it?! So yeah, this one needs explanation. And honestly, I want to know why this plot twist even exists. Seems oddly unneeded.

Alright, I will give her one point: I do like that style of dress.

Fairy Tail has disbanded. That is fucking huge. All the characters are splitting up and we have no idea where most of them will go. Will Juvia and Gray go training and have a baby named Silver? Will Gajeel, Lily, Levy, Jet, Droy and co open a cafe together called the Steel Teeth? Will the Strauss Siblings buy a gym? Will Laxus run for President of the Magnolia States? I could go on and on... Although if anybody has any other ideas, let me know. I'm kinda curious to see what you come up with.

Maybe his singing career will finally take off.

Natsu left... No, sorry. Let me try that again. NATSU LEFT LUCY! Fuck off! You get back there, apologise to her and bring her along with you! Out of every person you leave behind, Lucy is the one person you have no reason to. She is your best friend, you most likely love interest and your constant companion that isn't an annoying blue cat. And the worst part is, YOU WERE SMILING!  


If she doesn't slap Natsu for this later, my broken heart will never heal.

Oh and to every fan who theorised that Natsu was E.N.D, including myself, congratulations. Put on a party hat and go streaking through the streets (then send me pictures of you doing that via email/tumblr) because we were right. Etherious Natsu Dragneel is his full name and we can all theorise the shit out of this. It's canon. It's real. It's time... to theorise, motherfuckers. (And seriously, send me pictures).

Manga Rating: 4/5

Character of the Week: Juvia for that one scene with Gray which was my personal highlight of feels and tears.

Predictions: Solitary Journey is our title which makes me afraid... A whole arc of nobody but Natsu and Happy?! I mean we might get a lot of character development but... OH DEAR GOD! No Lucy, Wendy, Gray, Erza, Gajeel, Lily, Juvia, Laxus, Elfman, Mirajane... Just Natsu and Happy travelling together? Oh no...

Best Part: "You're warm".

Worst Part: "Bye Lucy".

Bonus: Ladies and gentleman, lads and lassies... I give you a quick summary of my feelings of the Tartaros arc.

Lucy's badass moments.

The emotional departure of Aquarius.

Anything Jackal-related.



Wendy the Dragonforce user.

The emotional farewell.


Intimidating villains. (Most of them anyway).

The return of the OS.

Everything Silver-related.


Elfman did surprisingly little.


Acnologia - Instinct over character.

Mard Geer...ugh.

The power of love!!!!

Minerva's depressing downgrade from evil to "poor baby".

This panel.


...I like this panel.

Nudity actually used for a reason other than "because tits!".

Laxus' sacrifice.

Celestial Spirit King's underwhelming appearance.

This hilarious new look.

Acnologia killing Igneel.

Sexy bishie Tempesta.

Devil Slayer Gray.

Sting and Rogue appeared.

And because I do it every other chapter review...

Inappropriate for this chapter, except for certain hugs.

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  1. About time we got an ending to an arc that changed the status quo.

  2. So can we count that as 2 out of 3 (or 3 out of 4) for main character ships confirmed?
    But, yeah... That ending though. Wonder if they'll do a timeskip or make an arc about Natsu and everyone's travels...
    How many more FT arcs will there be again?

    1. I refuse to see any couple as canon until it's made official by a kiss/baby/holding hands.

      I think it'll be Natsu's travels, then a timeskip.

      Unknown but don't hold your breath about it ending soon, thankfully. This series is doing great and is my favourite series to read right now.

  3. An excellent arc to be sure. Many questions answered but just as many raised.

    The Grey/Juvia scene was perfectly done. It was surprisingly…human. Points for that. As for the next arc, my guess each of the characters go on a Solitary Journey of their own (Although Natsu and Happy are two not solitary). Grey and Juvia will probably go to master Grey's devil slayer magic, and Juvia might get Water devil slayer magic by some means so she can stand by Grey.

    With Laxus I see two possibilities: either A he'll go and train with Gramps or Gildarts to power up big time such that he'll continue to bitch slap Natsu, or he'll go off train with a team. Similar lines for Gajeel and Wendy.

    I imagine the main guild members (the average schmucks) will do one of two things; either stay in Magnolia to help rebuild, or split up to join other guilds. No sure about the Strauss siblings.

    That leaves Erza and Lucy. I have ideas about those two, and while it's not the most likely scenario, I'd like to think that Erza will take Lucy under her wing and toughen her up, such that she won't have to summon the Spirit King again.

    Now, you asked for semi-serious ideas?

    Will Magnolia be rebuilt? Will public infrastructure finally be safe from Fairy Tail's members? Will Elfman get even bigger muscles? Will Natsu learn to drive? Will Lucy be subject to even more Fan service? Will Laxus become even more Badass? Will Lisana actually do something?

    1. I basically agree with everything you said. Juvia the Water Devil Slayer would be cool but I have no idea how she could become that.

      For Laxus, I'm guessing the team option. He's got his buddies.

      I doubt any of them will join other Guilds, but it's a possibility. Especially with the ones you barely remember the names of.

      Erza, Lucy and Wendy will stick together at least. That's good to think about, because they'd be all be completely alone without each other.

      Elfman the Hulk, Lucy wearing nothing but a monokini and Laxus becoming supreme... I'm scared of the future.

  4. Are you going to review chapter 7 of Fairy Tail Zero? It was incredibly intriguing. ;)

    1. Oh I will. Don't worry. Might not be until Friday at the latest but it will be up. Trust me, I wanna talk about it ;-)

  5. Oh this wrecked me over. Also, I was a secret Doranbolt fan so I'm pretty happy (Though it was foreshadowed in Tenroujima) he was a Fairy Tail member so I'll gloss over that bit. Anyways, I gotta wonder why they disbanded the guild. Anyways, Gray's reaction to Juvia really was human and I liked how they kept him in character because I feared for ooc-ness, next up was the letter that Natsu gave Lucy.

    Disbanding the guild wrecked me (It was the heat of the moment thing).... And seeing Lucy cry that she is losing more friends killed me with Hiro constantly referring back to Aquarius. I'm going to assume Natsu doesn't know about the whole ordeal of how Lucy saved the guild for the sake of it.

    We may or may not get a time skip, but I'm fine with either. If we do, more filler for the anime when it comes to the time skip I guess? So far this was my favorite arc in Fairy Tail and- fucking called END. *Puts on party hat but doesn't go streaking* Though it was pretty obvious. I also wonder where Zeref got that mansion from... (Heartfilia mansion? Layla connection?)

    To think this arc took 3 years...

    1. A Doranbolt fan...? So they do exist! I was just indifferent to him but not that bothered about him being a member really. Unless it means a plot point later on.

      Gray, Juvia and Lucy gave me the biggest tears this chapter. The amount of feels is unreal right now, especially because of the disbanding of the Guild.

      Probably not, no but he still shouldn't have just left. Natsu made me sad but not in a feels way.

      I'm sure it won't be a timeskip just yet. Some Natsu time first, then a timeskip. So the filler can animate fillers based on Gajeel and Laxus etc instead.

      *disappointed but at least you got party hat* I suppose it was pretty obvious but I was convinced Zeref and Natsu were father and son as soon as Zeref made his first appearance.

      It's Zeref's bachelor pad. He got it for all the girls/ex-villains he is interested in, like Rustyrose and Kain.