Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Nanatsu No Taizai Chapter 110 Review - Confession

Writen by: Axlorg

Another chapter came out this week so more Nanatsu no Taizai! Also I should get a cookie since one of my predictions came out half-true. Anyway's this chapter was more so romance and character progression rather than story progression. This time, it focuses on two main pairings and some minor ones.

To be honest, even though the title said 'Confession' I really didn't take it literally as a normal person would.

The chapter starts off with our three musketeers (also known as Griamor, Gil, and Hauser) who are beginning to leave on their quest for knowledge where one of the musketeers, Goofy (Griamor), is currently arguing with Veronica, since he is her bodyguard. As Griamor explains his reasoning, Veronica takes a moment and realizes how important this is to him so she lets him go in a tsundere manner and they proceed to leave.

The next page is where Margaret, Veronica, and Elizabeth begin talking about how Elizabeth feels about the deadly sins moving to their next quest and she pauses before before the scene changes to Elizabeth skipping around town in a maid costume because it's easier to run around with in than her dress.

From here on out, I will turn this shounen chapter into a shoujo chapter.

Elizabeth finds Diana, who has shrunk down, and is currently looking for Ban and King who still haven't come back, after chatting a bit and agreeing to talk later, Elizabeth goes inside the bar while leaving a gloomy faced Diane behind for reasons soon to be revealed. Anyways, inside the bar, Elizabeth is greeted by Meliodas who seems pretty normal and that's when some shoujo flowers come out of Elizabeth who says that she wants to hang out with him. Only to be rejected. Meliodas continues talking and says that he has to make preparations to leave which Elizabeth also mentions she would make them as well only to be rejected once more.

Two rejections and one chance left, can Elizabeth make it past to first base? Well Elizabeth tells Meliodas that he said the two would run the shop together again but Meliodas reflects it by denying he said such a thing. Though in truth, it's pretty obvious that because of the demon resurrection ceremony, he wants to keep her safe since they are going to be cruel and tough enemies.

Even though the batter, Elizabeth, failed to make it past first base, she somehow made it past second base.

Hawk comes to the rescue and ties up Meliodas while telling her to go run from the pervert Meliodas. Elizabeth isn't done talking but Meliodas manages to avoid the conversation by running more duties that King should have done and leaves the bar to go meet up with Diane.

With Diane, Elizabeth expresses her worry over the captain and Diane mentions how the earthquake shook him up pretty well and also teases Elizabeth about how Meliodas doesn't show any vulnerabilities except to her. Completely red-faced, she tries to deny it and they both just ignore the obvious until...

Wait..... What?

Diane comes outright and asks Elizabeth if she has feelings for the captain. And I am happy they brought this up sooner and not only that too. Continuing on, Elizabeth tells Diane about how she currently feels and then actually ANSWERS it while other shounens like to hint and tease it until the very end... (I'm looking at you Fairy Tail).

Thank god there's no tip-toeing around this...

Then Elizabeth describes why she likes Meliodas. It began ever since the beginning or rather that she got a nostalgic feeling that she's known him for a long time... If it's the first choice, I'll call BS on that but if it's the second choice, I have some theorizing for that.

Diane then tells Elizabeth to come out with her feelings before he gets snatched up by someone but she tells Diane that she's fine keeping these feelings in her heart. Diane, ditching her love rival role, comes out and tells Elizabeth that it's not right to keep it hidden, pretty much voicing what all shippers would say in that situation. Elizabeth says that Diane is too kind since she too loves Meliodas and now it's Diane's times to talk.

Diane voices her thoughts that she likes Meliodas because he treated her like a girl instead of a giantess, but she somewhat knew that he would never look her way romantically. Then she changes the subject of an old tale that's about when Diane was young and was found by a mysterious boy, which we all know was Ban. She starts recalling the events of chapter 73.5 where she met King. In the end of the story, she had forgotten her promise with the boy and who the boy was but when she was about to die in chpater 71, she had remembered every last detail of her missing memories.

That's when the tears come and Diane feels guilty about her she knew how King must have felt all this time and asks what can she do if King doesn't come back.

This is my favorite pairing despite having weird circumstances that makes King out to be a pedophile.

Diane then concludes this by declaring her love for King and making me cheer for my favorite pairing. Time for the theory's!

Opinions: Nice chapter. It was mainly on pairings and it solidifyed those that will be end-game with a 99% chance of success (Kishimoto...). Anyway's, besides the pairings recognizing their love for their respected partner (though Meliodas doesn't say it outright, we know he love Elizabeth), I'd like to bring to the table the mentioning that Elizabeth said she felt nostalgic for loving Meliodas.

In the past, Meliodas did have a lover who had died, Liz (Her name is similar to Elizabeth), I'm predicting that Elizabeth may be Liz's reincarnation, as it would make sense feelings-wise and somewhat appearance-wise.

Rating: 3.5/5

Character of the chapter: Diane for finally realizing how amazing King really is.

Predictions: Next chapter is named "A Man's Say", and I honestly have no idea what to expect. I do think the demons will make their move though.


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  1. You're doing great with the reviews so far. I just skimmed it so I didn't get spoilers because I've finally started reading it myself. I'm currently at the fight where Meliodas has started fighting an old man in a festival fight.
    It's pretty good, even though this series has done nothing for my near-hatred of animal mascot/sidekicks. What I don't get though is why so many people compare this to FT. They're very different in my opinion.

    1. Thanks alot. The series really kicks in at that point. The reason that I guessed why people compare it (from what I see) is the fanservice bits since Nanatsu No Taizai does use fanservice as comedy but I generally don't see it as the same. They come from the same magazine, but the story is different from that of Fairy Tail's.