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Fairy Tail Chapter 354 Review - Not Every Party Ends Well

Written by Shiggins

The potential is rising!

This strangely titled chapter starts off with Natsu and the gang deciding to ignore the fact they just faced so much chaos and got tons of creepy foreshadowing, and have a party instead with the giants. Everyone catches up while the giants show their gratitude by doing nothing because they are assholes probably. The gang discuss everything they found out in this arc about Tartaros and the Devil Slayer who froze the village.

It's Funny Because He's Giving You Nothing
Then Lucy realises Flare isn't there with them. Well she is but she's hiding behind the thin tree. Apparently, she's ashamed because she actually left the village without a goodbye. This village seems to bring out the worst in people! Anyway, we have a small moment where the giants smile and welcome her back to the village which is nice I suppose.

 This Unnecessary Angle Of Greatness Shows Those Tears Will Never Hit The Ground
However, we get to the part of the plot we actually care about and it's Minerva who's the character we pay attention to as she enters her own guild to quite a surprise. It looks like the results of a Fairy Tail party but without the passed out drunks lying around there. The only things there appear to be little black paper men. (I think that's paper.)

I Half-Expect To See Max With The Broom Up His Ass Here
Minerva is then visited by the cause of this attack.She wears far too little clothes and is basically a demon herself so we know she's a villain. Her name is Kyouka and she seems to be part of the same group as Silver. I think she's supposed to be another Devil Slayer, except she's used so much power she's turning into an actual demon. (Like how Acnologia was once a human who used too much Dragon Slayer magic.)

There Is No Way That Costume Is Comfortable! We Can See Her Asscheeks!

Despite Minerva's original words, Kyouka reveals she does not care or even know about what Silver did to the village and there is for a completely different reason. It's weird to see Minerva so scared and personally, I'm not a fan as I feel it makes her too susceptible to becoming "good". Although that might never happen since Kyouka reveals she is looking for soldiers and those who aren't able to become stronger become paper-people. Minerva then says "Stop". I'm sure that will help.

Clearly The Word "Stop" Will Defeat This Imminent Rape

So overall, an interesting chapter that started out slow then revealed a new scary villain. This Tartaros is getting interesting, especially since they were supposed to be weaker than Grimoire Heart. Clearly, they've become stronger than expected and these demons are only going to increase in quantity and quality. I'm personally excited for the next arc, but I am really unhappy right now because of the arc we're stuck in.

Overall Rating: 3/5

Character of the Week: Flare for giving us a big smile. (That's the best I could give this week since others didn't do much.)

Predictions: We're going back to the guild soon I hope. I'm tired of this village. Flare is going to join Fairy Tail. We might see a glimpse of Tartaros' Guildmaster and the meeting Silver went to.

P.S That's one ugly giant!

Kurotsuchi Approves Of Him

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