Sunday, October 27, 2013

Character Birthday Challenge ~ Orochimaru

Favorite personality trait:
His determination. Even though he used it to be able to use every technique ever created, he was very determined. He never gave up when conducting experiments and because of that, he always got the results he was hoping for.
Favorite relationship:
I’m going with Kabuto. I think Orochimaru really cared for Kabuto and trusted him. He made him the way he is now, but Kabuto’s still following Orochimaru’s goal. But I’m curious about what Orochimaru will do with him after the war is over.
Favorite fight:
I expect his recently started fight with Obito, to be awesome. I think he’s going to use all his best techniques to win.
Favorite jutsu:
Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation. He perfected the Second’s technique and Kabuto perfected Orochimaru’s technique. It’s a very useful, but cruel technique to use on someone.
Favorite outfit:
I really liked his genin outfit.
Favorite random thing:
That he lives underground most of the time, but the still know everything that’s going on around him.
Personal thoughts:
Orochimaru is definitely one of my favorite characters. I really like his story and the way he influenced a lot of other characters in the series. I’ve disliked him for a while, but now I’m just curious about his motive for helping the Allied Shinobi Forces during the War.
Feel free to share your thoughts!
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