Thursday, October 10, 2013

Character Birthday Challenge ~ Naruto

Favorite personality trait:
His strong will. Seriously, after all that he’s been through he still doesn’t give up. I really like this about him and I really hope he will never lose his will to protect the ones he loves. With that’s happening right now, it may happen sooner as we expect, but I don’t think he will ever lose it.
Favorite relationship:
Iruka. He was the first one to acknowledge him and he still believes in him, no matter what happens. Too bad we don’t see much conversations between them anymore, but I hope there will be in the future.
Favorite fight:
Even though it’s not over yet… I really like his fight with Obito. The way he developed and analyzed everything that happened in the fight, is amazing. Can’t wait to see what happens next.
Favorite jutsu:
Everything Kurama related. I really like the jutsu Naruto’s able to use when he’s using Kurama’s chakra and when they’re working together. Every new transformation is even more awesome than the previous one.
Favorite outfit:
His outfit when he’s in Bijuu mode. He looks amazing in it.
Favorite random thing:
His whiskers. I know they're typical for Naruto, but I still like them a lot.
Personal thoughts:
It took me a while before I actually liked him, but now I think he’s just amazing. The way developed his skills and also his relationships with the villagers, his team mates, sensei’s,… is amazing. He never gives up and he keeps believing in everyone who’s every betraded his or Konoha’s trust.  Amazing character and I really hope the series isn’t ending soon.
Feel free to share your thoughts!
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