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Fairy Tail Chapter 356 Review - And So It Begins...

I'm already loving this arc.

One of the biggest problems of the previous arc was how it started. There was no big build-up or intensity that made us feel like everything was scary or life-threatening. Nothing happened that made anyone worry for the characters or grip the audience. Everything felt random and not thought-out at all. Thankfully, this arc changes all that with a mass murder and appearance of villains.

Is Lahar Making Lovey Eyes At Doranbolt?
We start off this special chapter at the Magic Council. Personally, I've always found these guys extremely pointless but nevertheless they are there. As per usual, they start off their meeting by bitching or praising Fairy Tail about winning the Grand Magic Tournament, even though they are supposed to be talking about Tartaros. The Chairman of the Council, Gran Doma, reminds them all about Tartaros and how every guild related to Tartaros has been mysteriously wiped out in the past 7 days.

I Honestly Thought He Was Going To Become A Villain Some Day

Theories go round with some thinking it might be Crime Sorciere (which is just Jellal and Meredy) and some blaming it on Fairy Tail. This is when Org finally speaks up. (For those who have forgotten, Org is the Council Member who has a bat on his head for no apparent reason.) Org gives the theory that it could have been Tartaros themselves who did this so as to eliminate any weaklings from dragging them down. They literally laugh at him for that.

Everyone! Point And Laugh At The Old Man!

Just when it looks like the Council are finally going to step up and take part by fighting against Tartaros, they die. I'm serious. Hiro Mashima gives his first ever massacre by wiping out the entire Magic Council in one big explosion. I personally was shocked to see such a dark turn, as we then saw Doranbolt hold the corpse of Lahar and watch as Org begged Doranbolt to run and carry out justice, then was wiped out by one of the Nine Demon Gates of Tartaros, known as Jackal.

And Yes, I Ship These Two Now. Blame The Hair-Ears.

Back at Fairy Tail, things are the usual fun and silly way we expect from them. Elfman telling people not to dare look at his little sister Lisanna and Erza is talking to Makarov about how Minerva was with a Dark Guild, as well as knowing nothing about her father who was the former Guildmaster of Sabretooth. Makarov then says they should contact the Council while Erza is considering contacting Sting, who is now the current Guildmaster of Sabretooth. I hope she does because it's always fun to see any of the Dragon Slayers.

There Goes Makarov's Ego

After a bit of creepy comedy involving bread and Elfman ruining the mood for Juvia, we see Levy showing a book to Natsu, Lucy, Wendy, Happy, Carla, Pantherlily and Gajeel (because it seems impossible for Levy to be in a scene without Gajeel and Lily now.) She seems to have found out that E.N.D is on a completely different scale to the demons we've seen before but that was obvious anyway. Apparently, there are actually several books of Zeref, all with a different demon trapped inside each one. Good to see that we're finally getting answers about the books.

I Can't Handle Just How Funny This Translation Is

Just as Natsu and Gajeel get excited over the idea of beating up Tartaros, Lucy points out that they can't just attack because it's too risky and they don't know anything about the Dark Guild. They also start to theorise that this could lead them to find out about the location of all dragons, but then Jet and Droy run in with a newspaper, most likely telling them about the Council judging by the shock on Lucy's face at hearing this news.

Why Is Lucy The Only One That Seems To Truly Care?

Back at Doranbolt, we see him looking very pissed as he goes to my favourite anti-hero Cobra to ask him about Tartaros. Due to the magic-blocking abilities of the cell, Cobra is shocked when Doranbolt reveals that the "higher-ups" are all dead. Cobra agrees to talk but insists that Doranbolt releases "all six of us". I personally hope he does because that could mean we see more of the Oracion Seis, but I can' help but wonder who exactly the six are and what they will look like. My best bet is the "six of us" are Cobra, Hoteyes, Angel, Racer, Midnight, Erigor because Cobra got betrayed by Brain and Klodoa is dead... I think. (Erigor became a member of the OS in an anime-only arc and I think Hiro Mashima considers that canon because Cobra is missing his eye.)

"Circumstances" Mean "Fact That They Are A Pack Of Freaks I Should Probably Hate" Here

Cobra does agree to tell Doranbolt one thing though since Doranbolt is extremely pissed off. This is when we see Silver meeting Kyouka, who is quite surprised Silver is in his "human form". Apparently, Jackal and Tempesta are busy right now on other missions. This is when we see nice picture of all the Nine Demon Gates of Tartaros (minus Jackal and Tempesta obviously). Cobra reveals that every one of them are demons and that E.N.D is actually Tartaros' Guildmaster.

That's Right, Ladies. We're Single.

So overall, lots of stuff has happened and I loved this chapter. It started things off in a huge way and has proven to everyone just how big and dark this story can go. This looks to be one of the biggest arcs Fairy Tail has ever had and it's going to obliterate the memories of that horrible arc before it.

Manga Rating: 5/5

Overall Character of the Week: Doranbolt for surviving the first ever massacre of the Fairy Tail series, and for bringing Cobra back into the story while looking very pissed off.

Predictions: Tartaros are going to attack and destroy Fairy Tail, maybe killing a character or two. We'll see the final demon of the Nine, Tempestra and maybe a glimpse of E.N.D. Makarov will get offered a position on the Magic Council, and maybe another alliance between Fairy Tail and some other guilds will happen. Cobra will get his wish to get out of prison, and Doranbolt will either have somehow managed to save Lahar, or he'll create a shrine for him.

P.S Cobra sums up this chapter perfectly.

They Really Did This Week

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