Thursday, October 24, 2013

Character Birthday Challenge ~ Anko

Favorite personality trait:
I actually really like her sadistic side. But she always does her research before going on a mission, which I also like about her.
Favorite relationship:
I would say Orochimaru, but only when he was her mentor. After he abandoned her, she started hating him and changed her goal into killing him. There isn’t any other notable relationship I can think of…
Favorite fight:
There have only been small fights, so I don’t really have one I favor.
Favorite jutsu:
Hidden Shadow Snake Hands. Awesome technique and very useful.
Favorite outfit:
I don’t really like her usual one, but that’s the only one?
Favorite random thing:
That she loves to do tea ceremonies… totally didn’t see that coming.
Personal thoughts:
We haven’t seen much of Anko, so I never really started liking or disliking her. Her history with Orochimaru and the way she deals with is, is quite interesting though. And I really want to know what’s happening to her now, during the War, since we haven’t heard about her since Itachi and Sasuke started fighting Kabuto.
Feel free to share your thoughts!

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