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Fairy Tail Chapter 357 Review - A Side Order Of Pain!

Nostalgia resteraunt, anyone?

Ok, first things first. We saw the personalities of each demon as they walked together and said boring and cliche one-liners. Let's just simplify this, shall we?

The Dignified One

The Emotionless One

The Overly-Emotional, Violent One

The Out-Of-Place One

The Sadistic One

The Cool, Scarred One

The Arrogant, Destructive One

The Creepy One

The Nameless One
So yeah, we've now seen all of the Nine-Demon Gates of Tartaros. They all have personalities just like the evil Quincies of Bleach (aka, not that much but enough to tell them apart.) Maybe I'll get more interested one day, but right now I only really care about Silver and Jackal. 

Back to a familiar setting as we arrive at the old restaurant that we once saw Natsu, Lucy, Gray and Erza work at in an episode. Instead of the characters we expected to see, we get a nice surprise as Freed, Bickslow and Evergreen are working there instead. They listen to former-council member Yajima as he reads in the papers that a total of 119 were killed or wounded in last week's attack, including the council.

It's Reasons Like This That People Ship You Two Together!

While Laxus is conveniently away performing an errand (which sounds like a really underwhelming and undignified job for such a badass), we see the final demon arrive. He's the one who claims to have no name even though last week he was called Tempesta by Kyouka. And true to his name, he summons lots of wind and destroys the restaurant. 

Where Did All The Customers Go?

After easily throwing Freed and Bickslow to the side with his wind magic, then smacking Yajima when he turns into some strange paper-man, the Nameless-Tempesta faces off against Evergreen. This battle takes no time at all as Evergreen is defeated in one hit too. You have to remember that these three are extremely strong so the fact they were swatted away like flies is impressive. 

The magic prevents anyone helping Yajima. It might be some form of Gravity Magic but we'll found out next week. Right now, Yajima is about to get killed before the moment we all expected happens. Laxus appears in the last second, gives a badass one-liner and prepares to tear apart this new guy.

Cue Epic Theme Music
Overall, this chapter was nowhere near as exciting as last week's but it was still enjoyable. The demons seemed disappointing and predictable, but the second half of the chapter provided me amusement. The ending just made me anxious for next week which is good and bad.

Manga Rating: 3/5

Overall Character of the Week: Laxus for his final entrance and his epic one-liner.

Predictions: Laxus vs Nameless Demon. If Laxus wins, it will make me sad because that means the demons are easy to beat. However, if Laxus loses it will show just how screwed we all are, but we might lose a character or two and I'm not sure I want that. Epic fight shall commence though. 

P.S Fairy Tail in a nutshell, huh? 

Erza Wore It Better!

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