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Fairy Tail Chapter 413 Review - The Book of E.N.D

Written by: Shiggins

We're definitely nearing the end of this arc, lads.

With every villain of this arc dead (well, almost every villain), there isn't that much left to do without throwing in a last-minute villain or making everybody fight Acnologia himself. Basically, unless they force a battle in here, the arc is just about to end. I'm kinda curious to see how it goes though because manga always tends to surprise me which I love.

Hallelujah! The Face bombs have finally stopped appearing!

So yes, dragons are here and Acnologia is down and Mard Geer is down and Face bombs are gone so... happy ending perhaps? Well, they certainly seem to be acting like it's the end of the trouble, which every writer knows is basically a jinx.

Oh yeah. I'm so sure this is going to end well... 

As Erza's group all smile at how Face was somehow stopped, we see a glimpse of Sting and Rogue's dragons who are still alive and looking awesome while doing it. Vicelogia, Skiadrum, Metalicana and Grandeeney are all alive and well, having literally been asleep inside the Dragon Slayers this whole time. (Which means Igneel was the only one who literally burst out of his "son's" body dramatically...)

...Am I the only one who really wants to see that now?

Igneel then goes to explain why they were inside the Dragon Slayers. The first reason is that they were preventing the Dragon Slayers from turning into dragons (which you should remember hearing about from Acnologia's backstory), and the second reason is... Nevermind! Acnologia is back up and saying "fuck you" to any fan who was begging for an answer.

Acnologia used Cliffhanger no Jutsu!

So Igneel is back up in the air to fight off Acnologia and telling Natsu to get the book. Which leads us to exactly where we were last time: Natsu and Gray glaring at each other. However, the far more interesting conversation between Igneel and Acnologia is taking place, and Igneel tells Acnologia to leave the humans alone because End isn't coming back so he has nothing to fear.


Acnologia finds that foolish however, and claims he was never afraid of End in the first place. Acnologia talks a big game and says he's so great and blah-blah-blah. Nothing of real value from him after this point. However, the real value comes at the cliffhanger where End is suddenly snatched away... by Zeref!

Opinion: Underwhelming is the first word that came to my mind. I think everybody, including my fabulous self, were expecting to at least hear more about who/what End is. When you come down to it, not a lot of new development happened. I'm still convinced that Natsu is End and the entire fandom probably agrees with me at this point, considering Igneel's determination to get the book.

To be fair... That's not exactly the face of a good dragon.

Speaking of which, someone whom I can't remember right now (sorry about that) gave me a theory that I want to share: What if Igneel is a villain? Admittedly, this sounds a bit ridiculous but the more I think about it, the more interested I get. Dragon Slayers fighting dragons is something we all desperately need more of, and Natsu fighting his own adoptive father would be both tragic and character-building. 

Now you're probably asking "why would Igneel be evil though?" and that's a fair question. It all relates to how Igneel wants that book. He was prepared to go into a coma inside Natsu to get it, and we all know it's probably because he's protecting Natsu but if he isn't, then maybe Igneel wants the power of End for himself. We can't be sure. 

One last thing to note is that the dragons are all here and they can't just stay in the plot. Something has to happen to them or else every upcoming arc will be completed easily and be nearly pointless. So if Igneel and the other dragons left to do evil stuff, we've got the perfect set-up for the next huge arc.

Zeref is back and he's actually making me think of Shanks from One Piece. Do you know why? Well, if you don't then let me wrap it up really quickly: In OP, there was a massive war where characters died and people got hurt and shit. All hope was lost and then Shanks finally showed up, and in one chapter he managed to convince everybody to stop fighting and go home. And I'm getting a bit of that same vibe again, as if Zeref is going to magically make everybody stop fighting. (Maybe he'll just kill Mard Geer, then tell Acnologia to fuck off. Done. Dusted). Still, I've grown to enjoy Zeref's cameos and I'm excited for two weeks' time when the next chapter is out.

Look who's here to fuck up your shit. (Now if only he could appear in FTZ more...)

Manga Rating: 3/5

Character of the Week: Zeref for his final surprising appearance.

Predictions: The duo will charge at Zeref but fail miserably, and Zeref will ramble on about something poignant no doubt. He'll then punish Mard Geer for being a boring annoyance and Natsu will get mad because Zeref shouldn't kill his own creations. Igneel will keep fighting Acnologia.

Best Part: Zeref has entered the ring!

Worst Part: Still no End reveal.

I'll answer that question with another question: Marry me?

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  1. I'm looking forward to seeing E.N.D, whatever it is, in action. All things considered it might kill one of the guild members (not someone like grey or lucy, but maybe one of the more prominent secondary characters who knows).

    Anyway, something just occurred to me. Igneel was technically inside Natsu right? And when Grendina came to visit, the world Igneel was in was volcanic landscape. This feels very similar to the inner zanpakto realms, like Zangetsu's in bleach. Does anyone else get a similar vibe?

    1. I'm still convinced E.N.D is Natsu and what you say could be true although I doubt it since Mashima likes all his characters and he enjoys writing them too much to kill them off. It's a possibility though since Elfman has stayed behind for some reason while the others all left.

      That's true but I also feel like something is off. Why did we only see Igneel leave a Dragon Slayer? Why have we always seen Igneel in the fiery landscape, and why/how did Grandeeney visit him anyway? I get the same vibe but I'm also getting a bit of a liar-vibe... I don't trust Igneel anymore.

  2. look at this :

  3. do you think that picture is further evidence that natsu is end

    1. Maybe. I'm unsure I trust the image's authenticity because I do know that Hiro Mashima didn't plan anything like Zeref's arrival until after the Fighting Festival arc so I'd be surprised he'd hint at E.N.D in an old picture when he hadn't planned anything else, if that makes sense.