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Magi 249th Night Review

Written by: Micha

You thought this manga couldn’t get any deviant than it already was, didn’t you? Well, son, we’ve been proven wrong. It turns out that Ohtaka still has a few kinks up her sleeve that she had unraveled in this chapter.

In the last chapter, we’ve seen the two Generals of Kouen; Seiryuu and Kokuhyou, who popped up in to the battle and saved Hakuryuu from Gyokuen just in the nick of time. In this chapter, both the generals and Hakuryuu started attacking Gyokuen simultaneously. Judar stood there like he was eye candy and wondered why the Generals were siding with them.

Hakuryuu: "Mom, why did you turn in to a crazy bitch?"
This is when Hakuryuu says- while fighting Gyokuen- that he now has nothing to do with Hakutoku’s dying wish. Therefore, the Generals should not conveniently entrust their dreams on him. The Generals then contends that it was not the case. They did not do anything as Hakuryuu had asked them to, but since Hakuryuu was fighting the vixen (damn, right) who greedily devoured their country, they were willing to follow the voice that comes from their hearts.

With all of their efforts, they managed to break Gyokuen’s sword, which was originally Hakuryuu’s. Seiryuu accuses Gyokuen that she has no conviction in here, and she was defeated because she lacked faith in anything. This, of course, triggered Gyokuen, and she took Hakuryuu’s spear that was conveniently laying on the floor.

Judar's lack of magic has reduced him to being a mere cheerleader.
She went full on battle mode and screamed that they were the ones lacking faith. Judar nearly got in the way of her rage, and said to himself he couldn’t fly and his borg wasn’t active. He was useless even if he stayed, since he longer could use magic. Then, he left the scene saying that they should call him when it was finished, but nobody really paid much attention as they were shocked by Gyokuen’s overwhelming spirit.

Gyokuen continued fighting the Generals, slashing their faces and making the whole place a bloodbath. She cut off Seiryuu’s ears off, and Koukuhyou’s eyes while rhetorically asking them if their ears were so bad that they couldn’t hear “that person’s” voice, if their eyes were so bad they couldn’t see “that person”. She proceeds to says that Solomon’s world was wrong, and he made everyone’s eyes and ears all wrong.

It seems that Gyokuen's nipples are the only things that haven't fallen in to depravity.

Both the Generals were covered in their own blood and asked (Prince) Hakuryuu, who had been standing there, to do something; for their country. While Gyokuen enjoyed slashing the Generals, Hakuryuu attacked her with his sword, which was blocked by the spear. Hakuryuu has a memory of his childhood and his dead siblings whom he wanted to avenge.

With the strength of this, he broke the spear in half, opened his mouth and bit her fucking throat off. On the battle scene, the Generals laid there, seemingly semi-unconscious as Gyokuen rose up looking at Hakuryuu and gripping her neck. This is where this week’s chapter ends.

You may have hurt the woman I love, but son, I'm proud of you.

My opinions on this chapter:

Hello, gore and goodbye my sanity! I was not prepared for this amount of cruelty in Magi, which is admittedly my fault. I should've expected it, especially when Gyokuen's faith was being questioned. And the beauty of what Gyokuen did to the Generals (please don't kill me) is not leveraged on just the amount of blood spilled, but it was the combination of gore and Gyokuen's fixation on her God that is simply a wet dream come true for me. 

There is just something so romantic about the way she takes an extremist position on her faith to Ill-Ilah that drove her to brutally stab the Generals' ears and eyes. And I know I've talked about how her bloodlust and religion is so appealing to me from a writer's perspective, and I probably wont stop talking about it until she dies later so bear with me. So for now, I just wanna enjoy this fanservice of gore with enough blood to excite a cannibal.

Speaking of cannibals, I'm so proud of Hakuryuu. Last chapter, he got frenched and in this one, he countered that with a kiss on his mother's neck with his teeth. I didn't think Hakuryuu was capable of doing something that nasty, and I was genuinely shocked as I thought I was reading SnK or Tokyo Ghoul for a minute, But why the throat, though? Why not somewhere else? Maybe he just wanted to shut her up since she was yapping about their lack of faith, which is both beautiful and understandable. 

But I do have to admit that the Generals and Hakuryuu, all three, going at Gyokuen is not exactly the fairest thing. And I know that there's no established rule that dictates so, but I just think it's a bit unfair. I'm not being biased because it's Gyokuen, and I'll probably say that same thing if it's Hakuryuu in Gyokuen's position. Three (plus one cheerleader) against one is a bit dirty, but you know what. Gyokuen is strong. She's had thousands of years of practice so I'm going to not make this an issue.

I'm also a bit confused if Hakuryuu had cast Belial's magic on both the Generals back in Chapter 247, because from what I saw in this chapter, he seems to have not done so and the Generals simply didn't do anything because Hakuryuu told them not to. That's what I understood when they said, "We did not do anything, just as you said" anyway. If this is the case, the Generals may have changed their minds after Hakuryuu's speech he gave to them. But I know Hakuryuu did some shit with his eyes that left the Generals in some sort of a stupefied mode, that may indicate the use of Belial's magic or just a romantic stare. I'm confused.

Finally, this chapter moved really fast, and the battles in Magi are starting to get a little...kinky. This is a great development, though. I've been sitting on the edge of my chair since this battle began, and I am so gonna miss her when she's gone. But I hope we'll see more battles like this in the future.

Also, on an unrelated note, if you wanna read my theory of the Origin Dragon and the world that may have existed before Alma Torran, read this. I posted it on my tumblr, but I would've written it in one of my reviews if I had the chance.

Chapter rating:
For Hakuryuu and his new found kink.


"Oh, I'm proud of you, son!"

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  1. Nice review, i would stress that the general are definitely not under belial's magic because the isolation barrier nullifies all magic in the zone and secondly, should they be under belial's magic, they would be chanting vengeance phrases on some broken recording machine and lastly, gyokuen is a magi and if the barrier has any loopholes that allow magic to be used, she would have definitely done so and judar wouldnt have escaped

    1. No, I did not mean that the Generals are under the influence of Belial's magic currently. Of course they aren't anymore. What I meant was in Chapter 247 when the Isolation Barrier was not in works. I've even linked the page in somewhere there.

      Thank you.

    2. I see what u mean but no they are not under belial magic then either, when the general said that we did not do anything just as you said was in reference to what hakuryuu said about them being old fools who do not know who the enemy of the country was

  2. magi ch. 250 is out on mangainn