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Kuroshitsuji Chapter 100 Review - That Butler, Escape

Written by Shiggins

Kuroshitsuji has officially reached the milestone.

Ciel smirking suggestively while getting whisked away by Sebastian, Wolfram and Sullivan looking nice together, and four characters you wish were in this arc but are sadly not even referenced to right now. That's quite a few sins, Yana Toboso.

Kidnapping, Jack the Ripper, Curry Contest, Noah's Ark Circus, Phantomhive Manor Murders, Ship Voyage (or as I like to call it, Zombie Titanic), Public School and Green Witch. All of these arcs and one or two funny side-chapters have all made up 100 chapters of Kuroshitsuji. And while some series make it to 200 or 300 or even 500 or 1000, nobody can deny that 100 chapters is a great achievement.

My main request for the next arc of Kuroshitsuji.

I think if someone asked the question, "what should happen in Chapter 100?", they'd get the same sort of response from everybody. It has to be epic, deserving of chapter 100 and be a great example of everything we've seen so far. After thinking about that question, I then read this chapter and asked myself another question; "Was this chapter deserving of 100?". Short answer... Not really, no.

My personal favourite page of the entire series.

And time for the long answer. Dogs and men are searching for the Phantomhive servants with Wolfram and the three girls whose names I can't remember so I just name them Hitler's Angels, are giving orders and trying to find those pesky kids. Snake is the first to fight back, as he and Bard are running together and Snake unleashes all his snakes on the unsuspecting soldiers because... I don't know actually. Is Snake some sort of Olympian or something? It's never explained.

Snakes strangling dogs... The perfect way to get you in the Christmas spirit!

Bard then chooses to stay behind and fall back, preparing to keep them occupied. And how does Hard Bard stop them? With marmalade of course! The most deadly weapon of all time... which appears to be true because it actually explodes! However, Wolfram is the best fighter in this military unit so he avoids and starts a gun-and-fist fight with Bard.

I'd have gone for strawberry jam myself but your choice, buddy.

However, Wolfram suddenly attacks Snake because he appears to have Sullivan on his back. After a slight attack on Snake's arm, Wolfram grabs Sullivan and... it's revealed to be Ciel in Sullivan's clothing who is acting as a diversion and aiming a gun at his head. And then we see the real Sullivan with Mr. Tanaka, who are both being carried by Finny.

Ciel, that's twice now. One more time and you need to start being honest with me.

As they run, we get an odd flashback as Finny thinks about the day Ciel gave him his name. We see Finny inside the Phantomhive Manor, with Ciel and Sebastian both looking at him. Since Ciel seems to have such a hard-on for Finny's blonde hair which resembles a character in a book who had great speed and strength, he names blondie after the character: Finnian.

I understand how Finny feels. I have gorgeous blonde hair too.

And in present time, Finny uses his full speed to run as fast as he can and leave his pursuers in the dust. He runs hard and fast, and then jumps off the cliff and lands in a river fine but sore. Just before the soldiers kill Finny, they get shot in the head by the maid Mey-Rin who is doing her usual sniper-business from far away. 

Is somebody bitter? I think so.

However, one of the Angels, Grethe Hilbert, took a different route and shoots at Finny. Tanaka, being the badass he is, escapes from his chibi form to, and I'm so not kidding with this, take out a sword and cut the bullet in half! And then we end this chapter with a glimpse of Sebastian in the destroyed laboratory.

Opinion: Okay, I'll admit. It's not a bad chapter at all. In fact, it's pretty good. Just like the Noah's Ark Circus Arc, this finale seems to boil down to the Phantomhive Manor slaughtering everybody which I realised I'm not in favour of. Have a big battle if you must, but make it tense or unique somehow. This is too similar to Circus Arc ending so hopefully, that'll change soon.

If this were any other character, I'd be screaming "bullshit" right now... but because it's Tanaka, I'll allow it.

Snake, Bard, Mey-Rin, Finny and Tanaka prove just how fucking capable and impossible they are, with Finny getting a surprising amount of focus this week. Which leads me to believe that the secret weapon/creature that the soldiers have is actually another "subject" from the same laboratory Finny got his superhuman strength in. Either that or the reason they showed Finny's flashback is because he's not going to survive this arc. 

Please don't let this adorableness die, Toboso-chan!

Ciel wearing a dress, Sebastian referencing a dog's name and the servants doing what they do best is something I suppose you could consider good callbacks to the previous series. Still, this chapter wasn't anything special and I still don't have the sense of urgency or tension I need when we're at an arc's climax. I know I've gone on about lack of tension before so I won't go on again.

Also, for a 100th chapter, I expected so much more Sebastian. I guess it's because of the timing but if I had a real complaint, it's the lack of Sebastian this chapter gave me. It'd be like Naruto's 100th chapter not having Naruto or Bleach's 100th not having Ichigo. I guess we should just be thankful Ciel made some sort of cameo in a dress...

Manga Rating: 3.5/5

Character of the Month: Tanaka for the perfect combination of awesome and bullshit in one page.

Predictions: Subject #1 or #13 will appear next time, and everybody but Sebastian will have trouble with it. Wolfram is bleeding and he's going to be majorly pissed off, but he knows he needs to save Sullivan. And I'll try to care about the other Germans. And most likely fail.

Best Part: Tanaka sliced a bullet.

Worst Part: Lack of Sebastian.

I heard some twitter losers are giving Toboso shit because this was the cover instead of Vampire Knight (I think) which ended in this issue, even though she had no control over it and it wasn't her choice. If you are one of those dumbass idiots who did this, I encourage you now to beg forgiveness from her before I beat the ever-loving shit out of your stupid face. Thank you and Merry Christmas!

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  1. Are you doing the next chapter? It's out. (I understand if you don't have time or something)

    1. Not yet but mostly because I don't have time. Once 102 comes out, I'll combine them together.