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Magi 250th Night Review

Written by: Micha

I apologize if I seem absent in the fandom, but I’ll continue to be so probably for a month. I’ll try and keep my reviews coming as soon as I get around to them, because the next couple of weeks for me are hectic as hell. I’m in rehab. Don’t ask.

In the last chapter, Hakuryuu bit his mother’s throat off and I haven’t been able to stop my orgasms ever since. Gyokuen, unable to use magic because of Judar’s Isolation Barrier, thinks to herself that she would be able to win if she were to leave the Barrier. She might’ve knocked down Hakuryuu and the two Generals but in her current state, she wouldn’t even be able to knock down one soldier.

Very cute.
Gyokuen was also surprised that there would be magicians capable of recreating the magic techniques of Alma Torran, and a magic of the level of the Islolation Barrier at that. She comments that Hakuryuu and Judar did a good job finding such magic.

Hakuryuu and Judar may have affected her “plan” a bit, but she could still do it and “that person” would be revived. With this, she walked near the edge of the Barrier to leave but was tripped by Judar who had made an entrance out of nowhere.

Judar only smiled before he started brutally kicking her, saying how dare she raised him for 20 years. Also, he said that if Gyokuen was around, he’d be “more”. Now I’m uncertain what exactly he’s referring to, but let’s just go with this. Wait. Maybe he’s unsatisfied with his current level of strength. Anyway, for a moment, Judar seemed to forget what he was going to say or do but brushed it off anyways. He then told to Hakuryuu that he would leave the killing to him.

More what? More beautiful in Indian crop tees?
Hakuryuu walked towards Gyokuen in a very creepy and yet strangely cute way and raised his sword to kill her while Judar stood beside him grinning like an idiot. A very beautiful idiot. This is when Gyokuen tells him to stop because she was his mother. Gyokuen had an innocent expression on her face as if she had no idea what was happening as she asked pertaining to where she was and what was happening. Judar also looked surprised as he asked if she really was Gyokuen or if her sanity had returned.

Hakuryu in his state of anger, shouted that she didn’t understand and that he didn’t care anymore. With that, he chopped her head off with his sword. Yup. Chopped it off like it was nobody’s business. This manga is not for kids, son. As her head was being cut off, she gave a sinister smile which shocked Hakuryuu for a while.

The place exploded which scared the soldiers as they wondered what happened to Hakuryuu.

They had a 7-day time skip where it was shown that (the capital, probably) running under the rule of Hakuryuu. Judar, upon seeing Hakuryuu jokingly comments that he was still alive.  It turns out that Judar had saved Hakuryuu from the explosion using his Borg.

Between Judar and Gyokuen, I have failed to acknowledge Hakuryuu's prettiness. 
Judar continues to explain that Gyokuen made the rukh inside her explode, therefore, her rukh and her corpse were destroying. While they could have used her body for information extraction if it hadn’t exploded, but that may have been the reason why she probably blew up herself in the first place.

Hakuryuu looked silent before asking if she really was dead. Judar responded saying that she really died considering she didn’t become a doll which indicates that she was the real thing. Hakuryuu still remained silent and Judar commented that he didn’t look happy regardless, and maybe he’d was happier when was still alive.

Hakuryuu has a tiny flashback of when he was fighting Gyokuen and when he said that the only way he can live was by following his wrath. The Generals also comments that since that day, Hakuryuu has been thinking to himself as he had killed his mother. Therefore, it must be tough for him.

Judar then thinks that Hakuryuu is not like that as he’s speculates Hakuryuu is just feeling empty after killing Gyokuen and he’d totally come back to his usual self.

The next couple of panels consist of Hakuryuu silently looking at his people, all supporting him. He also thinks about the Kou family and his childhood memories until one day he declares to Judar that he will strike down Ren Kouen.

Everybody will become kings, except for Alibaba.

Hakuryuu explains that he think the world Kouen and Koumei are creating is wrong as they both want to make the world in to one by stealing the culture and history from the conquered lands. He thinks that it was a despicable way of taking the dignity from people. Therefore, in order to guide people of the world to the right path, he was going to kill Kouen. With that, he was going to become the Emperor of Kou of the entire world.

Judar then gave him a sick smile before thinking that Hakuryuu’s sense of justice is totally out of whack. Hakuryuu had mentioned that he won’t forgive Kouen from taking the anger from others while he himself had rewrote he anger in the minds of countless of people. Also, it was impossible for Hakuryuu to live without hatred for someone anymore. Even after defeating Kouen, he would transfer that hate to someone else.

The two of them would be fighting everything in the world that rejects them, even after there’s no one left in the world because they were that sort of men. But apparently it was fine Judar. Hakuryuu was a king and Judar understood him.

And by fighting with him, Hakuryuu would become his King who will push forward no matter what since they have to break the “Destiny” of the world.

Just get married already.
The Generals then introduces Hakuryuu in front of thousands of Kou people, as the new Emperor of Kou Empire which is where this chapter ends.  

 My thoughts on this chapter:

 Magi has escalated its madness pretty fast in the few recent chapters. And this chapter has been just... How do you say "batshit crazy" in French?

Hakuryuu cut her head off! He cut his mother's head off! With a fucking sword. How often do you see these stimulating events occurring. It seems that Ohtaka always has something sick in her mind to top off the mindfuck she did to us in the previous chapter. 

I knew Hakuryuu had it in him to go to that extent ever since he ate her throat, but I just wasn't expecting it, especially when I read the raw. Remind me to stop reading the raws a couple of days before the translations come out. Some things don't require foreplay. I should've fed this to myself hard and deep.

But enough of that. Gyokuen was right. She could've totally won if she left the barrier, so we can witness the beautiful, beautiful magic from Sheba's staff. I wonder what happened to the staff anyway. Did the staff explode with her? That would be a shame. 

But you know what. Gyokuen should've researched Magnostadt and its experiments more closely, and she would've learned that they were recreating the Isolation Barrier magic. I'm honestly surprised that she was unaware of people experimenting with it as it was told that she had spies practically everywhere. Considering that, Magnostadt should've been her top priority for spying since they did all sorts of weird shit with magic. She totally had her death coming.

But the thing I want to talk about most is this theory that's been going around in the fandom for a while, which has the central assumption that Arba was possessing Gyokuen's body. I'm not sure where this theory originated from, but I believe I first heard it from the Youtube reviewer ForneverWorld. I think I'm going to subscribe to this theory until I come up or find something better. But really, this theory does make sense so I'll try my best to contribute to it.

According to the theory, apparently Arba's mind is possessing the body of  a normal human being, so it's like a The Exorcist kind of thing. Her real body is somewhere else, probably in the space where Solomon sealed her. Therefore, Gyokuen looking clueless in one of the panels before Hakuryuu came to murder her might be the result of Arba's conscious momentarily leaving the body, so Gyokuen's mind might've resurfaced.

This would also imply that Arba is not dead, which I'm desperately hoping is the case. I don't think Gyokuen looking clueless was just there to rile up the fandom and Hakuryuu, although, that would be cruelly genius considering I'm currently at my wit's end to figure out if Arba is legitimately dead or not.

On an unrelated note, I agree with Hakuryuu when he expressed his distaste for Kouen's politics. I have always believed that having one king would eliminate this problem with coexistence in Magi, but now I'm thinking that Kouen's method would cause more internal problems regarding indigenous culture. Colonization is never good for the colonized.

But mostly, I think Hakuryuu disagrees with Kouen in this because he can actually relate to the potential countries Kouen is planning to rape. Hakuryuu's family lost kingship when Kouen's dad jumped in so Hakuryuu will very well identify with those countries. Either way, this development is great for Hakuryuu as a character and to the plot. Things are about to get really interesting.

Also, look at this fucker. Isn’t he the most adorable little piece of shit ever.

Chapter rating:
I cannot fight this.


Too many pretty panels. What do I choose?

Hakuryuu looking domineering.


I will ship you two and you cannot do anything about it.

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