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Nanatsu No Taizai Chapter 108 Review - Gentle Awakening

Written by: Axlorg

Leaving off from chapter 107, we now start off with Gilthunder and his two companions, Hauser and Griamor. The trio are currently analyzing a book which contains information on the demon tribe and Gil is studying a pattern in box. Apparently it's the symbol of the demon tribe and that symbol exactly seems to match Meliodas when he went into his super saiyan mode.

This confirms that Meliodas DOES has demon blood in him but it also asks another question why does Dreyfus have this information? Hauser begins to act like an idiot and accuses Gil for suspecting his father may be Hendricks accomplice. While Hauser points out that his father, Dreyfus, had slipped, Hendrick would have been dead on the spot, Griamor counters that a skillful man like Dreyfus wouldn't do something so clumsy in a battle.

Then Gil tell his thoughts on the situation. Just as hinted before, Dreyfus didn't slip by accident, but he slipped on purpose so he could shoot Elizabeth. And also another twist happens! Dreyfus is ALIVE! Only this time, he seems to be fully possessed as a demon now. The trio then decide to go to see for themselves if it's true or not.

                                           I wouldn't be surprised if they actually look like this as animals.

The scene then changes to a flock of birds, one obviously different from the rest which is currently flying to Dhuhur Valley where Hendrickson is at, his body being completely destroyed except for his torso and head. All looks grim and he would obviously face death after being demolished by Meliodas right?

Can you tell which bird is different from the rest? Answers Below! I'm joking.

NOPE! He is very much alive! Thanks to this guy below me!

"I'm back bitches." But seriously though, he might as well said that.

Anyway's the bird mutant spits out Meliodas's sword and Hendrickson complains on how he could have been defeated. He demands that his arm, the one cut off from his torso, return to him but it seems he's ready to move on until Dreyfus, the little fucker, appears. Hendrickson proceeds to cry about seeing Dreyfus (Who wouldn't?) and remembered all of his mistakes and failures.

Dreyfus then comforts him and tells him that his part isn't done yet and he still has more to do so they can accomplish their goal, or Dreyfus's goal. On an off note I feel that Hendrickson will be a redeemed villain at the very end when he is about to die. That's when Hendrickson gets fed Dreyfus's blood, And because it's demon blood, he has received a (What I think is) power up and wakes up from his life-to-death experience.

I don't think completely because you still have wings, horns, and your legs have been turned into goat legs but y'know.

Then in the close distance, we see Elizabeth's blood cloth, or more appropriately know as the blood of the goddess apostle. And now that Hendrickson has all the pieces he needs, he can complete the ceremony and can start opening the gate to the demon realm. In the distance, we see Dreyfus smiling bad guy like and reveals a demon mark on him before the chapter ends there.

What I think: I think this chapter was decent, though I did find it a bit too convenient for Elizabeth's cloth to be right there. Though I guess it was needed to progress the story, so in a way I guess it's alright. Though Hendrickson's role is not done yet, but I feel that he is now just a lower antagonist now that Dreyfus is here. So far decent chapter and it got the plot moving so I'm satisfied.

Best character of the chapter: Gil for being smart enough to realize Dreyfus is very much alive.

Predictions: I think that we will go back to our heroes and an "earthquake" will appear. So the main character (Minus Ban and King) will go to fulfill the prophecy and prepare to fight evil. Ban and King will somehow meet up with the other main characters in future chapters and demons will be released into the world. Or at least some demons.

Rating: 3.5

Axlorg:  .
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