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Fairy Tail Zero Chapter 6 - Blue Skull

Written by: Shiggins

Well that went... dark.

Well, I mean dark by Fairy Tail standards. There wasn't any limbs being ripped off or rape or any of that other disgusting stuff that you sadists like. With the end of last month's chapter making me think Zeref would appear, I was disappointed to see he's not in this chapter at all but on the bright side, we did get other things.

What does this have to do with the chapter itself? Absolutely fuck-all!

Since this is a manga, I was unable to realise that all the bones of the dead dragon were blue, which obviously relates to Blue Skull somehow. To the group's surprise, an old man appears to them and tells them they should leave because the city is basically dead. And then comes the tragic irony when the old man is shot dead.

Oh no! I'm so going to miss that well-developed character whose name I never learned...

So yes, Fairy Tail just killed a man like that. Hiro Mashima is entering unusual territory these days, with torture and death and naked loli around every corner. What's he going to do next? Religious themes?! (I certainly hope not but moving on...). The non-female members of the group charge in and quickly defeat the Blue Skull members that killed the old man.

"Buy now on Ebay. Beat the rush!"

Suddenly, an army of reinforcements appear to attack the group but Mavis jumps in and uses her illusion magic to make an entire army appear before their very eyes. While Blue Skull are feeling their panties get wet, the master of Blue Skull himself appears before them. Not only does he refuse to give back the Tenrou Jade, but he sees through Mavis' bluff.

She likes wolves. Did you get that yet? She likes wolves!

With Blue Skull attacking, Zeira grabs Mavis and the two start to run away while the men stay to fight and lose surprisingly quickly actually. Yuriy gets his own bombs thrown back at him by the master and Precht actually gets shot in the eye. With everybody having to retreat, the master of Blue Skull says that he's sure they will never return to Magnolia. And Mavis escapes into the forest.

"We'll start a new life, Mavis. With blackjack. And hookers."

Opinion: I think the one thing that really stood out to me was Precht's eye getting shot, really. I thought to myself "Is that it?" because let's be honest here, that's severely underwhelming. We all know Precht becomes Hades one day and Hades has an eyepatch but I thought it was going to be for a cool reason like Zeref stabbed him or Yuriy betrayed him. "Shot by random dude" seems a bit of a loss.

"Aww man. Ciel and Kakashi had way cooler reasons for eye-hurt..."

So far, Blue Skull has been disappointing. I've barely remembered anything about them and I think that's the point. They're all generic and typical, which does become FTZ's biggest problem. I think if this series wants to remain really good, it's going to need a great villain soon. Whether or not that's Zeref is up to future chapters to decide.

Honestly, what else is left to say? I didn't get much of an impact due to underwhelming villains, although I was surprised to see how badly the team lost. I can't wait to see them step up later and kick some arse.

Manga Rating: 1.5/5

Character of the Month: Walrot for his dramatic saving of the characters.

Predictions: I sense a timeskip coming up, where Mavis and Zeira become naked savages in the forest together and live off of the fruit of the land. While Mavis sleeps, we'll see Zeira stroke her hair and promise to protect her and it'll all be paradise until the men appear again. Or Zeref appears and Mavis befriends him. 

Best Part: I liked Mavis' wolf-themed army.

Worst Part: I don't really remember anything except one or two panels.

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