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Fairy Tail Chapter 494 Review - The Hill Extending Towards Tomorrow

Written by Shiggins

Now THIS feels like war!

Back to the best staring contest of my life, with sexual tension so thick you would need a chainsaw to cut through it, Zeref and Mavis haven't seemed to have moved from their spot since we last saw them. Now that's devotion, but this intensity manages to keep up throughout the entire chapter and I love it!

Go on! Kiss him, you fool!
They confirm that it's been 95 years since they had a physical staredown like this, and Mavis starts to think on the plan she had. Now that she has a body, what she needs to do next is far more difficult... too bad her plan is foiled when she is literally frozen solid by the sudden arrival of Invel. Zeref is unhappy, and Invel responds by saying the power of Fairy Heart is too powerful to let roam free.

Zeref commands Invel to release her, saying she'd never dare activate Fairy Heart. Apparently, it also pains Zeref to see her frozen so shortly after being freed from her crystal. Invel does as told, but he creates an ice-chain round her neck as a compromise. For some reason, this causes Mavis to be unable to focus, Invel's magic giving some sort of odd effect on her mind. The chain makes her body follow Zeref against her will as well. The sight Mavis is shown... well...

I know this is meant to be a really bad scary sight but... it's so pretty!
To make things even more troubling, the entire Spriggan 12 is here! Invel, Ajeel Ramal (who is called Azir here for some reason), Jacob Lessio/Jason Statham, Dimaria Yesta, Brandish μ, August, Rakheid Dragneel, Eileen Belserion and Neinhart, who has resurrected Wahl Icht, Bradman and God Serena. Dimaria hugs Brandish, seeming to seriously consider her a friend surprisingly, while Serena makes me laugh, despite the fact I am having to accept he's not Yuriy...

Sexy sexy sexy Wahl! WOO! And uh... those others too.
A small distance away from this army, Erza stands in her armour again and watches on a hill while Natsu, Lucy, Happy, Gray and Juvia sleep. As Erza watches the dawn, worried this could be the last one they see, Natsu wakes up and declares they'll definitely survive this to see another day.

Opinion: Ooooh please don't fuck this one up!

It's finally coming to "the final day", by the feel of it. We have our villains on one side, a disposable army before them, and then all the big villains, even the dead ones, ganging up together for one final charge. And while one or two fights felt a bit too quick before, this one has the potential to be barrage of madness.

That being said, I am very scared to see this turn into a repeat of the Avatar arc. A bunch of impressive villains with vibrant personalities being reduced to cannon fodder for the real threat, which would be a massive shame because I love almost all these guys, especially the way they all interact with each other. Except Bradman. He can suck it.

Go on! Kiss her, you fool!
One interaction that confused me was Dimaria with Brandish. Brandish doesn't like Dimaria, as far as we're aware, but Dimaria seems very attached to Brandish all of a sudden. We never saw any real sign of this before, except a small hint or two. Was my lesbian theory right? Is there a one-sided romance in the air?

This entire chapter was a set-up, but a fun one. Mavis is under lock-and-key, so she's our damsel in distress. Zeref is the big bad boy who has finally got her into bondage gear, and his gang are going to make sure nobody reaches them. I'm really eager to see if we get some interesting match-ups, involving the Spriggan 12 and Fairy Tail members. It's kinda hard to find anything else to say... Ah well, go to comments. I'm off for now!

Manga Rating: 4/5

Character of the Week: Dimaria, for confusing me for her feelings on Brandish.

Best Part: The Spriggan 12 together!

Worst Part: Not much else to discuss at this point.

Eww feet... Oh I mean uh... oh look, so pretty aaah.

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  1. Here's hoping that don't get bullshit fights. I hopened the others get to actually be a threat and be competent. However, this can makes the previous fights a bit pointless. Hopefully God Serena will actually get more time even if he just a magical phantasm now.

    It seems that Brandish would have been a much better character if they cut out her beef with Lucy and focused on her pacifism and relationship with the other Spriggans.

    1. Exactly! We don't need more super-fast super-easy fighting. We need brutal and painful ones. As for pointless... No, I wouldn't say that. The previous fights were about reclaiming the areas stolen by the Spriggan 12, so those fights did have purpose. As for Serena, definitely.

      Honestly? I say do both. Do everything with Brandish!