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My Hero Academia Chapter 99: Goodbye Two Digit Numbers... From Now On, Three Digit Numbers! Review

Written by: The Inquisitor

That is a long ass title.

Anyway, back to the competition! Mineta has an inner monolouge about how he made it look like he, 
Iike the rest of the guys, wants to see the girls' rooms to make it fair. But of course, the little pervert just wants to go through their drawers. After that's over, the battle for "room king" continues. 

Yeah, I don't think you're fooling any of them

First up, we take a look at the guys that we didn't see last week, aside from Bakugou, who already went to bed. Kirishima's room is "manly and badass". Shouji's has next to nothing in it, I'm not sure how to describe Sero's, Todoroki had his renovated into a Japanese style room, and Satou's room is relatively normal, aside from the large amount of cooking materials, which he was using to make everyone a chiffon cake.

Seriously, what is this?
After everyone chows down on the cake, we finally get a look at some of the girls' rooms. Jirou's is full of instruments, Hagakure's is girly, I don't know how to describe Ashido's, and Uraraka's is normal. We stop the tour for a bit to see Ojiro and Tokoyami talk about how this showcasing of the girls' rooms gives them an immoral feeling, them someone notices that Tsuyu isn't with them.

Chill out. Just relax and enjoy the show
Uraraka says that Tsuyu wasn't feeling well, so they skip her room, we see Tsuyu peek out of her door as they walk away. Alright, back to the tour, the last room is Momo's. Due to the room being smaller than she is used to, she overpacked. Her bed took up a majority of the room.

Next up. It's time to vote for Room King. And the winner is, Satou Rikidou. The cake he made earlier in the chapter left a strong impression on the females, so they all voted for him. Now that it's over, everyone prepares to go to bed. Before they can run off, Uraraka stops the rescue crew, they go outside to meet Tsuyu.

So, women like men that can cook. Noted.
Apparently, she said some harsh words to them before Bakugou's rescue, and she wanted to apologize so they can all go back to being normal friends. There is probably more to it than that, but that's as far as my understanding of all of this emotional crap goes. So I'm going to skip ahead to familiar territory.

The next day, Aizawa is going over the game plan. The students will work towards getting their provisional heroes license, which will allow them to use their quirks when a situation calls for it. The test to get this license is very severe, with only a five percent passing rate. In order to help them succeed, the teachers are going to help them develop their own special moves. 

Midoriya: Can I just sit this one out? I already have around five.


This chapter wasn't as entertaining as last week's, but it still managed to provide a few laughs. It's nice to see every student get some attention. This series has really only focused on a hand full of students recently. Most arcs do give everyone at least one scene, but that's all some characters get, I'm hoping this arc will give some of the characters the attention they deserve. 

I'm not even going to try to give my opinion on Tsuyu's scene. I don't understand it and I don't care about it. I'm sure it was sad and/or heartwarming for others, but it was just confusing for me.

Next week, the students will begin to develop their special moves. So we'll most likely be getting a nice showcase of people's quirks next week.

Good Things:

Nothing, really. I'm indifferent.

Bad Things:

Same as above.

Manga Rating: 3/5

Huh, it kind of suits her. Somehow.

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