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My Hero Academia Chapter 98: Enter The Dorms Review

                                                             Written by: The Inquisitor

Notice: for those of you who remember me, I will no longer be reviewing Dragon Ball due to how far ahead the anime is, and don't expect a theory article anytime soon. Until then, enjoy these reviews. 

We start with Mama Midoriya giving her son the standard motherly goodbye. Call me, make sure you eat well, etc. We then skip ahead to the students of class 1-A, who are getting their first look at their new home, Heights Alliance. 

Midoriya's got a nice mom. My dad would have thrown my ass in front of the school and say "See ya son, I'll call you eventually, I've got to make sure you're wiping your ass". and then he would drive home and convert my bedroom into a bar

Over to the principal, we see him have an inner monologue about how they converted to a boarding school with two goals in mind: to ensure student safety, and to flush out the traitor in their ranks. Unfortunately, he can't rule out the possibility that the traitor is one of the students.

Back to the students, Aizawa prepares to explain a few details about the dorms to the students. But first, lecture time. The main recipients of the lecture are the five students that went to rescue Bakugou: Iida, Momo, Midoriya, Kirishima, and Todoroki. If the situation had been any different he would have expelled the five of them, as well as the twelve that knew but didn't stop them, on the spot. He tells them to work hard to regain the trust that they betrayed.

I love this guy.
Now, time for some comic relief. Bakugou drags Kaminari behind a bush and forces him to go into idiot mode. While the others are distracted by Kaminari, he pays Kirishima for his night-vision scope that was destroyed (or lost, I can't remember) during the rescue. While Aizawa watches everything unfold, Kirishima tells everyone he'll treat everyone to barbecue as an apology.

Yes! Idiot Kaminari! I love idiot Kaminari. Although, clearly not as much as she does
Now we finally get a look in the building. In the words of Uraraka, "it's a freakin' mansion". After everyone gets a look at the common area, we move on to the rooms. These guys have it made, and AC, Fridge, and large closet in every room. Aizawa then shows everyone where their respective rooms are, and everyone leaves to unpack. Later that night, the guys are chilling out in the common area. The girls come down and Ashido tells the guys about an idea they had, a Room Showcasing Competition.
Fun Fact: Shiggins is weirdly in love with this chick
This is where things get interesting. Midoriya's room is full of All Might, Tokoyami's room is dark as hell, Aoyama's room is "dazzling" as hell, Iida's room is preppy as hell, and Ojiro's room is normal as hell. Kouda's room has his pet bunny, which Ashido and Uraraka couldn't get enough of. Kaminari's room is apparently "gaudy". And, for good reason, they skipped Mineta's room.

Mineta, this one of the many reasons why you can't get a girlfriend
After this, everyones is apparently in the competitive mood, but a few people aren't happy. Mineta points out that only the guys have had their privacy breached, it's the girls turn now. Ashido is fine with that, Jirou, not so much. the guys whose room we didn't see couldn't care less, and Midoriya is reacting the same way people do in a whodunit when they realize one of them is the killer.

Dude, I get that this is just comic relief, but chill the fuck out
Opinion: this was a funny chapter.

While the stars of this chapter were Uraraka and Mineta, most of the other characters got a funny moment as well, even the serious Tokoyami.

Seeing everyone's room was a lot more entertaining than I thought it was going to be. It was fun to see how there rooms reflected their personalities. We'll most likely get a look at the girls' rooms next chapter, which means we'll probably get a few laughs from there as well.

There is a traitor in our midst! Who is it? Is it a teacher or a student? Why are they on the villains' side? I have no idea what the answers are, and that's a good thing. This next arc is most likely training related, I'm a fan of training arcs and adding a little mystery to it makes it even better.

Manga rating: 4/5

Good things: 

Mineta and Uraraka's hilarious antics

The next arc is shaping up to be a good one

Idiot Kaminari

Bad things: 

We didn't get to see Mineta's room. I really wanted to see it.

When the midget with sticky balls is scarier than every villain in this manga, you might need to rethink some things.

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  1. I feel no shame in admitting Mina Ashido is my waifu.

  2. Hey, I've got a thing for Tsuyu, so I can't judge.

  3. for me momo is the best girl

  4. She's great too. Hell, they're all great. One of the many reasons I love this series.

  5. the traitor is either hagakure ( she didnt know about the plan to save bakugo for she was in hospital and her quirk is good for spying) or kaminari :

  6. I really doubt that it's Hagakure, she's too much if a background character. That reveal wouldn't be dramatic at all.

    As for Kaminari, I can't deny the possibility, but there are a few flaws in their reasoning. Mainly what happened during the training at USJ. It's likely that there was no traitor at that time.

    They weren't told where All Might was going to be that day, they had to break into the school to get that information. That, combined with the fact that they didn't know any of the student's quirks, implies that the traitor joined the villains after that arc. So Kaminari wouldn't have been the one that was jamming the signal and he would have had no reason to pretend to be an idiot.

    Also, the villains didn't know the location of the training camp, the traitor told them. And the students didn't know the location until they first arrived, the only ones who knew were the teachers and the Pussycats. If Kaminari really is the traitor, there is no reason for him to purposefully fail the test.

    These facts don't completely disprove the theory, it is a good one, but it's a little shaky.