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Fairy Tail Chapters 492 & 493 Review - Elder Sister and Younger Sister & The White Dragneel

Written by Shiggins

Finally free to write about this... oddness.

As everyone stands in confusion from having heard the voice, Gajeel speaks as well and is accidently heard by the entire Guild, including his future waifu and his kitty. Now, they're all moving together, but Mirajane and Lisanna are ambushed by the wonder twins of Eileen. Ropes from the dark one, and sticky slime from the white one. Mirajane activates her Satan Soul, and says she'll take on Hynhe and Juliet by herself.

Lisanna... I think you need more friends, sweetie.
We then skip to Elfman's party, where they've run into Angel. It looks like Yukino and Angel are finally going to have a reunion... in the next chapter! Instead, we're back to Mirajane. To Mirajane's surprise, these two are fairly powerful and so Mirajane activates her newest Satan Soul... Alegria! Yes, Mirajane ate the entire guild of Tartarus for her own power! The power dries up the sea, and Mirajane immediately destroys the duo, due to the Satan Soul running out quickly. To Mirajane's shock however, the two girls have turned from people into swords! And right behind Mirajane... arrives Eileen!

I want to see that actually. What must it have been like? Did she just keep eating and eating like it was a large piece of meat, or did she suck it all in at once like a giant hoover?
In the next chapter, Eileen stands before Mirajane, who has started to sweat just from her sheer presence. Using the power of the Hyhne sword, Eileen ties Mirajane to a tree and then hurts her with the Juliet sword power. Eileen, just like Lamy was, seems to be excited as the prospect of destroying Mirajane's sexiness first before killing her.

Why are you still... coloured?
This is when, surprisingly, August and Brandish arrive. Mirajane is even more horrified by the power of August, but the Man of the Month ignores her to scold Eileen for using Universe One without permission. Eileen defends herself by pointing out where Zeref is and how she was facing Acnologia, and despite Eileen's childish protest, August orders her that the 12 will go gather at Zeref's side. August then shoots Mirajane with a laser beam before Eileen wastes time torturing her.

Sudden bratty moment is sudden! And bratty! And I like it!
Meanwhile, Yukino and Angel have now met and it's time for emotions! Surprisingly, Angel denies she has a sister and this causes Yukino to have a small outburst, talking about how much she's gone through to see her again. Angel turns her back, saying she's a felon and could never have such a nice sister, and she wants to atone for her sins first. They both shed tears as they part, knowing they'll reunite one day.

Yukino: "Oh and why are you in a swimsuit... nevermind, she's already gone."
Back to Mirajane, who is found by Lisanna, surprisingly alive. It turns out that her wound was "made smaller", by Brandish. Mirajane is too worried about the 12 meeting up. We then finish off this chapter with Dimaria, literally crawling away from two guards (I think). Before they can stop her however, they are overcome with joy and collapse, their souls seeming to fly away. Dimaria has been saved by Rakheid...Dragneel?!

Opinion: This war is just one giant family reunion!

We've had Gray's mother-teacher Ur appear. We've had Erza's (probably) mother, Eileen. Yukino met her sister, Angel. We have Natsu's brother Zeref, and now this other Dragneel character! Is Lucy's super-god's-gift-mother about to descend from the pantheon to bless us too? It's a madhouse here!

Hmm... I'm suddenly remembering the last time I saw a heavy-religious character... in Soul Eater...
Rakheid seems to be a Dragneel, but I have zero idea how that's possible. Guesses include uncle, father or even nephew but my personal theory is that Rakheid was created by Zeref, just like the demons of Tartarus. He's also religious by the looks of it. That should be interesting.

August, Eileen, Brandish, Dimaria, Rakheid, Invel... Is that it? Ajeel, Jacob/Jason Statham, Wahl, God Serena, Neinhart and Bradman are all gone (with God Serena a tattoo so definitely returning soon), so it's only these 6 left! Maybe Neinhart or Ajeel could return in this arc too, but I doubt it. On the other hand, seeing these badasses all together is going to be a beautiful sight. I'm especially looking forward to seeing more of Dimaria, as she's somewhat of my unsung hero right now.

Why did Eileen stop reacting to Erza? She saw Erza's hair so we thought we were going to get a big reaction from her, but then she skipped over to Mirajane instead and hasn't brought it up since. Also, this constant moving around has jarred me greatly. I have zero idea who is where and who is going to bump into who anymore. I've got whiplash!

Brandish saved Mirajane, which is debatable. Brandish was used by Mest after all, so she shouldn't be happy to help Fairy Tail anymore. Then again, she might have just realised that only Mest is the dumb douche so she's okay helping the others. That or this is "her repaying her debt" and she's no longer on their side from here on-out.

Angel's reunion with Yukino was somewhat underwhelming. In the end, it basically contributed to nothing, except showing a motivation for Angel to keep doing what she's already doing. It didn't feel necessary in this. It was filler, plain and simple.

Manga Rating: 4/5

Character of the Week: Mirajane for her impressive badassery.

Best Part: Rakheid's interesting introduction.

Worst Part: The disappointing reunion between sisters.

Siiiigh.... I miss Virgo.
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