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Fairy Tail Chapter 495 Review - I'm Hungry as Hell

Written by Shiggins


As the group look down on the opposing army, I ask myself this important question: Why are they even blinking at this? We've seen them fight massive armies before, and those were easy! Am I the only one who remembers the Avatar arc, which sadly did not have Toph in it?! AM I?! At any rate, they see army and they're like "oh no, so scared, wah".

HAPPY 10TH ANNIVERSARY TO FAIRY TAIL! (I like to think I helped this series get to where it is today.)
The characters banter a bit and Happy thinks about finding a way to make sure Natsu doesn't die when Zeref will. Finally, they all charge in and I'm getting even more Avatar flashbacks as... well, it's pages upon pages of fighting without the heroes even getting scratched. And as they're fighting, even more allies arrive to make this easier. Elfman, Cana, Wendy, Yukino, Angel, and more are all in the battlefield.

This isn't actually the same attack from when Natsu had the tattoo, right? Because that was meant to be a one-off deal... RIGHT?!
This is when giant magic dragons burst out of the ground and drop off the great God Serena. (Dead). God Serena demonstrates that he has all the powers of Dragon Slayers, starting with fire, then water, then storm (which by the way, I would so love to see more of), but suddenly it's destroyed... by Gildarts!!!!!

Is... Is that a robot claw?!
Opinion: It's hard to talk here really.

The reason it's easier to review Bleach than Dragon Ball Z is because of the amounts of talking. So when you get a chapter mostly consisting of awesome fighting, it's hard to say a whole lot. I liked the fighting, sure. Except, the fighting is just more proof that any army is pointless so I don't know why we were shown them as if they could be scary. None of the group even got a scratch!

PedoApe is coming for you.
I've had to accept by this point that God Serena isn't Yuriy, because if he was... well, Mavis would have said something. I do really want to spend more time with August so we can find out what that "tattoo" he was referring to earlier is, since it seems to imply there might be more than one version of God Serena on the battlefield right now. However, I don't know how long we'll have Serena so I'm taking as much of him as I can.

You know, European dragons are the best (just like everything else from Europe), but I have to admit that sometimes, it's gorgeous to see an Asian dragon appear.
Gildarts does not look like Gildarts. I admit it's been quite a few years since we've seen him, but it was hard to tell who he was meant to be at first. Admittedly though, super-excited for next week. It's been ages since we've seen Gildarts actually fight, and although I expected him to fight August, this is a pretty damn good match-up as well.

Manga Rating: 3/5

Character of the Week: Gildarts. Duh.

Best Part: Gildarts!

Worst Part: My kingdom for an army that can fight for shit!

Dude, D.VA? Draw Tracer and Widowmaker, damn it! Oh and Roadhog!
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  1. Good job with the review, pal!

    By the way, have you seen the latest chapters of the LAxus spin-off? XD

    1. Aww, thanks buddy.

      And going to read now... reading... reading... Well, that was hilarious!

    2. Btw, about Natsu's move. I think a lot of people got confused on that one. Natsu learned Blaze Dragon King mode in the timeskip, and it is NOT a one time only. However Igneel's flames are a 1 time deal. And what they do is simply increase his firepower to a godly level. So, in other words, he can still use his Dragon King attacks, it's just that they are not amplified by Igneel's flames anymore.

    3. OH YEAH! Thank you so much, because that was really bothering me. In fact, now that I think about it, Natsu used this attack on that giant during the Avatar arc, didn't he? You're right there. Cheers, Captain!

    4. Yea, he did. Which kinda explains why he defeated that "god" so easily. Too bad that Hiro didn't really explain it to us. I myself haven't realized it for a while. Btw, I read your reviews, and I am enjoying them quite a lot! I hope you continue posting them!

    5. I think he defeated that "god" so easily because the Avatar arc just wasn't up to FT's standard really... and thank you! Feel free to comment whenever you like.

  2. I hope Serena doesn't job to Gildarts and we learn more about him. Not much else to say honestly.