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My Hero Academia Chapter 100: Special Moves Review

Written by: The Inquisitor

While the students are all excited by the prospect of getting their own special moves, the teachers give a deep explanation about what exactly special moves are and how important they are for a hero. After that, Aizawa sends the students away to change into their costume. Next, everyone meets at a place called Gamma Gym.
Happy 100th, MHA.

Gamma Gym, AKA Training Dreamland, is a place where Cementoss can use his quirk to make various  terrains for students to train in. Iida asks why they need special moves in order to get a provisional license. Aizawa explains that heroes can find themselves in many different situations and the test measures a person's aptitudes for skills that may be needed in those situations. One of the most important being Fighting Ability.

Sit down, Nerd.
So, in order to increase the students' fighting ability, they are having them develope special moves. The moves don't need to be offensive, they just need to use the natural power of their quirks. For example: Iida's Reciprio Burst.

Now that the explanations are over, it's time for training. Cementoss creates a platform based boot camp and Ectoplasm sends a clone to each platform for the students to train against. The training goes smoothly for most of the students. Midoriya is having trouble coming up with a move that won't damage his arms, so Ectoplasm tells him to just work on developing his quirk, for now.
Good God, Ashido. No wonder they never gave you any screentime.
After that, we get a surprise visitor: All Might. He skipped his recovery that day. We move to Bakugou who requests another clone from Ectoplasm, having already killed the first one. We see that most of the students, even Mineta, have ideas for their special moves, but Midoriya is still stumped. Seeing this, All Might goes over to give him some advice. "you are still imitating me".

That's it. After saying that he moves on to help the other students. We skip ahead to later in the day. Midoriya is heading to the development studio to see how he can get his costume upgraded to better support his arms. He is soon followed by Iida and Uraraka. As they greet each other, the door to the studio is blown up in an explosion that send Midoriya flying. Once the dust clears, we see a familiar face. Mei Hatsume.
Yes. Boobs. I can never understand what the big deal is. Then again, I have had breasts shoved in my face more than the average person, so maybe I'm just immune to it.


Alright, the next training arc has started. I'm sure this one won't be interrupted by villains like the other ones, right? This one probably won't. This time the training ground is right in the middle of U.A. so there are multiple pro heroes nearby and the villains are probably still recovering from the loss of All For One. 

"you are still imitating me". That's obvious. All of the moves that Midoriya has used so far, except maybe Full Cowl, have been based on All Might's. I'm pretty sure he's telling Midoriya to create his own style.

Mei Hatsume. I'll be honest, I barely remember this chick. But, according to reliable sources, she's awesome. So I guess we'll see some of that next chapter.

Manga Rating: 3.5/5

Good Things: 

It'll be fun to see what kind of moves the students come up with.

The villains probably won't interrupt this time. Key word being "probably"

Mei Hatsume.

Bad things:

Eh, nothing really. 
I hope we get to see the parts of the test that covers this stuff. Seeing Bakugou take a charm based test would be hilarious.

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