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Fairy Tail Chapter 355 Review - There Is Actually A Plot In Here

Written by Shiggins

Damn, Hiro Mashima needs to stop loving baths so much.

So to start off this chapter, we finally return to Walrot Seeken who gives them praise and a potato. That's right. A potato. To put it simply, Walrot is perhaps the biggest troll of all time and constantly loves to make fun of the group. His catchphrase "I'm just kidding" is starting to get repetitive. He also has another reward and this is when audiences will get a bit annoyed.


A hot spring. Ok. I know. It's too much. We all love a naked girl but come on! How much fanservice is this series going to dish out? I get that he's in Japan and sex seems to be funny over there but he really needs to think up new places to make jokes and have characters talk about the plot. So how does Hiro decide to make this bath scene different from all the other bath scenes? He brings the boys in too. (Technically, they were in first though.)

The Lack Of Smiles And Excitement Show Just How Gay They Really Are

Obviously, Lucy and Wendy freak out at all this but Erza doesn't freak out since she used to bathe with the guys when they were kids. Weird? Yeah. Oh by the way, Natsu is getting his back washed by Erza so all shippers of NatsuXErza should love this chapter. Thank god for Walrot bringing the plot back by revealing his status as one of the Founders of Fairy Tail. This explains why Makarov freaked out so much at the idea of Walrot making a request. Sadly, it turns out that all of this was apparently a coincidence which just makes this arc even more ridiculous.

Who's Your Grand-Daddy? *wink*

Walrot then tells us a song that Mavis once sang when she was alive. The Song of the Fairies. Big shonen-style heartfelt morals and stuff really. To put it simply, even more people who hate Fairy Tail will be happy because more "comrade" and "trust" speeches appear. I personally never had a problem whenever they mentioned stuff like this, except maybe once or twice. It's a soft moment that almost makes you forget the blatant perverted mess that is actually happening right now.

Erza May Need To Give Context Here (Or does she?)

Natsu suddenly realises Walrot might know something about E.N.D since he's such an old bastard, but sadly he's got no clue. Although he does remember hearing about how Tartaros do actually worship demons in big gatherings. Apparently, they might also have the Book of Zeref in their possession, which is extremely interesting. We could finally discover tons of things about this bloody book and what it all means. It's origin, it's reason for existing, what exactly is in this besides scary demons. Or... Maybe not. I don't know yet.

A Scene Without Nudity? So Weird!

Ok. So about this chapter. I did actually enjoy it to a point. I liked some of the jokes, the little morals although it dragged on a bit too much, the facts about Tartaros at the end, and I enjoy the naked female body. Sadly, the fanservice was quite annoying and made me think we're getting near actual hentai-levels, as well as how the plot never fully moved.

Manga Rating: 2.5/5

Overall Character of the Week: Natsu for actually asking about things relating to the plot, despite all the naked girls and boys.

Predictions: We are officially starting a new arc! The arc of Tartaros! Which means new villains, new plot and hopefully less disappointment. I think we'll get a better story this time though because this arc is easily one of the all time worst arcs that Fairy Tail has ever had, which is even more tragic considering it was the follow-up to one of Fairy Tail's best arcs.

P.S Hiro, just draw Erza's private areas! You clearly want to!

She REALLY Likes Being Naked!

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