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Fairy Tail Chapter 384 Review - Attack of the Stars

A surprising goodbye this week.

Aquarius is here and with that, Lucy is probably on the brink of death. And as always, Aquarius doesn't waste time and begins manipulating the water to attack Jackal. Leo and Virgo tell Lucy to close one of the gates before she passes out or dies, but then Torafusa! reveals his expertise is water. He swims up and slashes Aquarius in the chest. Things get worse when Jackal appears and takes down both of them with one attack.

If I was hurt like Lucy, I would want those boobs on my head too.

Lucy is defeated and collapses on the ground. With all of her magic gone due to using so much magic, she can't move. Torafusa! wants to kill Lucy in one blow, since he is basically a huge killjoy, but Jackal and Lamy decide to have some fun first. Jackal then blasts Lucy's foot to start the torture, and Torafusa! tells him to hurry up and do it. Since Jackal is giving Torafusa! the glare, Torafusa! goes in a grumpy mood and walks away, not caring enough. Lamy then tells Jackal to blow up Lucy's huge melons but instead, Jackal puts his hand on Lamy's face and annihilates her.

And the crowd goes wild! (She deserved it for trying to kill Lucy's boobs).

As Jackal gets ready to continue his torture, tons of water suddenly hits him. Aquarius is back up! Aquarius tells Lucy that there is a way to stop Tartaros but they need help from someone quite surprising. The Celestial Spirit King himself! And since Lucy can summon three spirits at once, surely she can pull that summon off too.

I would have gotten rid of the useless hair-cutting crab if I were Lucy...

Apparently, the way to summon the Spirit King is by sacrificing one of the 12 Golden Keys,. 10 of which Lucy owns right now. This of course means that she would never get to see whichever spirit she destroys the key of again. Aquarius tells Lucy to destroy her key, since they do share a bond. Lucy refuses at first, because she doesn't want to sacrifice a friend to save her friends. Aquarius reminds Lucy that she needs to do what's important, including sacrifices. We then get Aquarius telling Lucy about how she was disappointed to get Lucy as a master, and why she hates Lucy.

I... I thought this was meant to be a nice moment...

Eventually, Lucy activates the summoning and destroys Aquarius' key, causing Aquarius to cry a bit at realising how much she'll miss her. With a silent thank you, Aquarius disappears forever. The water disappears, much to Jackal's surprise, as the Spirit King is summoned from the land of the Celestial World to wreck havoc! And his first act? He wipes out Plutogrim in one direct hit! I can't help but be worried about every person on Plutogrim who might have been killed in that hit but we'll move on. As Lucy cries heavy tears, Mard Geer and Celestial Spirit King look upon each other, about to begin a battle. They clearly know each other by the way.


So overall, it's a big dramatic chapter which I really enjoyed. It was easily my favourite of the week and despite Torafusa! doing almost nothing important, and Lamy's death seeming a bit too random, it was basically perfect. I never cared for Aquarius or her unfunny "I have a date" joke which kept constantly popping up but I did get my heartstrings played with during this chapter. Goodbye, dear Aquarius. Your abscence will be noticed by me.

Manga Rating: 4.5/5

Character of the Week: Lucy Heartfilia for sacrificing Aquarius, and summoning the Celestial Spirit King.

Predictions: Fairy Tail's version of God vs Satan! I am so excited! Lucy might not even need other guilds to come help her!

Best Part: The arrival of the Celestial Spirit King.

Worst Part: Why was Torafusa! even here?

This is how a front cover should look!

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