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NARUTO Chapter 677 Review : Infinite Tsukuyomi...!!

Written by FrillyPhoenix

First off, sorry for not being able to review the NARUTO chapters lately...
You know what it's like, finals and shit. Also I gotta apologize to Shiggins : 
sorry dude, I won't be able to review the chapters I missed as I told you...
I mean : LOOK at the shit that is happening this week !
. . .
Let's (somehow) get started.

What's happening in this chapter ?

I can't help but think that Kishi wants to give me a harder challenge for my reviews every week *sigh*.
Okay, so last week, we saw Madara launching his great project, the Infinite Tsukuyomi, and this week, the chapter shows its effect on... everyone. Like, really, everyone. Even the godamn cats.

Damn Kishimoto... relying on cat fanservice to sell more ! I can't believe you've sunk that low !

The first three pages of the chapter are the "WTH is happening ?"-pages, in which we can see the reactions of several characters to the ground shaking and to the metorites falling in the distance.

Next, we have Naruto sending some big Rasenshuriken (or Bijuu Dama Shuriken ?) to destroy the metorites, while Sasuke and his Susanoo land on the ground to protect all of team 7 from the upcoming Genjutsu. There's a bit of the silly interaction between Naruto and Sasuke that Kishi has been inserting in his chapters lately.

In the same page, we get the very awaited return of Tenten-sama, that we had almost forgotten. Thank you Kishi for reminding us that she's one of your favourite characters by making her randomly appear whenever you want to. 
And apparently she's here to save the day, by sealing Madara with the Ninja tools. But she needs someone from Kumo to teach her the way to use them. Unfortunately for her, by the end of the chapter, everybody (Kumo shinobis included) is under the Genjutsu effect, so there will be no one to explain her how to do.

Too bad the Ninja Tools don't come with their instruction booklet, huh ?

Then we get a very creepy page with Madara yelling that "everything is going to become one". The moon is symbolized as Kaguya's Rinnegan. And with the evil grin she has on her face, I guess that marks the end of the theories of Kaguya being reincarnated in Sakura/Hinata.

The following pages are dedicated to showing how everyone, all over the world, is getting hypnotized by the Genjutsu. Then, Madara proceeds to the next step by mummifying everybody so they (well, their vital energy) become "food" for Madara's tree. Only the Edo Tensei reanimated characters are spared (the previous Hokages).

Sai and Orochimaru : "We... wanna... eat... BRAINS !!
Hinata : "I'm fine... with just Naruto-kun's... dick..."

Next, we get the confirmation of the fandom's theory about the Spiral Guy being Yamato (is it his real self ? or a hypnotized version of him ?).

Last, for some reason, we have Minato waking up on his rock face on Hokage Mountain, in Konoha, surrounded by the Holy Tree branches from which mummified people are hanging.

My opinion on the chapter :

Can we all agree that is is the most WTF-esque chapter in the history of NARUTO ? Please ?
So where do I start ? First, we have the "revival" of characters that were supposed to be dead/incapacitated, like Bee and Yamato.
The Tenten panels. Like, really Kishi ? I personally love Tenten. But she hasn't been relevant during the whole f*cking manga, and now, she's humanity's last hope. Makes sense. Absolutely. **sigh**
Plus, the quality of the art has dropped A LOT in this chapter. Is Kishimoto even caring ?
Even I can't find him excuses at that stage. But I'm still hoping, like the helpless idiot that I am, that he is trolling us on purpose so we get a glorious last battle. PLEASE Kishi, don't prove me wrong.
→ tl;dr : you're better off reading the new chapter of Rock Lee no Seishun Full-Power Ninden. It's great.

Overall : this chapter pissed me off, it gets no more than a 1.5/5.

    Good things :
+ we see what's happening to everybody due to Madara's jutsu

     Meh things :
• Tenten's intervention (hopefully she's been hypnotized with the Genjutsu too, so she won't have a big role in Madara's defeat)

     Bad things :
- from now on, this chapter shall be the illustration of the word 'random' in the dictionary

Thanks for reading this review (that sounds more like a raging rant). See ya next week~ !

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