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Bleach 579 Review – “THE UNDEAD 6”

Bleach 579 Review – “THE UNDEAD 6”
Written by: ClayDragon

Now that was just plain weird.

As Guremi lies dying on the ground, he wonders if he was killed by his own imagination. He comes to the conclusion that he imagined Kenpachi’s power perfectly, just as his opponent walks towards him. He tells Kenpachi that his imagination was correct, and that it was maybe even too correct. Guremi was able to imagine Kenpachi’s total power, but failed to account for the fact that only Kenpachi’s body could withstand his power.

You know, compared to some of the other injuries in this series, that doesn't look too bad.

Guremi then claims that what Kenpachi defeated was not his imagination, but only his body. Upon saying this, however, he realises that he’s just making excuses, and comes to terms with the fact that his imagination was defeated after all. As he laments about how he wanted to win, the back of his head bursts open and out falls a brain in a jar.

Yeah, that was pretty much my reaction.

Somewhat shocked at this sight, Kenpachi asks what’s going on, to which Guremi (who is slowly beginning to fade away) replies that he told him that he’d try to beat him without using a single finger. It turns out that Guremi’s body was just another construct of his imagination, and he lived up to his claim of not using a single finger since, you know, he doesn’t actually have any.

Now you're just splitting hairs.

As his hand disintegrates, Guremi says that even his imagination is reaching its limit, and just before he fades away for good, he says that he feels lonely when he thinks about the fact that he won’t be able to imagine anything when he’s dead. With that final statement, Guremi completely fades away, leaving only his brain left.

Bleach - family friendly fun!

At this point, the arena that he built for his fight against Kenpachi begins to crumble away, and the nearby Soul Reapers rush to greet their Captain as they realise that his fight is over. As Kenpachi notices the arena falling down, he begins to cough up blood and figures out that some of his organs were damaged during the explosion, as well as his hearing.

"Oh, there go my organs."

Realising that it’s safe, he calls out for Yachiru, only to find her Lieutenant badge lying on the ground. When the Soul Reapers reach Kenpachi, he ignores all of their questions and orders them to find Yachiru. As they run off, a bolt of lightning falls from the sky and strikes them all at the same time. Turning around to see the source of the attack, Kenpachi notices Bambietta’s group of female Sternritters floating above him.

This is never a good sign.

I’m quite disappointed that Guremi is actually dead, especially considering that we never got to see his Vollständig. However, there is one aspect of his death that raises a few questions. Given that his body was simply an imaginary construct, then surely it shouldn’t matter if the body is destroyed, providing that his brain survives intact? After all, why can’t he simply imagine a new body to replace his old one?

"And then get me some cookies!"

The arrival of the Femritters (as they shall now be referred to) was surprising, as I thought that after the fight with Guremi, the focus would shift away from Kenpachi (although knowing Kubo, it will probably shift away anyway). I’m not complaining, mind you – at least now we might finally find out what Giselle was planning to do to Bambietta.

Look, it's Mary Poppins!

Yachiru’s disappearance is most likely due to the Femritters, and they seem to have taken Isane as well (although no-one was really shown to care about her). Also, given that Guremi is dead, and his power only works when he’s alive and thinking about the target, does that mean that Kensei and Rose are alive now? If that’s the case, then they might end up fighting the Femritters alongside Kenpachi.

Good Things:     The focus isn’t moving away from Kenpachi just yet.

                            The possibility of finding out what happened to Bambietta.

Bad Things:        Guremi is actually dead, with no real conclusion to the fight.

                            What was the point in making Guremi a brain in a jar?

Manga Rating:        2.5/5

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  1. giselle is sternritter z and z could stand for zombie

  2. See, I thought of that back when she last appeared, and it would explain why Bambietta was so frightened. I'm looking forward to finding out what she can do.