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NARUTO Chapter 678 Review : My Will

Written by Frilly Phoenix

This week's chapter is pure awesomeness, really !
I guess Kishimoto knows he made me upset with his previous chapter
and he tried to make up for it by giving us a better one to read this time.
Let's get started !

What's happening in this chapter ?

The chapter begins with a view of the fourth main ninja villages, Konoha not included (in moments like these, I'm glad I can read kanji). They're all invaded by the Holy Tree branches, with people hanging from them.

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Inside Susano'o, Sakura and then Kakashi try to ask Sasuke for details about what's going on outside, but he gives them nothing but a condescending answer, telling them that even if he told them, they couldn't do anything about it, but Naruto defends them... which is certainly what causes Sasuke to tell them that Madara has launched his jutsu and that everybody is caught in it.

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

I see Kishimoto has been reading tentacle hentai doujinshi lately...

We then get a view of the battlefield, also invaded by the Holy Tree branches. Everyone is caught in their own dream. Seven of these dreams are about romance (dammit Kishi, can't you think about anything else but romance ?!). The award of the cutest dream goes to Gaara who dreams he could have had a united and happy family and became friends with Naruto earlier.
Oh, and since Tenten also gets a dream, that means she can't seal Madara with the tools (which leads me to believe that Team 7 will have to free her/them before the end of the big battle if Kishi intends on giving her/them a role in the last battle).

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

We're back to Team 7, who has to wait for the moonlight to diminish in order to get out of Susano'o (whose wings look like Konan's paper wings, strangely).
Once they're out, Sasuke informs his team that only a Rinnegan can cancel the jutsu cast by Madara.

Speaking of the devil, Madara appears right at this moment, to take care of Team 7's case. He doesn't want Naruto to put an end to the dream, for everybody's sake (awww, how selfless !).
BUT ! Madara gets betrayed by Black Zetsu who informs him that he is not his (Madara's) will, but Kaguya's. Team 7 can't believe their eyes.
Meaning that, as some people in the fandom had guessed, Madara was being played by Kaguya from the beginning, just like he was manipulating Obito to achieve his goal.
So now, it seems like Black Zetsu is going to possess Madara's body. Madara + BZ = Kaguya ?

Karma bitch ! This is for what you did to Sasuke and Sakura !
How does it feel to be the one stabbed ?

My opinion on the chapter :

As you may have understood already, I loved this chapter. There's Team 7 interaction, we get to discover the dreams of the secondary characters (which had been forgotten by Kishi throughout the whole series). There's a "surprise effect" (I expected it, but still a surprise/shock for the protagonists) and some suspense. All the ingredients to make an awesome chapter !
Only one thing disturbed me... you may have missed it if you don't read Rock Lee no Seishun Full-Power Ninden, but there IS a new, post-timeskip design for Hanabi, Hinata's little sister, but for some reason, Kishi used the old design in a post-timeskip context. I mean, it is commonly known that Hinata is so obsessed with Naruto that she doesn't give a flying shit about her clan, but even HER wouldn't forget about her little sister's looks. My guess is that Kishi created the new design AFTER submitting this chapter to his editor, hence the designs being different. But it still bothers me.

Before timeskip design used in this chapter, and after timeskip design used in the newest chapter of Rock Lee.

Overall : I give this chapter a 4.999999/5 for the tiny (yet amateur-ish) mistake mentionned above.

     Good things :
+ more Team 7 interaction
+ more information about secondary characters
+ Madara getting pwned by his trusted underling → Kaguya is the real final boss ?

     Meh and bad things :

Thanks for reading ! I'm so excited for next week's chapter ! That hadn't happened in a while !

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