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Fairy Tail Chapter 386 Review - Galaxia Blade

Written by: Shiggins.

Lucy's time in the sun is done.

Jackal is down! Jackal is down! My favourite demon has fallen and I am crying my eyes out! It was totally obvious and he completely deserved it but damn it, my tears will fall and you can't stop me! Unfortunately, using the ultimate spell from last week has also caused Lucy to fall down due to that being her last attack. We then see Torafusa!, Silver and Tempesta all notice Jackal's magic power disappear but Lucy is still alive.

Optimus Prime was wrong. One shall not stand. Both shall fall.
And now back to the underwhelming fight between Spirit King and Mard Geer. Geer notices the Spirit King is slowing down but we found out that it's because the Spirit King is actually borrowing power from all the Celestial Spirits in the Spirit World to unleash a devastating attack: Galaxia Blade. At first, nothing seems to happen after the monumental explosion but then suddenly, the Spirit King smirks as it is revealed that the spell to turn people into stone is undone and the Spirit King actually turned Mard Geer into stone instead, before the Spirit King then disappears. (I said Spirit quite a few times in this paragraph).

Officially shipping them right.... now.

 The first person we see come out is Erza, which instantly makes Minerva creepily orgasm or something because she's liking the sight of the redhead a lot! The two then resume their battle, which Minerva has been waiting for for so long now. And of course, the rest of Fairy Tail is free and well too now. Then we see mighty Torafusa! going to kill Lucy immediately but suddenly he is stopped by... Gajeel!

Bless this appearance!

So how can this scene get more awesome? By Ki-su attacking but being stopped by Juvia of course! Not awesome enough? Alright, let's have Silver attack and be stopped by Gray's own ice attack! You people want more? Fine, here is Tempesta shooting a sudden flame attack he never actually had before and the flames then being swallowed up by Natsu. With Natsu thanking Lucy, we now prepare to watch a mighty battle of 4 vs 4.

No caption is needed for this picture.

So I'm conflicted with this chapter. On the one hand, it sucks that Lucy's time is done. She was the hero, it was fun and I really liked it. Sadly, she's out now for most likely the majority of these fights until Mard Geer (hopefully). Also, the Celestial Spirit King was actually really disappointing. I thought we'd see huge transformations and powers but all we saw were big bright booms and a couple of thorn branches. Then again, I suppose Hiro Mashima is saving all of Mard Geer's abilities for his final match against Natsu and the gang.

On the other hand, we're moving forward. For now, we don't have to see the boring face of Mard Geer thanks to him being encased in stone. We also get to see a great 4 vs 4 battle next week and this includes Gray finally facing off against Silver! Answers are going to be solved, whether you like it or not!

Manga Rating: 3.5/5

Character of the Week: Natsu/Gajeel/Juvia/Gray for the last-minute rescue. (They all basically did the same thing so they all share this spot this week!)

Predictions: Next week is called "Father and Son". So hopefully, it's not what we're all thinking because if so, fuck spoilers.

Best Part: Everybody arrives in time to save Lucy.

Worst Part: Lucy going basically unconscious.

We're in the middle of an arc filled with demons and people turned into stone and shit... so sure, let's show Lucy brushing her teeth!

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