Monday, May 26, 2014

Fairy Tail Chapter 385 Review - Spirit King vs King of Hades

Angels vs Demons! (Sorry that this chapter was so late.)

Yes, that is basically what is happening now. Celestial Spirits are basically angels fighting against the demons of Tartaros. And now Plutogrim is collapsing, with everybody giving their reaction faces in one tiny panel each. Anyway, Mard Geer and the Spirit King go through the typical formalities where Geer says he's bringing back E.N.D etc and reveals that's why Lucy is crying. Then we get to the reason we're here this week. Spirit King vs Mard Geer!

"Even though I'm hugely angry, I don't give a shit until somebody summons me!"
Huge explosions, fingers being flipped, swords being slashed, a giant man screaming for revenge and giant thorn vines coming out of the ground is the easiest way to simplify the huge drama of this battle. It's fun to watch and thankfully, we're clearly going to see a whole lot more in the next chapter or two. The final panel of this battle this week is Spirit King using a giant blade attack which wipes out half the land (probably killing thousands of people too.)

"The deaths of thousands is not enough to quench my bloodlust! Only one tiny generic villain will do that!"

Jackal is of course confused at all the chaos and demands Lucy tells him what's going on but Lucy is too busy crying over having lost Aquarius. Jackal is fed up and tries to kill Lucy but a shield prevents his explosion getting to her. The shield was made of water and from this, we deduce that it was thanks to Aquarius. We then find out by the Spirit King that the power of Aquarius' magic was given to Lucy to help her fight again. Complete with new energy and clothes.

Oh come on! New clothes and energy but you couldn't give her one fucking shirt?! Really?

As Lucy thanks the Spirit King out loud and Aquarius silently, Jackal gets angry and tries to blow her up. Lucy shields herself again and is done crying for now, as she then starts to chant to herself and brings down a huge dramatic force of space and stars onto Jackal. And sadly, that's where the chapter ends.

So yeah, it was a big dramatic chapter with Lucy finally getting back up to fight properly and the Celestial King fighting Geer. I know it's odd but I expected more from Geer than thorns and flipping fingers about like Jura does. So hopefully, transformations and giant battles begin soon. As for Lucy using a super-spell, that's awesome. Nothing else needs to be really said about it. It's awesome. Deal with it.

Manga Rating: 4/5

Character of the Week: Celestial Spirit King for fighting Mard Geer and for helping Lucy get back up.

Predictions: Jackal is defeated. We'll have his final goodbye and attempt to self-destruct again but that will be stopped by someone epic like Leo or, in a plot twist, Jellal's Oracion Seis. Mard Geer will transform and finally show us his demon form. He'll then activate his ultimate plan and summon E.N.D, which will bring Natsu back into the plot.

Best Part: Celestial Spirit King vs Mard Geer.

Worst Part:
Not enough of Celestial Spirit King vs Mard Geer this week.

I'm just thankful it's only the cats that are being lovey-dovey in this picture.

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