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Fairy Tail Chapter 383 Review - Surfing Lucy

It's a free-for-all for Lucy's body!

That's right, this week is a big hit for fans of Lucy and a total bitch-fest for haters of the blonde gal as Lucy takes center-stage in a pretty awesome chapter. She's all alone in Plutogrim, confused and worried about everything going on. Plutogrim is flying about and destroying buildings with it's roar alone, including an entire cathedral. Very dramatic business.

It's flying Gojira!
Mard Geer then uses his telekinesis power to tell everyone in Tartaros that all the intruders have been secured, which of course confuses Lucy because the original plan was supposedly Face, which Wendy destroyed. As water suddenly fills the tunnels that Lucy is in, for some unknown reason, Geer tells everyone in Tartaros that whoever can kill her gets a promotion or prize. Admittedly, it sounds quite fun.

I hate it when water randomly attacks me for no reason too.

So of course, the guards jump at the chance to become one of the top demons around, even though I'm 100% sure Geer is telling bullshit, and all take out their magic-firing spears or whatever and open fire on Lucy. Lucy decides to take none of this shit and brings out her whip to kick some ass. So Lucy is getting thrown about by the water but I have to admit, she's being awesome right now. She's taking down guards left and right, smacking into them and being near-strategic. Of course, she eventually starts bringing in the spirits but honestly, I was starting to think she wouldn't need to!


And the first one we see pop up is Sagittarius who of course wipes out folk with his arrows. Then Lamy pops up and her constant spinning is deflecting them and defeats Sagittarius in one hit. Yes, apparently Lamy is using curse powers now too. Wow. Just like I've always dreamed. Somebody hold me. And we move on to see Lucy summon Virgo to face off against Lamy but suddenly, things go even worse when Torafusa! appears. (From now on, Torafusa must always have an exclamation mark at the end due to epic-name-syndrome).

Sexy surfing Virgo...because why the hell not?

Luckily, the top cat in Lucy's team pops up just in time to defend from Torafusa!, Leo. Leo blocks Torafusa's! blades with his bare hands, much to Torafusa's! surprise. Leo did state though that his magic can't deflect the attack completely because his hand did sting a bit. Apparently, Torafusa! only cares about fulfilling his mission and not the promotion/prize that was offered. With Leo vs Torafusa! and Virgo vs Lamy happening at once, Lucy is under strain due to supplying magic for two of the toughest spirits around.

I have a fondness for moments like this.

And who can make this chapter even better? My favourite demon of them all... JACKAL! (You knew I was going to cheer. Deal with it). With nobody to help her, Lucy decides she has to fight him herself and attacks with the whip. Unfortunately for Lucy, Jackal's curse ability comes up and explodes the whip. Jackal is angry about not getting revenge of Natsu and Happy, so he's decided to take it out on Lucy and have some fun torturing her.

Lamy is reacting the exact same way we all should right now.

As Lucy suffers and starts to sink, she feels the energy of her friends' magic and senses they are still alive. Having been saved so many times in the past, Lucy decides she's going to save all of them and Lucy bursts out of the water and does something reckless that she's never done before. She summons Aquarius, causing three celestial spirits to be out at the same time. And with Aquarius appearing, Lucy collapses.

She looks surprising villainous here actually.

Overall, damn I liked this chapter! We got plenty of chaos and action, Torafusa! finally made an entrance and did something in this arc, Jackal returned (*squee*), and Lucy actually kicked ass. In fact, I think this chapter has made Lucy my favourite female-protagonist of shonen anime. Some may prefer Sakura from Naruto or Rukia from Bleach or Nami from One Piece, but for me Lucy has proven herself to be the best around.

My message to all Lucy-haters from now on.

In fact, this chapter would be perfect for me if it wasn't for the nagging prediction that somebody from Sabretooth or Blue Pegasus or Lamia Scale or even Gildarts is going to appear soon and finish off the rest of the spirits. I welcome their arrival, but I just know it will ruin Lucy's moment. Also, why didn't we get told how Lucy escaped from Plutogrim's attack?

Manga Rating: 4.5/5

Character of the Week: Lucy Heartfilia for pretty much everything in this chapter.

Predictions: Lots of Spirits vs Demons next week, which will end with Lucy being saved by all her Spirits who use their own magical power to save her. Then the chapter will be ruined by Lucy's glory being stolen. Also, I might end up becoming a true Lucy Heartfilia fanboy if she gets more awesome.

Best Part: Lucy summoned Aquarius despite already summoning Leo and and Virgo.

Worst Part: No explanation for why Lucy wasn't frozen in stone along with the others.

The recent "child stories" theme they're having right now for the covers feels really out of place with this arc.

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  1. I heard she received hate due to the recent chapters ?
    Man, I should catch up soon... wait, no, I should study right now >:( !

    1. She's been getting hate? I've been loving her recently! Except for being saved by Natsu, she's been amazing!