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Kuroshitsuji Chapter 93 Review - That Butler, Descent

So I've decided to try my hand at writing a review for Kuroshitsuji. (Also known as Black Butler). If you would like me to review next month's chapter, just tick the "cool" reaction box below.

Our chapter resumes where we were last week, with Sebastian the demon butler unsure whether or not he should take Master Ciel Phantomhive back home to England. With Ciel all messed up and contradicting previous orders, Sebastian has to debate the big struggle between what is best for Ciel and what should or should not be done. Surely, he will spend a long time figuring this out and coming to battle with his own morals and goals... Nevermind, Mr Tanaka just said they should let Ciel rest and he'll be back up soon. We then see the master of the house, Green Witch Sullivan and her butler Wolfram who are preparing to go into the village to talk to them about the recent werewolf incident.

The catchphrase of one who is useless in group work.

As Sebastian decides to just accept the advice he was given, we then go to Buckingham Palace in good old London. Queen Victoria's men have finished analysing the plants that Ciel sent them. As they wonder how Ciel managed to get that to them all the way from Germany (demon butler obviously), the queen worries about the results, but luckily the puppet of her dead husband Prince Albert comforts her. Am I the only one who found that a bit morbid? Ah well. Anyway, she decides to send a huntsman to kill the wolves.

Am I the only one who just doesn't care about her at all in this series?

Back to the actual plot, Ciel is having an odd dream. He is on a giant chessboard with two versions of him standing, one per side. One is the scared upset one with the contract on his eye, while the other is the cool and calm one without a contract on his eye. The two start to talk about Ciel's sins and whether or not he should just stay inside his dreams. I have to admit, I found this scene quite great. A dream sequence this well-done should always be praised, as we're now seeing Ciel start to break apart due to his illness but there's also a sense that he may actually be starting to feel regret and pressure. Now that he's in a vulnerable position for once, he's able to properly look at himself and think over everything he's done. A confrontation with one's self is one of the best ways to develop a character and this dream is no exception.

Strangest. Ship. Ever.

Anyway, we now go to see my favourite designed servant Snake as he runs up to tell Sebastian that Oscar the snake has returned with news. We also see Sullivan having no other choice but to promise to remove the outsiders from the village, since the village folk are blaming Ciel and the gang for the recent werewolf attack. This upsets Sullivan who is fascinated with the outside world and clearly wants them to stay. (Yet more proof that this lovable character will become a regular member of the cast.)

*hugs the 1000 year old witch*

Snake informs Sebastian and the rest of the servants that Oscar found found the werewolves in the basement, and that Sullivan is clearly in league with them. She was doing "something" under there, but Oscar wasn't sure what. While they try to theorise what's going on, Sebastian decides to sneak in and find out for himself. Sebastian explores the secret room and finds the magic wand and the symbols on the floor. The servants have to distract Wolfram and the servants during this and when Wolfram arrives, they aren't sure what to do. This results in Oscar the snake... going down a girl's dress and needing to be... pulled out by the sudden appearance of Sebastian. (I am so not joking.)

I have the weirdest boner right now

Sebastian and Snake then go outside to find out why exactly Oscar did... that... to the servant girl. On the way, Wolfram informs Sebastian that they need to leave tomorrow to avoid angering the wolf further which Sebastian understands. Once they're outside, Oscar tells them that the woman smelled like a werewolf, hence Oscar's wild ride through her clothes. This is when we get a surprise entrance from the Queen's aide, John Brown and his horse who wishes to deliver a letter.

Is that blindfold meant to make his character somehow more endearing? Because... it works.

Overall, I had fun with this chapter. From exploring snakes to great dream sequences to some developments caused by the queen, this chapter wasted no time in advancing the plot. Yes, it sucks we have to wait a month for a new chapter but with Ciel in his messed up dreaming state and Wolfram kicking out the group, I'm curious to see a confrontation next week. Also, I'm just curious to see more Sullivan. Hopefully, Ciel will wake up soon so him and Sullivan can have some more hilarity.

Manga Rating: 4/5

Character of the Week: Ciel Phantomhive for his interesting dream sequence. (Or Oscar for his great escapade).

Predictions: This letter gives Sebastian more reason to stay in Germany, and has to confront Wolfram to prevent leaving. We'll discover the entire house is actually filled with werewolves and none of the servants are just human. Sullivan will show how much she wants Ciel's group to stay.

Best Part: That dream scene!

Worst Part: The pointlessness of Queen Victoria's scene. (Almost always boring when she pops up.)

The perfect representation of when someone breaks up with someone else.

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