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Magi Chapters 226 and 227 Review

Written by: Micha

I’m aware that I failed to review the last week’s chapter. The truth is I have moved in to another country, and it’s been incredibly hectic. Therefore, I will briefly highlight the things that happened last week before I review today's chapter. I won’t go in to detail. No, I won’t torture you like that. 

If you don't want to read the review of 226, just scroll down to 227. I could've skipped the review of last week's chapter but I felt chapter 226 is very important.

Chapter 226 Review

So in chapter 226, Solomon is faced with a moral dilemma regarding the issue of leadership among the Resistance. The persuasion of the species for Solomon to become their king so they can have an Illah’s proxy was so strong that Solomon had to abandon his ideals and distaste for inequality, and conform to becoming their king.

Solomon is the only dude who would pass up an opportunity like this.
As they showed in the flashback with Sheba when they were younger, Solomon had responded to Sheba that the reason he had run away from his father was that he wanted to make friends instead of being the child of nobility and grandiosity. Although Solomon had been an arrogant prick before, thinking he was the strongest, his morals changed gradually after he met his current friends.

Upon the persistence of the species and the magicians, Solomon eventually agreed to become their king; something that he had passionately despised.

This is the face of misery.
 The next scene is of Sheba reassuring Solomon of his decision (with a little hint of fanservice, because why not?), which is the exact thing any person in his place would need. Finally, we have found a use for Sheba.

The chapter then moves on to Ugo’s nerdy experiments with rukh, which is always the part I enjoy the most. Ugo explains to the magicians the concept of the physical world, the vector world, and the spiritual world, which are separate dimensions.  And he believes that they can find a way to utilize the rukh since the discovery was a breakthrough in his experimentations.

It's Ugo's dick sucking time!

However, it’s going to need an incredible amount of magic- that in par with Illah’s- to use the rukh since it’s from another dimension. And then this is when Ugo describes a trait of the rukh that gives Solomon an orgasm. Apparently, the rukh of all living things are the same. The thing that all species have in common are the rukh, restoring Solomon's hope in equality.  

Solomon cannot contain his boner.
Manga rating:
For Ugo.

Chapter 227 Review

And then we come to chapter 227, where we finally get around to the battle between the Resistance and the Orthodox. This has been the much awaited battle of all time since we’ve been anxious to know the outcome and the climax of the arc.

Solomon explains his battle strategy to the rest of the magicians, saying that his approach to the battle plans would be to surround the enemy headquarters with an isolation barrier, thus disabling any magicians to use magic. Except, of course, those with the divine staves. 

I think I can see Orochimaru in this picture.

 Sheba articulates that if they were to create the barrier to weaken the Orthodox, the Orthodox would not let them do it so easily. And they certainly cannot forget that the rest of the divine staves are with the Elder Council, who is incredibly powerful.

Solomon then responds that when that happens, they, too, will fight back with their own divine staves. And when they encounter David, his father, he would fight him, and kill him with his own hands. The magicians seemed a little taken aback by his declaration, but didn’t say anything.

What a douche.

We also see interaction between Setta and Ithnan, who are extremely fraternal towards each other. Ithnan uses the staff and Setta, seemingly concerned, advices him to reserve his strength for the right time. Setta also desires Ithnan to retire after the battle and live a long life. He recalls a moment from their childhood when Ithnan had saved Setta from dying in the Tower, and says that it was time for him to return the favor.

Next, we see Falan and Wahid’s kid nagging them not to leave. This family has to be the most amusing one of all. I don’t know about you, but I certainly do enjoy Wahid calling his kid a brat. The kid suggested Wahid and Falan to hide during the battle, and we were rewarded with some good old fashioned child abuse. I love that. I live for that.

How the fuck can this little piece of shit create a borg?

Everyone bid farewell to their loved ones, and we finally get started with the war. The Resistance begins their attacks and surrounds the Cathedral to create the Isolation Barrier with such ease making Solomon very suspicious.

On the other end, we see in the Orthodox that while the members chant “God is with us,” David makes his grand entrance, looking fine as hell. He says that god is murdered by all, and it was time for the end of his journey. This indicates that he clearly considers himself a god, and he realizes that he has hit his expiry date with Solomon declaring war on him, just like he “saw” in the future.

Well, fuck.

My thoughts:

First of all, I want to start this section by sucking David’s dick. And I make no apologies for it because as sad as it is, I hardly doubt he’ll be around for long. David is a very dynamic character who acquired character development literally overnight, with just a chapter of five pages and I don’t say that enough. He seems incredibly chill for someone who has discovered that they’re going to die, and he seems strangely optimistic about it.   

His optimism may have something to do with his faith in what he calls “destiny” or the “path” that he sees. In his thinking, he’s acting according to the path he sees, and it always bugs me that he never thought of changing it. The reason we try to find what happens in the future is so we can change it, right? But David seems to want to roll with flow.

I'm also curious to know how Falan and Ithnan fell in to depravity, but I think I have an idea. Unlike the other magicians, they weren't "saved" by Solomon. The person who had the most impact on Falan's life or the person who changed her life around was Wahid, and for Ithnan it was the brotherhood he had with Setta. My theory is that Wahid and Setta died protecting Solomon, and/or under his command, triggering some hatred in hearts of both Falan and Ithnan. 

I also have another theory of Falan and Wahid's kid being Judar, which is absurd and near-impossible. But I just have this crazy intuition that Wahid's death will be a tragedy to both Falan and Tess, causing them to fall in to depravity and join Al-Thamen. Plus, he even looks like Judar. This, of course, will negate my theory of Sheba having twins, and honestly, Judar being Falan and Wahid's kid makes much more sense the more I think about it.

Manga chapter rating:
David and his giant earrings has made life worth living.


Fights. Lots and lots of fights from here on. David would have something up his sleeves since he believes that the person who creates the new world is him. Maybe he has already found a way to create another world, and he just hasn’t gotten around it.

Also, we’ll see the Resistance, or at least Solomon’s friends utilizing the rukh in battle. And the casualties will be huge and intense. Fuck yes. 


Can we all just appreciate this beauty? JUST LOOK AT IT.

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