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Fairy Tail Chapter 387 Review - Father and Son

Written by: Shiggins

Well, I have been severely trolled this week!

If you've read this chapter, chances are you walked away disappointed, confused and irritated. I know I did. With a title like "Father and Son", we all expected the pages of this week to focus on Gray and Silver, who are clearly the aforementioned father and son. And the thing is, this chapter started with promise. We were finally getting down to hardcore action with this 4 vs 4 battle. And the big surprise for me was that Gray actually knows Silver and isn't happy to see him. I would have thought that Silver's reveal would shock Gray to his core and we'd have a big emotional confrontation. I'm guessing the confrontation will be more about Silver's actions in the past rather than who Silver is, which actually might be preferable now that I think about it.

Has anybody else noticed that Silver never changes his expression? He is always smirking!

Silver then glides forward and takes Gray with him, and the two are now gone from this fight. "Oh", I thought. I was expecting an epic 4 vs 4 but 3 vs 3 is still good too. And now we finally get down to the battle, when Tempesta activates his wind attacks (the attacks he should be using instead of fire like he somehow had last week), but Gajeel's iron mode isn't affected. Gajeel then runs forward but is blocked by the strong hide of Torafusa!. Ki-su then attacks but Natsu uses his flame on him. Once again, that doesn't work on Ki-su but luckily Juvia's water seems to make Ki-su jump back. Torafusa! and Ki-su then send Gajeel and Juvia back before Tempesta summons lightning and sends Natsu down too. The trio get back up and charge, refusing to go down.

"It's a-me, Gajeel!"

Then.... this scene happens. *prepares self by punching a hole in the wall* Okay, I'm ready. The scent of my own blood is making me go on. *sigh* Pantherlily finds Happy who has a mushroom stuck to his head. (You can leave now. Nobody would judge you). With the mushroom stuck on Happy's head no matter how hard Pantherlily tries to get it off, Happy is worried Carla will judge him for it. And then it turns out the mushroom is actually Franmalth who only just managed to survive the explosion of Hell's core and has made Happy absorb him.........


Meanwhile, Makarov is walking back through the destroyed town to get to the remains of the guild and is clearly going to open Lumen Histoire. At least that's interesting. And speaking of interesting, Wendy wakes up and finds out her fairy godmother Doranbolt had saved her and Carla from the explosion. But it's not all good news yet as Franmalth figures out that the reason Mard Geer isn't worried about Face is because there are actually several Faces and the reason the prediction of the location of the first Face was wrong was because of the time difference. (I hope someone explains that one to me). Oh and Mard Geer is breaking out of the stone.

I can't stop staring at that one on the right... It haunts me!

Oh wow, what to say about this chapter. I'll start with the good things this time. The 3 vs 3 battle was entertaining and it wasn't a simple case of "I'll take this one, you take that one and you take that one." Instead, it was a barrage from all three with all three working together to overcome certain attacks. I also loved the reveal of several Face bombs since this arc suddenly got a lot more tense.

Here I go... Time to freak out!

Bad things...WHY WAS THE CHAPTER CALLED "FATHER AND SON"? It really pisses me off to see such a fake title! The words father, parent, daddy, papa, son, child or even "kid" weren't used in this entire chapter and it had literally nothing to do with it! Not only did you spoil a major plot twist of this arc, you've not even shown it during the chapter you spoiled it in!

Oh and yeah, remember those reviews where I used to bitch about Franmalth constantly to a point where even I was sick of myself? Well fuck you lot, he's back and so is my bitching! Franmalth is a mushroom on top of Happy and I've never heard of a more pathetic way to stay alive! Not to mention that out of every demon that could have been brought like Jackal, Sayla or Ezel, we get the one-eyed bastard that took forever to die! *sighs*

This guy got literally 2 chapters of fighting. I think he deserves more.

One last little thing. Mard Geer is already getting out of the stone shell. Doesn't that mean it was utterly pointless since he was only trapped for one chapter? It gave me zero suspense to see him free himself so quickly, since there is no build-up or tension or last-minute entrance for him now. What was the point of the stone? If he's not going to interfere right now, the stone shell was even more pointless.

Manga Rating: 1.5/5

Character of the Week: Silver for actually interesting me and making me want to read this chapter in the first place.

Predictions: Next week is Erza vs Minerva (supposedly). If Erza actually wins this fight, I am calling bullshit since she's been tortured and fighting and more. So next week, I'll either call "bullshit" because Erza pulled some sort of lucky armour out, or I'm going to foam at the mouth because Jellal came back and has his eyesight back because the plot demands it.

Best Part: The 3 vs 3 battle.

Worst Part: Franmalth the Mushroom.

Gray's cosplay of the month: Jellal

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  1. I would like to point out that when a chapter says part something it is the start of a mini arc meaning that while the chapter wont be focused on the father and son but the mini arc will be

    1. The chapter should still be related to the father and son, and more than just Silver and Gray having their expressions towards each other.

  2. I have a question: given that Face was made by the Magic Council as a weapon to remove everyone's magic, why on Earth would they need to make at least 21? Just one Face is capable of removing the magic from an entire continent (at least), so why make more copies of a weapon that will screw everyone over, including your allies, if it's ever used?
    Also, I think the lag happened because Tartarus' instruments were getting multiple conflicting signals from the other Faces, so it took them longer to find the one that they actually went to.

    1. I'm assuming that either they meant that they needed 20+ Faces to wipe out a continent and were being annoying vague, or the combined strength is enough to wipe out the world of magic. Or it's plot problems.

      And I guess that makes sense.

  3. Okay.. Now I was totally ripped off by this chapter.. the whole week I was stupidly waiting to see or learn something about what happened with Gray and Silver. And I was so frigging happy when I saw in last week's chapter about this going to be 'Father and Son' but too bad it wasn't.
    It was not at all mentioned in any way except for slight expressions and that really burns me.
    Only the fight cheered me up a bit as well as the 20 faces thing.And yeah Franmalth annoys the hell out of me. Was really happy never to see him again and he had to stupidly appear.. What else could go wrong??!!
    I had a feeling Mashima would troll me again with the title but this is just so frustrating.I just hope the 3 vs 3 thing keeps getting better