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Fairy Tail Chapter 389 Review - The Twin Dragons vs The King of Hades

Written by: Shiggins

Well, that wasn't bad at all. Could have been worse.

So now the duo of Sabretooth are back, standing before the blandness that is Mard Geer. We then see a flashback from ages ago when Erza said she would send a letter to Sting to let him know about Minerva joining a Dark Guild (Succubus Eye). Apparently, the letter was very vague and poorly done, so the duo had trouble finding the place. I find that odd because the whole world should know about a giant cube destroying buildings but I digress. They are now here to take Minerva back (for literally no reason whatsoever!) and defeat Mard Geer.

Isn't that kinda like the frog calling the grass green?

Geer then reveals that the Face project is still happening, and that in one hour all three thousand of them will activate and wipe out all the magic of the continent. However, Minerva reveals that that's impossible because Face cannot be remotely controlled unless you're the Chairman (that's the Santa douchebag that I did not like, remember?). Apparently however, Ki-su is a necromancer who has brought the Chairman back from the dead to remotely control Face and detonate them all in an hour. Which I find odd for three reasons:

Reason A) Why not just make him activate Face immediately? Like right now for instance.

Reason B) Why tell the heroes that? Unless this is a unnecessary bluff/lie/troll, it's really stupid.

Reason C

With that all said, the good part of this chapter is finally happening. Sting and Rogue are going to fight Mard Geer while Erza goes to stop Face. After bland lines from Mard Geer, the twin dragons charge forward and the battle begins! As they fight, Sting says that Geer isn't as strong as Natsu... That is bullshit. Natsu had trouble with a one-eyed bat. Mard Geer better be majorly holding back, because if not I will cry. So now we go to the fun part where Sting and Rogue are slashing and roaring and stuff. Geer then casts a giant rose-vortex-explosion-thingy which sends the men flying.

Fairy Tail vs Hunter x Hunter: Who has the better Rose-Bomb?

As the duo stand back up and express their anger to Geer for hurting their friends, we then go to see Gray and Silver talking. Gray has just found out that there are 3000 Face bombs and Silver reveals he really wanted to see Gray show despair. (My Dangan Ronpa vibes are shaking right now.) Silver reveals he knows Gray really well, and Gray says he recognises Silver's face and voice but apparently, he's not who Gray is thinking about. Anybody else a bit confused at that? Does this mean that it's just a demon who absorbed Gray's dad or something? I'm a bit worried now but we'll see.

Let's try Monokuma's method!

Overall, yeah I liked this chapter. Mard Geer is the most utterly bland villain yet but at least Sting and Rogue made his fighting a bit interesting. The part where Gray and Silver finally started talking is the main reason I'm excited for next week, since hopefully the answer between these two will be a good one. And I'm still betting that Geer is bluffing about zombie Chairman for some sort of random secret reason.

On a side note, anybody else wondering where the hell the other Guilds are? You'd think Jura or Cheria or even Bacchus would be useful right now. I'm thinking they are probably dealing with the other Face bombs or something but I'm not sure.

Manga Rating: 3.5/5

Character of the Week: Sting/Rogue for the fight against Mard Geer.

Predictions: It's time for a flashback where we see who exactly Silver is and what his relationship with Gray is. And maybe why something seems different right now.

Best Part: Sting and Rogue vs Mard Geer

Worst Part: Minerva keeps crying!

That is one odd caption to put with those expressions.

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