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Magi Chapter 229 Review

Written by: Micha

Well, that was a fairly short chapter, and nothing surprising happened either. But I’m grateful, nonetheless, that things are moving forward. So before I ramble, let’s get started with the chapter.

This chapter starts from last week’s cliffhanger. David traps Solomon and the other magicians in an extremely powerful borg, and then raids their base full of children, women, and medics. The only worthy magician guarding the base was Setta, which would mean that he would have to fight 12 Divine Staves and David all on his own.

We see Tess crying for help as a smoke screen surrounds him, and everyone inside the borg starts panicking like nuts. Falan seemed quiet yet petrified, but this will be compensated for when she goes apeshit later in the chapter.

This is just the beginning.

They all wanted to get out of the barrier and save the base as soon as possible, however, Ugo mentions that it was impossible considering the amount of complexity of the borg.  The borg was apparently created with an enormous amount of magoi, developed for over centuries.

Falan, drained of emotion, falls on her knees and starts shaking thinking that her kid was dead. Solomon tells her to get a fucking grip, and assures her that her kid will be safe and he would save him no matter what. Determined to penetrate the barrier, Solomon takes charge and announces that they will cancel the barrier. But of course, he asks Ugo to do it, because Ugo is a fucking scientist and not a chapter shall go by without Ugo displaying his magnificent nerdity.

Quite being a pussy and do it, already. 

However intelligent Ugo maybe, he is also insecure and has the self-esteem of a High School girl, and this is when Solomon steps in to encourage him. He tells Ugo that his intelligence was worth a thousand years of research, and he and Ugo were going to save everyone from their situation
Seeing the dejected faces of everyone, Ugo starts doing his magic, metaphorically and quite literally.

Looks like he's about to play some DJ.

We then see Solomon and Ugo tackle the “circuits” of the borg, and since the development of David’s borg was highly complicated, Ugo has a hard time trying to cancel it. But Solomon helps him with the circuit, and cheering Ugo’s confidence while he was at it. Also from the basic physics I learned back in High School, those circuit symbols seem like the kind of stuff that would make me wet my pants in an exam. And if ClayDragon was writing this review, that sentence would have a whole different meaning.  

Ugo then reflects on Solomon’s encouragement, contemplating and admiring how Solomon always manage to make someone feel better no matter how much messed up they were inside, with just his words. He did that for Sheba, and for Ugo. And on the other end, Solomon thinks about how intelligent and incredible Ugo was. To be able to imagine something that he could not see was incredible, and I believe he was referring to the “ley lines” they talked about in earlier chapters. Solomon also believes that Ugo had the capability of creating a new world.

"That's right, go in deeper now." I could spin that in a number of ways. 

Primitively, it was a bunch of panels of sucking each other’s dicks.

Finally, Ugo cracks the code and frees the magicians from the barrier. They all use their Divine Staves to fly to the base, only to be faced with utter horror. Though it took only 15 minutes for Ugo to decipher a borg developed for over centuries, 15 minutes was seemingly enough for David to literally burn the whole base to the ground. The scene looked like a terrifying aftermath of a holocaust, and I fucking love it.

How he fuck can this little piece of shit talk?

After seeing Tess look like an overly baked potato, Falan loses it. I’m pretty sure I warned you about this earlier in the review, but the intensity of Falan’s outburst is unimaginable. Everyone looked shocked and scared at the same time, and the chapter ends with silence.

My thoughts:

 First of all, wow. Shameless gore for two weeks straight? I’m turned on. This is one of the aspects that I love about Magi. Child slavery, abuse, and mutilation of body parts show how bold Ohtaka is with dark subjects.

Second of all, the fact that Tess could speak through that much heavy burn surprises me, and I can’t help but wonder if he’ll live. According to my Tess being Judar theory, since Judar knows ice magic, I believe that Tess could survive the burns. Yes, bitch, I’m still sticking to that theory. I could be horribly wrong about this, but it’s hard to get something out to the system once you let it in. So until I’m proven wrong, I’m holding my ground.

Another thing I have noticed while Solomon and Ugo interact is the lack of brotherly bonds in Magi. You know what I’m talking about. The kind of stuff you find in most shonen like, Naruto and Sasuke, or Natsu and Gray, or Edward and Alphonse. I see Solomon and Ugo complementing each other, but Ohtaka fails to establish a connection in there. I don’t feel it. Maybe it’s not her style, but it’s definitley not what I’m used to.

Manga rating:
Lack of content doesn't let me get any further than this. 


Hopefully we’d see a battle with David in the next chapter, because I’ve been anxiously waiting for it since he was introduced. I wouldn’t mind if it’s just Solomon and David exchanging verbal abuse, as long as there’s an interaction.

Also, maybe we’ll witness Falan and Ithnan fall in to depravity. 


Look at this beauty!

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